Saturday, August 04, 2007

Mild Wonders and Embarrassments

Thanks to Palm Springs Savant, he got me thinking....

his posting was about embarrassing moments in our lives-rather amusing post I must say..

Anyhooo, I started thinking about that based on his words, and taking it a step further I wondered why we as human beings set ourselves up for mild wonders.

But before I get into that, just a question: is it me or does it seem like whenever you drink a Starbucks coffee (those of you that drink Starbucks), do you feel like your teeth are just filmy, crusty and well, DIrty?

Okay,...just some mild wonders,
Why is it that even though you know your son has pooped out a sewer in his pull up, you still smell it after closing it up? And then passing it to your loved one, saying, "here smell that!!"

We know it smells gross so we do we have to mildly wonder by sticking our nose up in it?

We slow down and look at accidents although we're the first to gripe about the gappers delay cars ahead of us-mild wonder.

We're told that a plate of food is hot, yet we still have to touch it with our fingers.

We're told not to bit into Poptarts due to the contents being extremely hot, but we still nibble the ends off of the toasted yummies.
Burning our precious tastebuds off.

We're weird.
Or is it just me, the crusty one that is wearing last nights makeup still from Ciderharps-yeah, I know, I'm crusty.

Welcome to Crustybeef~
Pardon me while I go wash my friday night face off my saturday face, and brush the film of starbucks off my pearlies.
Good day~


tex said...

You were wearing your makeup, I was wearing the CH.....real bad morning......felt like a rookie.
Oh, agree with ya on the Gapper blocks....although I try not to look when I pass 'em,

abbagirl74 said...

I agree with you on the Starbucks coffee. But, I have had to give it up. Doctor says I am drinking it too much. I have opted to stay away from coffee, and if I need any caffeine, I drink tea.

As for the makeup, well, I don't wear much, but have been known to do the wash down the morning after!

Palm Springs Savant said...

thanks for the mention, and wow I'd be honored to be among your "choice bloggers" thanks for thinking of me. I'd like to add you to my blogroll as well, if that's OK



abba- Funny, I don't ever really wear make up either too much hassle.
I think I would have to dig my own grave if I was told no more starbucks. :)



PSS-that's awesome! I'd be honored.
thanks for stopping by again!

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Portia said...

you are too funny:) i always wondered why when something smells so disgusting the first thing i want to do is have someone else smell it!
and of course what's the first thing we want to do after being told not to do something? whatever it is we're not supposed to do! too bad restaurants would be sued for hot plates if they didn't issue the warning that tempts us all;)

austere said...

Interesting. You've got me thinking all right, crusty.


portia-you're absolutely correct..I didn't think about it that way!! :)

austere-thanks..but don't think about it too hard,I'm just a constant rambler.