Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Sleepy and Scared

I had the worst dream or I should say, nightmare last night.
It seemed so vivid I can't seem to shake it from my start of the day.

Bigdogg was up most of the night in a great deal of pain from his extraction.
He was itchy as well which I'm sure is attributed to the pain medicine that the oral surgeon prescribed. However, the pain medicine doesn't seem to be working.
My sister Derna made an excellent point that some pain medication doesn't work as well as others. Suffice to say I'll be making a phone call in a few hours requesting a new prescription for something other than the vicoden 750mg extra strength.

So we were up on and off for most of the night and I'm just exhausted.
I got up last night in the thunderstorm around 1:45am and took out my nephewdog Jorge for a walk and poopies and pee-pee's which he was all about-except he didn't want to get wet.


But, how did I manage to have such a terrible dream when I was up most of the night.

UGH, I can't shake this feeling of doom.
I'll get into details about the dream later, but basically it's one of those realistic "I dreamed I died" dreams.

Welcome to Crustybeef~
I'm so tired. :(


abbagirl74 said...

bad dreams are sometime a result of restlessness. hopefully you can get a good night's rest this evening.

austere said...

The weather, and worrying as well.

For once I am glad to be in a coutry where one can buy most medication off the shelf.


abbagirl-so I guess I'd be best to figure out why I'm so restless?
I hope for good sleep tonight-but with three boys..odds are..well, you know what? I'll just have to remain positive.
Thanks for your sweet words of encouragement.

I love thunderstorms..but I can't stand worrying..believe me there are times I dream of picking up and moving out of this country just for that very reason. Last night I could have used a sleeping aid-course I probably wouldn't have taken it should I be needed to aid my bigdogg.
Hope you're having a good day!!


captain corky said...

Hang in there Crusty. Hopefully you'll get some rest tonight.

I don't even like to think about bad dreams.

Tell the doctor you want Oxicodone for Bigdogg. That stuff is pretty strong.

Portia said...

Ouch. I hope Biggdogg feels better soon!
I know about the lingering feeling a bad dream leaves you with. I hope it passes and you find some peace today.
Did you have crazy dreams when you were pregnant? I did, especially with my first one. One of those crazy dreams was about me killing really messed with my head for days.
Anyway, I hope you sleep better tonight!

Suzie said...

i have found that not all pain meds are up tot he task...and believe me i've tried them all! but i have found that good tequlia works wonders...sipped for medicinal purposes.

Cheryl said...

I hope your sense of dread is gone. I hope that Bigdogg got new meds and that he's feeling much better. And, I hope you sleep tonight. All in all? I hope you're feeling much better.

Palm Springs Savant said...

poor bigdogg :-(

now about that bad dream- here's what to do. when you go to sleep for the next few nights, play some VERY sof classical or new age music, on a loop. Or get the ocean surf CD.both work wonders for me


captain: oxicodone..I do recall that drug after my csections-the doc actually prescribed him some darvocet now and it seems to be working.

Portia:OH MY PREGNANCY Dreams! They were crazy and vivid. I forgot all about them.

suzie: tequila used to be my favorite drink/shot/drink of all times!!! still wish I could manage it without the headache the next day..if you come up with a way how, please let me know over here!

Cheryl: you're so kind..and here you are on your vacation away from it all, offering wonderful words of support and wisedom..thanks!

Palm Spring Savant:
That's a fabulous idea..
thank you very much.
Pardon me while I go "borrow" my one year olds ocean sound machine, and borrow my older boys many cd's of easy listening tunes. I did sleep quite well last night.

Anonymous said...

Thank you everyone for your well wishes. I am in pain and i love the meds and crusty is the best wife ever..

I hate the dentist!!!!!!!!!!