Friday, August 10, 2007

Days Like These

Days like these I wish I were able to just crawl into bed, stick my head under the covers and not come out again until Sunday.

I hate being a whiner..I Can't STAND whiners, but I just FEEL like being whiny today.
It'll pass I know.
I just feel so gosh darned tired.
And on top of that, people keep telling me I seem so tired.

When different people see you and proceed to tell you and other family members how "tired" you look, it wears on you:

My P's had stopped over the other night to check in on bigdogg-he was heading to bed. I told them it wasn't a good time because he wasn't feeling so well.

MomBee and TiredManDad said: "Oh Crusty, you look exhausted."

"yeah, that's how I feel, and I'm NOT PREGNANT, so don't ask."

Yesterday running into CVS for some .99cent on sale bread, I ran into my Aunt-
"Oh crusty, are you feeling okay? You look sooo tired."

"yes, I'm feeling fine, tired, run down, but all in all I'm well, comme ci comme ca."

Last night on the phone while speaking with my G-ma:
"Crusty, Aunt Jo told me she ran into you today at the pharmacy, and that you just looked beyond exhausted."

"yes, G-ma, I am tired. She did remark about how tired I looked. Must be the season change?"

I almost wish I was pregnant, because I'd have an excuse to look the way I keep hearing I look.

Perhaps it just an aging thing.
But I'm only 32.

I need to stop those darned cancer sticks, I know that really ages women.

Welcome To crustybeef~
Today is one of those days where I just want to pack the kids up in the car and just drive and drive and drive and drive.


captain corky said...

Crusty I'm the king of putting, sticking, inserting and smoking things in to my body that should be in my body. I quit dipping in March. If Corky can quit tobacco so can you. Ra, Ra, Ra!!! I hope you get some rest this weekend!

Now if I could only do something about this gut...

KYRIE said...

I guess I am a bit slow today. After reading the above comment only did I realize by cancer sticks u mean cigars.
Relax and enjoy ur day today!!


cptn: I've been able to quit through all my pregnancies and while actually made me ill to even smell smoke..but right now..I don't need anymore stress. eeks.
I have the same problem with my post pregox3 belly..don't feel bad!

I would recommend some spanxs to hold in the gut. Bigdogg swears by them..j.k.


kyrie: thanks I will. As I indulge in my marlboro lights :)
Hope you're doing well!

abbagirl74 said...

Yes! Quit the cancer sticks. You remind me so much of my sister. You write like she does. She is a year younger than me - 32! Well, you don't SOUND tired to me! I am sure you don't look as tired as you think. Perhaps you could do something special tonight for you and your hubby. You could wear something that will catch his eye, just something you will feel different in. Perhaps it will make you feel better.

Have a wonderful day!

Portia said...

i would say there's something in the air but your air is pretty far from mine. i wish i could drive off a - er, i mean far, far away too. so whine away, crusty! i hate to do it too but found my blog to be incredibly therapeutic when need be.
i hope you get some good rest and people quit telling you anything but the most uplifting thoughts.

p.s. you've got a pretty good reason, by the way, to be totally exhausted. raising kids has that effect!

SOUL: said...

i know exactly what you're talkin about. and i hate it too. like it isn't bad enough to BE exhausted... but to be told.. hey, you LOOK like hell, you LOOK so tired, do you ever sleep??? ugh. i also get the do you eat? you're too skinny. you don't look well.
umm excuuse me. you're NOT making me feel any better.
sorry....sometimes i just rant for no apparent reason.
but ya, i can relate,
i do hope you feel better soon, and have a great weekend.


abbagal:I'm wearing my pj's as well much for sexy..but I'm showered..and I had some qt so ahhhhh...and I put a facial $2.00CVS mud mask thing on ahhh..
that's funny about your sister..perhaps she's my "sister twin." We all have someone out there that has that type of personality. IF she's a capricorn that'd be crazy-as I am. Jan 11th. eeks.

Portia: Oh yeah, I've had those days of driving off just driving..:)thingie..yeah, they have this knack for making you tired-the children..boys especially it seems when their young.

Soul: ramble and rant away..everyone in my family says I do the same thing..could it be that we all just have so much to say and that we're detailed people? What's wrong with detail?
That's how sales can be successful.
That's how apprehending a criminal is successful, the art of relaying detail..see? I'm ranting now.
I hope you feel better and are having a good day.


SOUL: said...

actually, well , i was gonna say i feel like crap...but i really don't. i'm just tired and my eyes hurt. so that's not enough to cry about. easily remedied.
but ... omg..the sales thanks. one of my earlier jobs.. i (attempted) to sell Kirby vacuume cleaners! it was such a nightmare job. i am so NOT a people person. ugh. i didn't sell a single one, out of i don't remember how many "whatever ya call it...showings?"
i finally quit. after like two weeks :)) blech

a cop, on the other hand... i used to consider that, but it never happened.
instead... i joined the navy.. and they pounded that into my head for years.. "attention to detail"
so see... it musta sunk in.
so ya.. perhaps we are just detailed. maybe.

how bout feelin better?

BTW.. is this eye killing word verification thing really neccessary here? i cannot see these things well enough to comment. i always am made to do it two or three times before i get the letters right. and have you ever listened to the thing read the letters? it is really NO help at all.
just thought i'd toss that in there. thanks. :))

(SEE THIS is the 2nd TIME it's making me do this. i can't see these letters. but that's's your blog. :))


Soul-just for you, I'll remove the word verification thing and instead do comment modification..I just want to avoid the damn spam..
bibly cletius has been lurking around some of the other bloggers, and I hate fake comments.
I've started reading your blog from oldest to newest-I'm in march!! You're about as new as I am to the blogging world..but you seem so much more interesting than I life is boring compared to yours. I enjoy reading your style very much so!!

SOUL: said...

hey... i noticed the eye thing is gone! THANK YOU>>>BLESS YOU!! i do appreciate it.
glad to know you've been reading.. and better..enjoying the ramblings of soul. hey, that wouldn't have been a bad name for the blog. hmm. ya but i did change it from soulmange to soul survivor a month or two ago.
healing. ya know? :)
anyhow.. i forgot what i was gonna say. that happens to me quite a bit, but sometimes things come back to maybe i'll remember it later.
until then..
have a good night.
obtw.. i am gonna link you on my page.. i have to keep looking for you on comments..or portias page to get here... so, i'll link you up, so i can just come on over ... without goin all over the place to get here.


Soul: Bless you for the suggestion..I really appreciate it fully!!And I've linked you as well, you have a rather humorous approach to drama in your life..I really enjoy it!