Monday, August 27, 2007

The Smell of Them-Always The Same

Heading to my dentist in about 15minutes.

He works. He's in our network so the usual $2000 cost for root canal, post core and crown only runs us a total of $900 out of our pocket.

As my Bigdogg says too, "He's a pretty attractive guy, for a dentist." (Bigdogg is very secure with himself and our marriage!!)

He plays Frank Sinatra tunes throughout his small three room practice. His hygienists are cute Italian girls that talk so fast it's fun to see their mouths shape the face mask.

He saunters in with a look on his face like he'd rather be playing soccer. But he always talks nicely, always asks about the family, and compliments you on your weight. Regardless of how much you weigh, he'll always tell you, "My, you look like you've lost weight."

He has a cuteness to him, but he's still a dentist.
His office still smells like the rest of them do.
The chairs all have that uncomfortable hump behind your neck.
And those damn lights, always that nasty urine yellow glare.
I'm heading to the dentist for a really bad tooth ache.

GmaB will be watching the boys.
I don't know what they'll be able to do with this cracked back molar. I've already had a root canal on it.

Be Back later.
Welcome to Crustybeef~
hopefully without muffled cotton to ease the extraction!! Cross your fingers.


Anonymous said...

You know you've made it to a dentist's social registry when HE calls YOU to discuss a political or social issue.

I'll look at the Caller ID and notice that it's the dentist's office calling and I think, "I don't have an appointment for a few months". When I answer and the receptionist says, "Doctor wants to ask you about Iraq/the President/the World Series, that's pretty neat.

I wonder what his patients are thinking when he's yapping with me?

The appointments are something else. The only bad part is that I can't answer him when he's asking me questions.


Anonymous said...

LOL!!! Busted. I knew you thought he was cute!!!! love ya.


UD-I wish that would be the only use for my dentist-strictly conversation-funny, why do they ask you those questions when we have our mouths stuffed full of cotton? :)

BDD-Yeah, yeah, you caught me- ::)...he was disheveled today-few moments after he appeared from downstairs, his lil assistant came up-looking just as disheveled-hmmm :)??


Portia said...

hi crusty!
it takes me forever to catch up on mondays, between work & the blogosphere:)

so now that we know that he's kinda cute, what kind of dentist is he? did he fix the tooth ache? without too much numbing, i hope:)
they always like to send me out of there with a face that feels like a chipmunk.

that was quite a story about the storms...i am not sure i would have handled it so well the very first week EVER of school! it stinks to lose power, but i'm so glad to hear everybody's A.O.K.:):)

Andrew said...

Thinking of you dear friend. I hope things go smoothly. I have the biggest phobia about the dentist. The last time I went my father had to cajole me and actually took me down there. He told the dental assistants not to let me run! HAH! It felt like a planned prison break. Run! Andrew! Run! :-)

SOUL: said...

i was here... and i will be back...latah tatah hubby hates my kid was like 7 when she heard me tell someone he was cute...she told hubby "mommy loves the dentist!"
he still hates that guy...and has never seen him!!! LOL (i still think he's a cutie too!)

austere said...

He's a DENTISh he cant be cute!
I HATE densists.

How is your tooth doing? Woozy and hurts? Clove oil helps any?


Happy return from the's so silent over the weekends-you're gone after all!
It could (the storms) could have been worse-
My toof? YUCK! I'm so annoyed about it. I have the worst luck when it comes to my teeth-ever since the babies were born!!
p.s. I go back on thursday for one root canal-maybe I'll accidentally get a picture of him. :) tee-hee

Andrew: I can just picture that-but to the tune of Jenny screaming, "RUN FOREST RUN!!" Only it's Rosa screaming it and it's "RUN 4th RUN!!" Thanks for your kind words. I hate dentist's with a passion. YUCK.

Soul: Maybe it's the same guy..hahaha. Funny how the husbands can get over some dude that sticks things in peoples mouths. And pulls out yesterdays meal of surf and turf behind the molars. :) good to keep them twitching..that's what my gramma always used to tell me!!
I can't wait to read about your girls first day of school!!! :) Hope you held up okay!! (ChERYL YOU TOO!!)

austere: He'd be an excellent psychology teacher for HS (Those guys were always hot from what I remember) he has that image about him. But it's ashame he's wasting it in the office with his Italian girls. Oh well, right? :)
Clove oil, eh? How or what do I do with it? I like that suggestion. You're so good!!