Monday, August 27, 2007


Two root canals needed. Tooth 14 and 13. Tooth 15, the point of pain already has a root canal. Never a crown though. Could be the pain is passing from the tooth 13 and 14 that need root canals. Those teeth have deep cavities that are almost touching the nerve. The Sauntering Frank (he slides like Frankenstein does-rather odd) said that I'll need tooth 15 retreated with an endodontist, because the seedy dentist in East Florida didn't fill all of the canal with the sealant. They'll have to put a microscope up in there. What is this, Childbirth?

I detest teeth drama. I have braces on in 5th grade, had that freak show pull out my baby teeth, and never allow my mom into the back room, and actually kissed me on my lips, for not crying one day when he was adjusting my brackets after slipping the tool and driving it into my gums. Always would sit extra close to me, leaning over. I could feel that nasty man's disgusting energy. Filth.

He screwed up my teeth. Thus my mom finding out about all this drama, yanking my sister and I out of there putting us with a great ortho. Finding out the previous ortho, the filthy one-jacked up the teeth. I didn't have my braces removed until the summer of my senior year of hs. two days before my senior class pictures. In, GASP, 1992!! YIKES!! :)

So, I blame that bastard for all of this. Well, that and pregnancies. But good gracious. All those years, only to have my teeth turn into empty homes? Makes me sick to my stomach.

I'm on amoxecilian (sp?), and Tylenol 3 with codeine for the infection in my tooth. Tooth #14 will be having a removal of their life lines on Thursday at 4:00. 3 hours before I have to be at Jack's school for mandatory curriculum night.

I'm NOT in a good mood.

BUT, a medicated mom's words are a sober mom's thoughts: Today as I was sitting there in "Sauntering Frank's" small dentist office, I thought of all of you that take the time to leave comments here. I hope all of you guys know that with you, ALL OF YOU, I feel accepted.
Good evening~
I'm off for a couple of smoke and chokes!! :) *SOUL
p.s. I'd say pissed, but my tooth hurts when air comes through I see, "peefed," instead.


Cheryl said...

What rotten luck. When we're in the dentist's chair, we're at their mercy. You had a terrible one and shame on him. I'm so sorry. So, pain and aggravation will be your companions for a while. And us. We'll be here for you. Keep writing.

austere said...

nasty man that dentist.may all his teeth rot.

You tc, and wriggle out of mandatory curriculum whteveritis. mandatory and he's just a kid! bah.

captain corky said...

That dentist sounds like a despicable freak.

Root canals suck. Most pain I ever had. Twice.

Wait a minute... Did somebody say Tylenol 3 with codeine? ;)


Hey Cheryl: that's how my mom and I felt about it. We always (her more so) thought it was so wierd that parent's weren't allowed in the back with the children. Gives me chills. Awwwww, Thank you so much!! You've made my tuesday morning!!! :) :) :) Lots of smiling!

austere: I wonder what ever happened to him..I may google his name later on today. :) I'll send you his address. hahahah. JK.

Captain: I knew I'd get your attention with those. I took one last night and it knocked me out soon after this posting. I don't have good pain tolerance for that sort of thing. Did Allyson ever share with you? :)


Portia said...

ugh, you poor thing. even a decent dentist is never a pleasant thought! good luck with the root canals, i've had one and it wasn't as bad as i thought it would be. will be thinking of you thursday, 4ish:)


ahhh, Thanks Portia!!!
I hope you're having a good tuesday, and you're caught up on all the weekend writings!! :)
Chicken Tracks!!

SOUL: said...

thank God for cigarettes and codeine!!! that's all i gotta say. :))))

oh, and coffee.

what a dentist...or ortho..whatever he was. geesh. did you tell your mom right away? i HOPE so. how freakin creepy.
my girl had a dentist in kansas that wouldn't let me go in with her....i never felt comfortable with that, but it was her first dentist, and i didn't know any better.
she never said anything weird happened. thank God.
but when we moved here the frst time she was like 7...and has had the same dentist here...the cute one.. ever since. and the ortho doc is cool too. i have been by her side at every dentist and ortho appt since we left kansas. some parents just don't know ... but i say.. trust your gut. i shoulda taken her to another one in kansas and would have had i known i had a choice.
anyhow... i'm on a tangent here. so shut my mouth!
c ya later
pass the lighter.


Soul: Hot dentists make the toothaches better-and when that fails, you pray for good pain allievation. (SP) in a hurry to get my post in...speedy delivery!! :)

And than I have to pop over to all you guys and send my HI's!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

You and your teeth! LOL...nana would be proud of you..the two of you have so much in common...