Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Brief Blankie Update

Bye Bye Blankie went very well!

Last night, Jacks first night going at it alone, he was up a bit later than usual, but that's fine with me-it's SUMMER VACATION!!

Asleep by 10pm, we peeked in on him before tucking ourselves in for the night-Bigdogg and I.

He was curled up with his thumb in his mouth sound asleep.

PHEW!! I was worried that the move from blankie-with-boy to just boy would be tough.
I guess I got lucky.
Next up, Drivers License....................


Well, my Sullivan is up so time to wrap this up-he's asking for a bacon wrap for breakfast-I think it'll just be a cereal day.

Welcome To Crustybeef~
A bacon wrap is crumbled pan fried bacon wrapped in 3 fluffy scrambled eggs and Cheddar cheese with a drop or two of syrup.
After the egg mixture is complete, you heat up a flour tortilla in the microwave for 15seconds.
Add the egg mixture to the heated tortilla. (I can never spell this word-and even on spellcheck it doesn't seem right)
and Wrap
WALLA! Delicious quick breakfast that is better than those burrito things at McDonald's.


captain corky said...

Sounds good. Can I get a cup of coffee with that?

Portia said...

So glad it went well:) All ready for school now? I can't imagine!

Those bacon wraps sound pretty darn that a Crusty creation?


captain-do want the coffee black or with cream and sugar?

yes, the bacon wraps is an old creation back in my single days.
Remind me to tell you about my breakfast casserole..yumm..
thanks guys for the comments!As always, I really appreciate it.