Thursday, August 09, 2007


Thanks to all you well wishers for Bigdogg regarding his painful tooth extraction.

He's still in some pain, but the oral surgeon has since switched pain meds and he actually slept last night. It was I that kept waking up making sure he was comfortable.

A few nights ago I went scrounging through one of my old HS boxes and found a few old things that I'll hold onto forever:

1-my Senior year english class scrapbook

2-numerous stories from my creative writing class with Mrs. Byrnes (sounds like burns) she was/is (??I'm not sure if she's still around) a fabulous teacher that was an average sized woman. She had short just above shoulder length Goldilock colored blond hair,with bangs-straight straight blond bangs. A large mole just near her nose, and her eyebrows- those twin setters were joined together reminding me of how a bird looks, more so a large Hawk, when they're ready to swoop in and carry off their prey. She was short and had a beak nose, but this woman could teach!
This woman could write. She had a very soft tender voice until someone made her mad-than watch out. But in our creative writing class it was all prose, poetry and relaxed words.
I enjoyed this woman's creative ways and how she taught us to think inside and outside of our minds when it came to words. No matter what I wrote in that class, she always gave me an A.

3- A written reminder about happiness on an old business card from a dealership that I used to work at when I was about 19.

This happy reminder is in my handwriting. But I can't recall for the life of me if it was something I actually wrote, or if it was something that I overheard somewhere. You know how that goes, you hear something inspiration and then go digging around for a working pen and any piece of paper within fingertip grasp.

Here's what I wrote over my J & D Auto Sales business card:

"People Always think that Happiness is a faraway thing.
Something Complicated and hard to get to
Yet what little things can make it up-

A place of shelter when it rains
A cup of strong hot coffee when you're blue

A cigarette for contentment
A book to read when you're alone.

Just to be with Someone You love.

Those things make happiness."

Now if you guys have heard this before, let me know..I'd love to find the author..and if the author happens to be me?


Welcome To Crustybeef~
I wish I could remember whether I wrote it or not. I googled it and nothing showed up.
But I'm thinking I did just because of the reference of reading, loving someone and cigarettes.
Obviously I haven't changed that much from my 19 year old days. I still like reading, coffee, smoking and being with loved ones.

*Plus around that time I was inbetween places of shelter, so to speak*


austere said...

Nice one, thanks for passing it on.

Great about the tooth. Touch wood.

Loved the description of your teacher.

Anonymous said...

Thank you everyone of the loyal Crustybeef followers for your well wishers.


austere-if I could post a picture of her I would..but I don't think that'd be fair, right?



Portia said...

you know a teacher is good when they stand out in your mind over the course of time. my senior english teacher could take my words and make them so...perfect. well, relatively;) i wish i could still have him edit my writing.

beautiful piece. if i had to bet on it, i would say it came from you.

i'm glad bigdogg's feeling better!!