Thursday, August 30, 2007

Heard On My Morning Radio Station

I love talk Radio.
I listen to WBBM Chicago, 780 News radio.

When I was a little girl I'd spend a week or two down at my grandparents home. Every morning I would wake to hear the sounds of this same channel, the smell of their delicious percolated coffee, and the waft of their cigarettes.

Perhaps that's why I love mornings. Perhaps that's why I love this radio station, coffee and am smoke breaks....the reminders of my youth.

NOT the point of the story, so to get BACK on track, this morning as I was pouring my coffee, I turned on our kitchen radio and the female was on broadcasting about the weather. I listen in curious to see what our day brings us. The evening last night was very hazy with a thin 'film' of such circling around the moon. I've been told before, that when farmers see that type of nights haze, chances are there will be rain the following day.

So, listening to the female do her broadcast she goes on to talk about the weather,

"It's going to be a rather breezy and at times chilly day,today, so make sure you bring a jacket with you, with highs in the low 70's...."


Welcome To Crustybeef~
It doesn't make sense to me either, but oh well!


captain corky said...

I like talk radio too. I like to listen at work during football season.

Maybe the broadcaster was talking to all the people listening who are over the age of 70.


hahah, very good point, Captain!! Didn't even think about it that way..
Football season, do you smell it in the air yet??


SOUL: said...

mornin my friend.
hope it's a good one.
are you getting used to school days yet? the first year is kinda hard on mom aint it? it was for me.
so is this year. 8th grade. geesh. it goes so fast.
btw... speakin of kids... i am thinkin of doing a re-post/update type of thing on my boys soon..maybe today if i don't get too busy.
anyhow... just came by for the smoke and choke..and to see how you're doin. i still love those little feets. i forgot all about puttin my girls on. i need to remember to do that.
been busy here.
catcha later.


Hey there my tiny birdie soul, how's it over there in soul land?
Did your soulman get out and off to a good start to his day, today?
And your teenage soul? Happy as a lark to be off to school without much pushing from her soul parents??

No pressures on your posts about your boys. When you're ready to talk about them, than open up away!!
I don't want to bring more pain to've had a busy week with docs, school starting...and fish catching.

I'm holding up, have them on a school schedule and so far are managing. I even have my 3 year old making his bed every morning now, like his older brother. I don't expect perfection at his age..and I'm just proud that he was happy to do a chore..I know in a few years it won't be like that.

hak, hak!

SOUL: said...

i almost said soul land in one of my comments but didnt want to "take it".. i almost didnt catch it, but when i did i took it off. guess ya dont miond if i use it...i may have already on occasion...heck i don't remember. senile ya know.

anyhow..sounds like you're off to a good start with the kids. that's fantastic. mine is 13..and getting her to do a lick of chores around here is like (skuze me) pullin teeth! i swear. i hate it. i'm tryin to crack down...but man it's hard.

note to "new parents".. get on them young... or you will be in hell!

oh, and yes..this really has been hell week./ perhaps i shall hold off on that particular post a while. not feelin real "chipper" today. funny that word came to mind.


do have a good day! all the crusty peeps!


I don't care if you "use it.." take it and run with it,..and enjoy it and embrace it..we as mere humans don't own words..we own our own emotions.

Chirpping is good for when you're not in that chirppie sort of mood..(I know, intentionally mispelled.)

I'll be waiting for when you do..
Have a good day to you, and to all of you as well!!


SOUL: said...

i think i went as far as i could...i think i'm toast..pass the butter? i mean coffee?


chirp toofie really REALLY hurts now.. :(

SOUL: said...

is it safe to take a pill yet??? just have bigdog lick up the fridge :))

i'm sorry your tooth hurts.

austere said...

hmm toooooooth. tc.

Out here seven FM stations, so I keep scrolling, listen to radio while cooking.There is this phone in part called shendi which means conning/teasing someone, where they call up a stranger on request from family/ friend and pull a fast one, that's very funny and great live.

Portia said...

isn't it funny what can take you back? i could be anywhere in the world and if the right scent hits me, or i hear the right song, it's as if i just walked away from the same smell or sound 10 or 20 years ago.


austere: I LOVE those types of broadcasts..How do you say the word, Shendi? I mean, how does it sound? "Shh-in-dee?" Those always crack me up, especially the ones when they have people calling doc' offices-tee hee! Thanks for aiding in my first am chuckle!!

Portia: Smells, all of it..and songs yes! Songs relate to different times, as if they're talking about our lives..But when you get that waft, that smell, don't you just want to (hopefully it's a happy smelling memory) wrap your arms around it and savour it and have it warp you back to that time and place so you can experience the entire essense of it all?
Yeah, I need MORE coffee...You're going to be sooo behind on tuesday..we're gonna miss you this weekend. Friday's suck when Portia's gone. :(


Palm Springs Savant said...

I love talk radio as well. Back when I lived in Chicago I used to listen to WBBM a lot. I had a job where I was in the car a lot, driving around the chicagoloand area, so talk radio was perfect.

SOUL: said...

weekends do seem longer sometimes without portia huh?
PORTIA.. get a weekend job! (not really.. find a library internet!)