Sunday, August 26, 2007

I'm Okay! What happened in A Pulp Fiction Sort Of Way

Hey Guys!!!

We've had some bad storms that rolled through here Thursday Afternoon in Dupage County, IL.

READ HERE on CBS CHICAGO NEWS! Look at Pictures too-click on weather slideshow at top!

Jackson's 2ND day of school involved being in lock-down at school for over an 1.5 due to a tornado. 90-110mph winds, (different broadcasts, and channels and newspapers calculations)
tree's down, houses and cars smashed. The other boys and I ending up in our car underneath the tornado under tree's behind Jackson's school. The School District didn't call me on my cell phone they called me on my home number, (but I had already left) Brian's work number, and an email as well to him. The emergency sirens didn't go off around here either. I was outside, I heard nothing but terrible wind and hail and a green eerie silence.

Then the rain, when I was running the boys into my friends house (her home backs up to Jack's school) the rain came pelting on your back like frozen ice bullets-prickly and cold.
After I received the notification from Bigdogg, I called my friend and she told me to get out of the school carpool pick up line, and come straight over to her home. I drove around the block to her home, and she ran out helping me with Ben and Sully.

We ran in and headed straight for the basement. The rolling rumbles of thunder sounding like never ending barrels bowling down our street. Sullivan loving this impromptu playdate with her two boys. (her daughter in 3rd grade in lockdown with Jackson)

I felt helpless, as though I knew that Jackson was safe in the hands of trained professional college educated teachers, I felt helpless. I could see the school, I could envision the activity that was going on inside the school. I wanted to reach out and with my bionic arm, lift the roof off, and pluck Jackson up out of the hallway lined children, securing him in my gorilla bionic safe arm. The arm that can ward off all evil. The arm that reacts before your brain tells you it's reacting when it juts out to block your child's suddenly roll off the couch. Or, sudden chance and falling and hitting their chin on the corner of the coffee table. Prevented by your rather reactive arm. That arm, for those of you that are with younger ones, will prove to be quite useful over these next 5years. I have a feeling that soon, my bionic arm will be used as a Kleenex to wipe my tears as I watch the growth of my child. It will be used as the "whatever arm" when I've had enough of my teenage sons antic's. Throwing them up in the air, mimicking a mime.

Anyhow, WOW! Long Tangent,

After lockdown, they had screwed up where Jackson was to be picked up. We walk to get him. Due to the weather, I had called at 3:00 before the storm started and advised the school that I'll be picking him up in the car pool lane in the back.
Just as I was leaving for all of that, was when the power went out, as I headed to the carpool pick up lane.

No sirens, Nothing. eerie green windy rain soaked silence. The thunderous rumbles didn't start until 3:45. The electrical strikes giving light to the distant green sky came first.
3:15the storm starts with the Tornado.

After lockdown, I picked up Jackson in the back of the school, after waiting for quite awhile. (They had screwed up and still took him to the front of the school)
We went back home.

No power.
A wire had fallen on the house behind us. I'm assuming that's why we had no power. Big sticks laid out on the dewy wet lawn, carved out of their growth of life. Sharpened. Our cross street flooded, closed to the public, cars still taking a chance at driving through it. Stupid stupid people.
Remember, I lived in Florida, and as much as I love thunderstorms, and scary weather, not at a stupid risk filled way. Living through hurricanes down there, I know what to do and what not to do..Then why was I under a tree? Because I had been given zero warning. No notification on my cell phone, and the emergency alarms hadn't gone off.

NO power still.

Spent the night with my old hurricane candles supply. (could not find one flashlight that worked even with switching batteries) The boys slept out on our pull out living room sofa, we set up that portable DVD player which I still have to talk about on my flying with boys on planes posting. But, yes, we set that up, turned a movie on, and the boys were quite content.

I, on the other hand, wondered the next day, how many babies were conceived on nights like the one we had Thursday night. Just like in hurricanes and snowstorms, you get a lot of storm babies.

