Tuesday, August 07, 2007

A Visit From the Tooth Fairy

I'm thinking of my children's favorite Dr. Seuss HOP ON POP!

I'm thinking of a certain phrase in that book-


"Dad is sad. Very very sad. Dad had a bad day. What a day dad had."

Bigdogg had a bad day today-an intense pain in his tooth landed him in the dentist chair.

Our dentist sent him on his merry painful way-with directions to go see an oral surgeon to have the tooth extracted.

The office of the oral surgeon was up north in a town called Schaumburg. He was instructed to be there in 15minutes which is absolutely impossible because we live about 30minutes south from there.
Even if Bigdogg would have been doing the driving-he couldn't get himself there fast enough.

I packed up the two younger boys-lucky for me Jack was at a friends house on the next block over so he was covered-
I packed up some diapers and pull ups and snacks and was ready for Bigdogg when he pulled in the driveway 5minutes after we hung up the phone.

25minutes later I pulled into the parking lot of the oral surgeon's office up in Schaumburg Illinois. I dropped him off in front, and then drove around to find a spot in the shade because it's just humid and hot over here right now.

About an hour and some 30minutes later, Bigdogg came out into the receptionist area, (from the back) one less tooth, a mouth full of gauze, in some nasty pain.

Yes, he was given gas to ease his anxiety.
Yes he's in some nasty pain right about now.
Yes I know what he's going through and it's not a pleasant feeling.
Yes, he's not allowed to pick up the children for the next few days.

What did Jackson say to him later on?
"Daddy, you're too big to get stuff from the tooth fairy."

Welcome to Crustybeef~
you aint lying-poor poor bigdogg.


Anonymous said...

I hate the dentist, The oral surgeon and pain. I am lucky to have a great wife to help me through this crap..Thanks Crusty...i owe you some cous cous and a payday..


austere said...

I hate dentists too. Horrible memories and am sure some horrible things in the future too. cant stand the sound of a drill even on wood- reminds me of the terror in that slanting chair.


bdd-and you're still in pain..you must have some seriously embedded nashers.

austere-yuck..that slanting chair and those nasty three prong light thingy that hovers over the chair..the smell of a dentist-they all smell the same-HORRID!! :)


SOUL: said...

aha.. a extraction.. yep, i had them before. no fun.
hope hubby is better now.

my sister used to live in schaumburg! her boys ..two of them still do. how weird.
small world.