Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Thump Thump Reminder

If you haven't yet, stop and listen to your childs heart beat. No matter how old they are.
If there are grandchildren now in the picture, stop and listen to their heart beat. A niece a nephew- someone with tender youth.

There's something extremely soothing about hearing the pitter-patter of the young precious little ones.

Welcome To Crustybeef~
Lila Tov!


captain corky said...

I like hearing Max's heart beat while he lays on my chest and stomach.

austere said...



capt: I miss that newborn sound so much!!

Austere: I'm equally as wowed by your poetic postings!
Here's to a good wednesday!

Portia said...

wish i could...it will be the first thing i do when i see them later:)

that picture over there of the winter-woner-crusty-land does remnind me that summer is almost over. when schools start the holidays and a new year are just around the corner! crazy to think when july was just days ago.

happy wednesday...quack;)

Portia said...

woner should be WONDER, in case you thought i meant WONKER;)

Portia said...

you are inapiring! and if you don't believe me, go get the award on my page that says so;)

thanks for sharing everything you do here...i am so glad we met:)


Portia: funny, I didn't see the woner as woner but as wonder -at least until I saw your next comment. Funny how our mind registers what is correct just be a few letters..
Happy Thursday to you now, Quack..thank you for the inspirational award-you made my 6:12am coffee sipping thursday a great one-I'm so glad we met as well..sunshine and rain, quacks on a lake..well, I'd be best to wait to comment until after my first cup of coffee is gone.

SOUL: said...

good morning ya quacky thing... :))
quacky and "hacky"..man i need to quit smokin!

anyhow.. i know you're up.. where's a new post?
oh darn.. i'm one to talk huh...i haven't done one yet either. too busy yackin this mornin.

oh well. i'll get on it soon. oh btw... jos has requested a more sexy old man... i need to see what i can find for her... LOL.. i can only wonder. i'm sure we will all be amused. or surprised. i guess we will find out shortly.
hope you have a great day.

and i will be sure to listen to my girls' heart thump today!

i always think it's cool when i hug hubby, and hear his heart.. course he is a big dude, and his heart is very loud. :))

catcha latah

SOUL: said...

PS: THANK YOU, for making it SOOOO much easier to leave you comments!


Soul: I'm looking forward to seeing more "hottiesnotties"
I can HEAR you coughing over here..give me a few minutes and I'll head outside and join you in a smoke break. :)
and it was my pleasure making comments easier..
you guys ask, and hopefully I'll be able to oblige. :)