Thursday, August 23, 2007

Day # 2 and Pictures Too!!

Today is Jackson's second day of Kindergarten.
(why do they call it Garten versus Garden?)
He wasn't up for talking about his first day, yesterday, when my younger boys and I picked him up around 3:30ish. All he said was, "Mommy, I didn't get sent to the Principal's office!!"

(Can you tell I've been talking about school with him and what NOT to do??!!)
When I asked him how his day went, he replied,
"ahh, mommy, it's a LONGgggggggg story, can I tell you later?"

Fair enough, after all, I know they need to decompress from all of that. I'm not taking it personal. Nope, I'm not going to do that to my frail emotional state. I have to get used to the fact that from here on out gradually he's not going to "need" me as much. Yep, I'm cool. As cool as a cucumber.

During drop off today, I asked a fellow mom (that helped out in the classroom yesterday) what they did. Here's what she told me:

1) They drew a picture of themselves (naturally I'm assuming to compare day 1 drawing to end of school year drawing)

2) They learned that you can call an OVAL an ELLIPSE!!

3) They learned that you can refer to a Diamond as a Rhombus!!

Have I mentioned I'm not a big fan of math?
Hearing the word, Rhombus, put me back in my sophomore year HS Geometry class. I could feel the sweat beginning to roll off of my ingrown neck hairs. :)
Suffice to say, I'll be calling my relatives when the Homework gets too difficult for me to handle.

History? Uncle Darrell
Math? Uncle Gerry and Grandpa B and Aunt Heidi
English? ME-"natuch!"
Music? Gramma B
Science? Aunt Denise
Psychology? Aunt Donna
Art? Aunt Wendy, Aunt Dana and Aunt Laine!!
Gym? Bigdogg, Grandpa B, and Uncle J and J.
Mechanics? Uncle Pete
Anatomy? Aunt Dawn
Vocabulary? Aunt Suzanne

Yep, I'm covered.
Welcome To Crustybeef~
Sometimes it pays to come from a big family..and then there are those other times.......


Anonymous said...

Hey there's an ice cream social tonight, sweet! :>

Wow, sending a kid of to the first day of kindergarten. I remember how nervous I was for my Best friend and her little daughter on the day she went to Kindergarten for the first time. It was really quite funny.

She didn't understand why her mom and me were making such a big deal about it. Her mom/ my friend was home schooled her entire life, so I figure I may be called on at times about growing up through a public school.

And wow, this pink! You've been rearranging things, for a moment I wasn't sure I had liked to the right place. I kinda miss the "Coexisting in an interfaith relationship" sign on the left. I think it's a wonderful thing quality of your character.

Take Care!

SOUL: said...

how cute!
and now i feel really really stupid. (er)
i never even heard the word rhombus until that are you smarter than a fifth grader show... and they never even said the answer ! so until just this moment ... i didn't know what a rhombus was. now i do. and basically, i learned it from a 5 year old. that is just wrong.

Baleboosteh said...

Awwww! I love those photos Crusty!

Jackson is so adorable! :D

abbagirl74 said...

Cute kids! Great mom! Isn't it fun?

Beefcake Almighty said...

I know the feeling.

My oldest just started first grade.

I hate when they grow up.

Beefcake Almighty said...
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SOUL: said...

where's the coffee? gramma soul is waitin.
by the way... feel good about your homework backup list.... hubby and i have struggled since THIRD grade to help this girl of ours with homework. i swear by fifth grade she was doing work we saw in tenth!!! argh.


muse said...


Portia said...

awesome pictures!!! your boys are so stinkin beautiful, thank you so much for posting the pics:)
sounds like it was a good day fro Jackson - that is so good to hear! it is so hard to watch them grow up, but i guess that's the whole idea isn't it?
i canNOT believe what they are learning in Kindergarten...high school will certainly be interesting;)

SOUL: said...

you hidin out today???

Cheryl said...

