Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Late Morning Laughter

This joke was emailed to me from my best friend, Dana. I have to say it's pretty darn funny:

Who Wears The Pants!

Larry was going to be married to Karen, so his father sat him down for a
little chat. He said, "Larry, let me tell you something...on my wedding
night in our honeymoon suite I took off my pants, handed them to your
mother, and said, here - try these on." She did and said, "these are
too big, I can't wear them." I replied, "exactly, I wear the pants in
this family and I always will." Ever since that night we never had any

"Hmmm," said Larry. He thought that might be a good thing to try, so on
his honeymoon, Larry took off his pants and said to Karen, "here - try
these on." She tried them on and said, "these are too large, they don't
fit me." Larry said, "exactly. I wear the pants in this family and I
always will. I don't want you to ever forget that."

Then Karen took off her pants and handed them to Larry. She said,
"here-you try on mine." He did and said, "I can't get into your pants."
Karen said, "exactly, and if you don't change your smart ass attitude,
you never will."

And they lived happily ever after.

Welcome To Crustybeef~
I told you I'd get a chuckle or giggle out of you!!


SOUL: said...

that's a great one!!!
thanks for the laugh. you know i need it today!

let's smoke and choke!!!! where's the coffee???? how's the weather? pass the lighter.
woo hoo.

Anonymous said...

very true....


yes,anon, very very true!! :)

Oh soul, teeny birdie soul bat, I've got the cold coffee right here, and I'm heading out for that smoke.
Thanks for that suggestion..I wonder what his school will think when I start making Ice cream soup with my long pink straw? :)

Hope you're doing okay too. :(


Anonymous said...

annon here and i wouldnt say it is very very true....I am curious to know who wears the pants in your marriage?


SOUL: said...

hi again... enjoy your soup - cream/ don't forget the straw
soul bat... nice :))

Anonymous said...

Real Men wear kilts anyways. ha,ha,ha,

I love,love,love the playlist you've chosen for your blog. It's relaxing, sexy and flows from one to another nicely. Kudos!

I also read your post below about the storm. I'll keep my earthquakes, tsunami's and volcanos thank you! I'm glad you're all alright. It was quite the exciting read and I'm glad it had a happy ending.


Dave said...

Now THERE'S a GREAT story! Gotta remember that one! lol

PipeTobacco said...

Thank you for all the efforts you do with your site and also when you visit my site. What are the thinking blogger awards? I am pleased you have received said award.


austere said...


captain corky said...

I don't know any guys that haven't learned that lesson yet. LOL

dznutz said...

I'm glad it gave you a chuckle. :)

Portia said...

teehee...the best message of all is that what works for one doesn't necessarily work for another......good one:)

SOUL: said...

okay crusty.... where are you THIS time??
tooth probs? i feel your pain.... really i do... i have a cyst. but no tooth or root...so tell me, how does it hurt so often... and WHY do they want 1250.00..WITH insurance to remove it.???

anyhow.. hope all is well over there.

take care crusty girl.
come smoke and choke when you're up to it


anon2: I don't like pants, I prefer skirts, and pj bottom pants covered in my boys spilled cereal, or perhaps my spilt coffee from tripping over my boys...(if you don't believe me, just request a posting from my bigdogg..) Our relationship is equally balanced-at least I think it is..he may have a different opinion-:) heehee

Soul: Yummi, the ice cream was good..I forgot my straw though. :( damn it,..and the mosquito's were nasty bitters last night..

Proxima: thank you very much..it reflects my innerself, I think. I love this music..hard to believe I used to be that 20's broad dancing the night away at clubs to crazy sounding zip zapp music (which on occasion I'll pull out a cd and dance down memory lane!!)

Dave: Story it is..course all of that wedding night stuff can just be alleviated by communicating prior to it. BTW: WELCOME!! Glad to have you over here in crustyland!!

Pipe: ahhh, Pipe, I've always enjoyed your blog that's for certain. It was very nice of you to wish me happy templates :)...I received the award from my dear pal Portia at Grooveonward-course, I don't feel deserving of it..I mean, I'm just a SAH boring mom...how much thinking can I envoke in others? Hope you're holding up well-everyday is like a step closer to acceptance, eh?

austere: Chuckle chuckle, smirk. :) have you breathed your breathful breaths (phew, hard to get the spelling down on that) yet??

Capt: I can think of 6 of them: Your CorkyJr, my three boys, and Portia's little baby bears..you'd best get to work on that!! :)

DNUTZ: I LOVED IT!! Thanks for sending it to me..Good luck with those interviews-especially today!! Miss you a lot!! :(

Portia: How true, huh? Do you find yourself trying to figure out if a couple you're people watching has that balance? Or is it easy to flag the pants wearer? I experienced an obvious nonjudging pants wearing female last night at Jack's ice cream social...I'll have to write about it. :)

Soul: I'm making my rounds,..had a hectic morning playing mommy and I'll be posting on it shortly..
I'm going outside for a smoke first-do you feel the virtual lighter being passed to you? Just don't steal it-I want it back..hee-hee birdiebat!!


Anonymous said...


whoever you are..we have an equal relationship and we take turns wearing the pants...I will never wear a skirt so..pants it is..that wearing the pants line is so old. It is the year 2007...

SOUL: said...

well apparently you not only forgot your straw... you also forgot eating the second round too lol


anonBDD: Thanks for your back up!! Hey everyone, MEET BIGDOGG!!!!
Way to tell him/hermeow/tweet/arf-er

Soul: CRAP! You're right I did!! SOAB..

tweet tweet twiddle tweet. :)

SOUL: said...

Gnite..sleep safely!


Good morning!!! Hope you slept well!!
No big drama's today, I hope besides the teenager heading off to school-----I'll be over in a bit!!

SOUL: said...

unfortunately, i think it is beginning on quite the dramatic foot today. hope i get caught up, and slowed down. just one of those days.
call me a whaaaambulance...hurry!


soul: Did the ambulance arrive for you yet? Or are you still waiting??