Monday, July 30, 2007

Bye Bye Blankie

Tomorrow, Tuesday will be Jackson's last day with his blankie.
Tonight, Monday evening, will be his last evening with his blankie.


He's heading off to Kindergarten in 4 weeks and it's time to move on, so to speak.

He wasn't ready to do this three months ago. Funny though that within the last three weeks, he's changed.

He's fallen in love with the 8 year old beauty (MY FUTURE DAUGHTER IN LAW -I promise I won't plan his life away!!) who lives across the street. "Rae" and him play all the time. They play games of war, (Ironic as those were the very games I played as a young girl with my next door neighbor, TEX) bumble bouncing balls, and any game that their minds can create.

When he sees her outside his voice goes up three octaves exclaiming, "MommYYYYYYY RAE'S OUTSIIIIIIIIIIIIIDEeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!" You'd think he was experiencing a bout of puberty.

In a matter of three weeks he's begun to replace his strong love with his blankie towards something new-a little girl 3 years older than him. (THAT'S MY BOY!!)

He's ready now.

I'm NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The terms and conditions regarding the blankie removal goes as follows:

A. The blanket will no longer be laying next to him.
B. He is still allowed to suck his thumb, but only when he's laying in bed.
C. To ease the sudden change of the departing blankie, I will be "tacking" it up on his wall so that at bedtime he will be able to still see the blankie, but he won't be able to use it. You know, for the comforting smell, and routine that his fingers invent each and every night for the past 4.5 years.
D. If he maintains the required no touching distance-the blankie must remain on the wall untouched-he will be rewarded with a future trip to TOYS R US.

But, like I said, three months ago I was ready.
He wasn't.

Three months later he's ready.
I'm not.

They grow up entirely way to fast.
Another milestone to add to the many that only children can provide.

Welcome To Crustybeef~
I still remember the feeling I had as a little girl when I'd lay in bed with my blankie. The unique smell that mixed perfectly with my thumb in my mouth-ahhhhhhhhh to be a child again.


abbagirl74 said...

My kid has a pillow. Funnier thing than that, my brother also had a pillow. My mom just threw the pillow away five years ago. My brother is 27.

Anonymous said...

HOw did Jackson do with last night...first night ever w/out a blankie? wow! High Five to him! Love you guys! Love, Heidi


abba-hmm.. I wonder if my mom still has my old blankie. How did your 27 year old handle the departing pillow? And your child, does he still "need" the pillow?
Isn't it funny how traumatic it can be to move forward over something we refer to as security?
Hope you're having a good week! Still Balls to the walls? :)

Last night was his last night with his blankie. Tonite (tuesday evening) will be his first time without it-at least it will be up on the wall sometimes seeing something can help ease the transition-it'll be high up on the wall that's for sure.
Love you too!!
Thank you for popping over and saying hi!


captain corky said...
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captain corky said...

Crusty: I just so happen to be in the market for a used blankie. Not for Max mind you, but for me. I'm just feeling a bit insecure today. How much to take it off your hands? ;)


Cpt C:
Yeah, uh, I think you should rethink that offer..why buy used when you can have brand new? Perhaps if you wash one of Max's blanks a few times that'll help you out. Are you sure you want a torn, ripped, crusty blankie?
Hope you're not too sleep deprived.

Portia said...

oh boy! a big day...i hope it's going well!! i don't recall having a blankie but baby bear loves his, especially when he's tired. if he doesn't have it he'll start num-numming (rubbing his face) in anything that's near- me, the sofa, a clean diaper, it was kinda funny to see him try to num-num the deck.
never wrote the work num-num before. looks funny. you reckon it should be knumb?

Portia said...

work should be WORD.
and KNUMB looks even funnier.

Good luck tonight!! I'll be thinking of you guys:)

KYRIE said...

This post is so cute!
Hope ur kid did well without the blankie last night!


I LOVE THAT, num's so cute..isn't it funny how we as parents can create a word and suddenly it just "makes sense."
You didn't even have to explain Num numm and I just had this hidden understanding due to the crazy words us as parents create.

thanks for coming by again! I have to add you to my list of CHOICE Bloggers, I do love what you have to say.
And yes, He did great-better than I expected as a matter of fact.


austere said...

:) Kid's grwoing up, eh? that discussion about blankie was warm fuzzy.