Still No power Friday morning.
Remember, power went out on Thursday just after 3:00pm before the storm-before the wire fell on our house, before I knew from bigdogg that we were in a tornado warning.

Took all my food and the boys Friday morning to my mom's house-she had power. We spent the day there. Met Bigdogg at home later on late afternoon (he was let out early-a lot of people had damage, flooding, trees smashed on cars..)
Still No power.
Hot and sweaty out too.

After storming all night long with lightening crackles and thunder, the mosquito's were making love to life, on Friday. Biting everything multiple times, those nasty things. We couldn't play outside even if we wanted too.

Our UncleP passed on the keys to their home, as they were headed down to their little Aframe cottage down southern Illinois for the weekend.

We packed up and were going to head over there.

Our Power is finally back on, we're home and we're safe!

I'll catch up on the comments soon!
Thank you all-(especially soul) for your concern. You must have that sixth sense..
For those of you weather lovers out there (especially Mr. 4Th!) you would have had a weather high from this storm I experienced on Thursday.

Welcome to Crustybeef~
I'm safe, power's back on, and I haven't had a smoke since Friday. But I'm going for one now-Sunday!


Andrew said...

Glad you and the boys are okay Crusty. I thought about you watching the Weather Channel the other day. It was wall to wall coverage of the weather in Chicago -- looked nasty and it was. Hooray for Crusty posts and power!



Hey there Andrew!
You and Rosa would have LOVED it!
Storms are great, and the peace that comes from the aftermath,..wonderous!
Hope you're having a good weekend, I'll stop over in a bit!

Palm Springs Savant said...

gosh wierd crazy weather. I'm always fascinated by the power and force of mother nature... glad you are well.


Hey there Pam Springs S!!
Thanks for the well wishes. How's things out in Cali?
Keep those doggies well!

SOUL: said...

here she comes to save the day.... crusty beef is on the way!!!!

ok... alfred, sorry.

alfred beef is on the way!

where's the coffee? you better be doin the smoke and choke, to make up for lost time. i would die under that much stress with no smokes. just die i say.

so glad you and your family are ok. we have been in tornadoes in kansas... they are not fun. i love the way you wrote about all of this... you are a great author. i could SEE it!! especially having seen it before...the way you described everything, brought it to life in my mind. you oughtta write a book!!

my coffee is cold... so it's safe to toast one up for ya...

austere said...

That was close, crusty...
Good you are all right, and things are getting back to normal.

bionic arm.. and the force that watched over you, may it keep you safe and sage.

KYRIE said...

I am glad that you and your family are okay.
I cannot even begin to imagine the terrifying experience it must have been to be out there that day.
Crusty is a survivor!!
Poor Jackson. What a horrible experience to have on one's 2nd day of school.

Stay safe Crusty. I will be thinking of you.

mosiacmind said...

I am glad that everyone is alright! We had here some very very minor storming and tornado warnings but ended up to not be anything. Gosh has Jackson said anything about being scared to go back to school?


Soul: Only you can provoke actual vocal words through a silent pc..I LOVE IT!! I have that song stuck in my head now, thank you very much! Heading out for my evening (it's 8:34pm)'s really cold!!

Austere: Like anything, it could be worse-and I've always been taught to never play the victim, because it wasn't that bad, I mean, it could have been worse. A building collapsed near my town and 40people were be that person, or that person's love, or child..makes me want to run over there and help them..

Kyrie: CRap, what I just said to Austie, I repeat here. :)
Yeah, it wasn't fun, as much as I love storms (when indoors) but I survived 3childbirths..cue: I will survive song, now.. Hope you're doing okay!! :)

Mosiac! HEY there lady! I'm glad you got the comment thingie working-YEA!! Everyone, welcome Mosiac..She's AWESOME!!!!! anyhow, yeah, surprisingly I am planning on writing a post about Jackson hopefully tomorrow. He's doing fine though, thank you to all of you for sending your concerns.
have a safe Sunday night!


p.s soul, I'd love to hear your stories on them..I love the way you tell it good fishing time just after a storm??