Sunday, August 05, 2007

Nothing but Annoyance

I can't figure out how to do this darned add your pic to your profile thing..
I've signed up for Picasa, and it's still not working.
This is where it took me with my picture.
When I attempt to do the web albums it won't let me.
It says my account isn't enabled for web albums.

I'm so annoyed.
This is what I got when I THOUGHT I figured this out..a pic of me on a posting instead of in my profile and in my comments corner...annoyed.

And PORTIA rocked for sending me a step by step email about a month ago-I'm just now checking my emails over in crustybeef land..I'm so annoyed. She tried helping and I'm still a moron with this computer thing.

Gosh, I'm almost afraid to ask how to go about changing my banner. I am not good at these things.

Anyways, thanks for letting me vent.
Welcome To crustybeef~
Happy Sunday evening..
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abbagirl74 said...

I know exactly what you are talking about! I can't figure the simplest of things out either. When you figure it out, let me know! Luck with that!

captain corky said...
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captain corky said...

Don't worry Crusty, soon you'll be an expert!!!

captain corky said...

PS Did you find my last comment very useful?


abba-all morning I've been trying to figure it out-well, all morning in between being a mommy..

capt-your comment was so useful, I used it to go along with my coffee..


KYRIE said...

Wish u luck on figuring it out soon.

Portia said...

well, it's a great pic anyway! don't let it stress you. i probably didn't make much sense but will try emailing you again:)

Anonymous said...

In Picasa:
Click on the picture you want use, then copy it's http: address by clicking the right top button on your mouse to open a menu that has "copy" on it. Click on "Copy".

Open a new internet window and log into blogger

In Blogger:
Sign in, click on "Edit profile"

Go down to the box that says "Add a picture" or "add photo URL"

click on the white box to put your cursor in there. Right click on the mouse again to bring up the menu from before, this time click on "Paste".

It should have filled in the box with the photos http: address. Click save and see if it worked.

I hope these instructions helped and didn't offend. I don't know what your skill level is, so maybe you already know how to "cut-n-paste" and it still isn't working for you.

Do you know any teenagers that you can drag over to help you? They can be easily bought with a sandwich or something. :>

Take Care

Portia said...

ew how beautiful. i hadn't gotten a chance to email yet but looks like proxima has given some good directions, so i'll let those simmer.
good luck :)


Proxima-you're awesome, thanks very much.
Portia-no worries..your email was helpful last month I'm just getting stuck in my own annoying web of not understanding portals and web albums.


austere said...

proxima- while you're at it, all my flickr shots have moved to the end of the page- what do I do now?

crusty- sorry to ask here, but before she slips away again, you know...


austere-ask away!! It doesn't bother me whatsoever!!

Again Proxima, thanks very much..


SOUL: said...

have you tried to use photo bucket to host your pic on?