Friday, August 03, 2007

From 3 to 1

ahhhhhhhhhh, I am so at peace this morning.


You see, every summer Bigdoggs firm does a "bring your children to work" day.

Apparently there is a "nationwide" day sometime in the early spring, but that makes it tough for those families with children in school. Being the fabulous company that Bigdogg is employed with, they think ahead and have their own summer "BYCTW" day.

So, as of 7:33am, I went from having three boys, to suddenly just one.


Bigdogg on the other hand, I'm not too sure it will be all "peaceful blissfulness." However, he's brave enough to venture down the workday path with a 3 year old, more power to him. I'm sure he'll manage just fine.
As for Jackson and Sullivan?:
Jackson couldn't wait to take the train into Chicago this morning with bigdogg.
To walk through the train depot with the whistles and hustles all around them.
He couldn't wait to walk out of the train station and see the Chicago river right in front of him.
He couldn't wait to walk across the bridge that takes Bigdogg to his building every morning.
He couldn't wait to take the elevator up to Bigdoggs floor with the ears popping due to the size of his building.
He couldn't wait to do the planned crafts, take a water taxi at lunch through the Chicago river flowing into Lake Michigan and ending up at Navy Pier for a ride on the GINORMOUS Ferris wheel ride.


He couldn't wait for the donuts that Bigdoggs firm will be providing for all the children this morning.

That, and the Chicago style pizza which should be arriving any minute now.

And I?


Going from three to one is like being met with the warmth of the sun on your face when you travel to a sunny climate after dealing with 4+months of cold winter freezing windy temperatures.

Welcome To Crustybeef~
I'm not doing a single thing today but hang out with my Ben whom I think is catching a cold, and play with my nephewdog, BulldogJorge!

Tonite? Ciderharps with my friend TEX!
Have a Great weekend everyone!


KYRIE said...

The food pics are lovely. Making me hungry!

Enjoy ur respite!

Portia said...

ciderharps? i have no tell.

sounds like a wonderful day! i am sure you are enjoying the strange peace and still hear them don't you? sometimes i can't sleep when i'm alone at the house (which is hardly ever anyway) because i keep thinking i hear my babies.

great analogy, by the way.. the one about going from 3 to 1 being like the sun hitting your face after a hard winter. funny, cause i thought when i got pregnant for the second time that it wouldn't be that much different than 1...oh my. was i wrong! i can't imagine 3:)

great pics!

Tex said...

Ah.....ciderharp. After today, I'm gonna need 20 of 'em.

See ya tonight!!


kyrie-chicago style pizza is to die for (To quote my bigdoggs safta(gramma))

Portia-ciderharp beer a bit of a bit of harp with a cider taste-yummie and yes!! At one point today in the afternoon I could have sworn I heard someone call "MOMMY!!"-which freaked me out because I KNOW my one year old can't speak that well..and then I thought..great..either I'm LOSING my mind, or someone's dumped their kids at my front porch.

one to two-complete insanity.

TEX-Maybe a shot, too?? Steak cubes for appetizers??


tex said...

(After The Fact) My head is spinning......

austere said...

The pizza looks great. So you had a peaceful day?


Tex-Me too..and it's still spinning this morning!! But it was fun!!

so very very was very nice!


Palm Springs Savant said...

OMG- that deep dish pizza is making me drool.


Lou Malnati's chicago style pizza delivers everywhere-you can order it from chitown and have it shipped..
when we lived in florida for a few years I did just that..and it was delicious!

Cheryl said...

I'm catching up on your blog and decided to comment here. Something about enjoying being alone. Tonight, dinner was about ready, but my brother-in-law had steamed up the crabs we caught today and they were ready outside, downstairs. I went down with a knife, mallet and paper plate. I sat on the floor in the screened-in room, and ate a few crabs. I thought about how happy I was to be alone, outside, in this beautiful place. Then I thought how for someone else, they'd be so happy surrounded by people. I think we all need time alone. I love when my daughter is with her father, although I don't tell her that. I love her dearly. I just like being alone, too. Sorry if this is too long!


cheryl-no worries on length of comments..type away any time of any day.
There is something so necessary of having alone time..there really is..and you're absolutely correct.
but you got me thinking-specifically about my gramma that no longer has her husband around after 50+years of marriage going on 5 years this Jan..and all she wants is people around her..I guess it's the evolution of life.