Thursday, August 02, 2007

Connected In Tragedy

Yesterdays collapse of the Minneapolis bridge had me thinking about how often tragedy strikes and when it does, how the immediate reaction to some, is to link the tragedy with themselves.

I feel awful for the people that were killed and injured in the collapse. Something as random as being in your car driving home from a long work day turned tragic within seconds.

I am by no means making light of this terrible situation.

I just find it interesting that whenever something strikes such as this, the first element to coping is to relate to the tragedy.

"I was just on that bridge two days ago."

"I drove across that bridge with my parents three years ago."

"I have friends that live in Minnesota."

"My firms other office is located there-the employees drive across that bridge every day."

Something, anything, a common denominator to link you to the emotions of death, injury and tragedy.

Perhaps to help us cope?

I know I'm guilty of it.

Is it just human nature to link ourselves to something bad?

Is it to feel more connected with the victims, their families.. "I know what you're going through?"

The ability to empathize is just as important as the ability to sympathize.
Yet there is a big difference.

It just makes me sad that we can't feel connected with our world, our country, our people, the human soul, when there isn't something tragic to speak of.

Perhaps people learn more when drama's around.

Welcome To Crustybeef~
My thoughts and prayers are with everyone that has ever suffered any element of tragedy. Although I can't understand what you're going through, I understand that the pain that you must feel is something fierce.
G-d Bless!


austere said...

Peace. And it was just a usual day.

Portia said...

i can't imagine.

i usually avoid the news for all the tragedy. it is too much, every single day.


austere-I know..I know...

Portia-I agree with you. you're right, it's always something bad every day-wonder how many viewers would watch a tv news channel dedicated to reporting only feel good news. I know I'd watch it.


abbagirl74 said...

Hmmm, great post. Have me thinking! I love posts like that.

captain corky said...

It's really sad, and they're still digging people out.

Portia said...

i was thinking about that. i was wondering if there is enough good news to balance out the bad, or if we would be stretching for silly stories that might balance in number but not in true positivity... hope that made sense:)

(i would watch too:)


abbagirl..THANK YOU!!!

Captain Corky...I know, I read about it this morning..tragic no other way to put it.

Portia... you have ME wheels are turning.


KYRIE said...

This a good post. Thought provoking.

A tragedy tht should never have happened. And the sadest thing, it could hv been avoided.

And I agree with u on how usually people react like wht u described whn a tragedy happens.


Kyrie-I've always wondered why we do that..does it make us feel justified so to speak, to connect ourselves to the tragedy? Almost as if we're not "allowed" to speak of it, unless we can figure out how it relates to us.

Hope you're having a better day!!

SOUL: said...

good way to put all this in perspective. i guess. it's true though. it's almost a natural thing... i used to live there... i have friends there...etc.
ya. makes ya think.

i have noticed though... if it isn't that's avoidance. most blogs i go to every day, including mine... haven't even spoken of this on their blogs.

i can only speak for myself... i watch it on the news... but to post about least every day... would just be too depressing. maybe. it is a horrible thing for all of those people and their families. i just can't find the words to write it. and now, days later, i don't know. i guess , still, there are just no words.

you said it well sir crusty.


thank you very much!
you have me thinking though-about the're right we either writefight it or we avoidflight it..must be our human nature-helps our own internal healings.