What fantastic pictures of your boys! You should take a picture of each of them every year on their first day of school next to that tree. I have pictures of Emily in the same spot from preschool on. It makes a great memory.

Will you be able to volunteer in the classroom. I had to 'fight' to volunteer as there were so many moms that wanted to do it. Hard to believe mine is starting high school. Whew!

austere said...

Congratulations, momma!
A big day.

Lovely pics, just loved their grins and how their faces are similar in a way. :)

You have an awesome backup list. Rhombus on day 1? huh...

captain corky said...

Your son is only on his second day of kindergarten and he's already cooler and smarter than me. I can live with the smarter part, but... ;)

SOUL: said...

wherever did crusty go?
i'm smokin n chokin all by myself :((

Anonymous said...

The concept of "Kindergarten" was invented by a German educator named Froebel. Herr Froebel thought that wee folks should begin their readiness period in a pleasant environment such as a garten. Thus, his idea for the beginning year of school was kindergarten or, in English, child's garden.


Anonymous said...

In case I didn't make it clear:

German English

Kinder Children
Garten Garden


SOUL: said...

hmmm ya learn sumthin new everyday.
yesterday, i learned some japanese cusswords.....and now i learn some german.. hmmm. pretty cool.

now all i need to know is, where has crusty gone?

SOUL: said...

now we know... :))
thank GOD for those bionic arms!!!



PROXIMA:You know, you must be reading my mind, because I too miss it..and I'm not too sure about the pink-seems to be too much for me..I wish I could find a softer asianzen background, but I don't understand all that drama..
unfortunatly due to the nasty storms, the ics was cancelled :(

have no fear, Alfred's here! I too felt rather taken aback..shocking..
and already I don't like the Super..I need to have a good conversation with my UD...YIKES-SUPER's!

Balehboostah: Hey Menchie, How's your girls doing?? And I hope the conversions going well. I look forward to reading more!!! Good morning to you right about now out in Aussie!! :)

ABBAGIRL: I hope you haven't had to work another 12 day, and you've had a great weekend. It is fun, and as it is also truly exhausting at times. :)

MUSE: Good day Miss! I hope that you are safe, and enjoying the beauty that your heart has been blessed with given-strength and honor and true dedication!! :)

What about BEEF2!!:) : heehee! You like that?? me crusty-beef-he- MANBEEF ALmighteee!!-My mom told me as a matter of fact that going into 1st grade may be harder on me due to the all day thing. I hope you're holding up, and perhaps you guys to offer some tips to us newbies?

SouL: sigh, I had no power, and was stuck in nasty storms. :) the bat mobile was late on arrival. :)

ahhhhhwwwwww!Thanks..they do grow up's scares me. They all have their uniqueness and their just balances..I Love goes by fast, so hold onto your precious cubby bears...hold on tight, and when you figure out how to stop time, please please PLEASE let me know!!

Cheryl: Thank you very much! You know what? that's a fantastic come up with the most interesting things..I love reading all that you encounter!!!

I did the classroom care coordinator last year-PreK_ and I managed but it was too much with the other two. I'm taking the year off, allowing Jack to get acclimated with his new school and students solo-an independence...I love that idea remind me about that each year will you? You're so good at that organized stuff!!

austere: My breathful seeker..ahhh, your words-they always flow such energy..Thank you.
Yeah, the rhombus..scary huh?

Captain Corky: You sell bumper stickers, and I'd be happy to sell you a book from the CB Jr. :) just think, your lil guy will multiply that 20 x google plex!! :) Is he sleeping through the night tonight?

Soul: hold on a second, I've got hail on my windshield..heehee..imagine me smoking in a tornado cold thingy...dorthy rated pg-13.

UD: I KNEW I could count on you! That makes sense..a Kind er garden..
soft growth..I love it. You are so good. You guys want any question answered-just ask Dex over here!!

Soul: Isn't he cool? My UD rocks!!

Soul: You like that, don't you? Alfred with bionic arms. :) Like that cartoon movie the Incredibles..(hahah, I almost started typing the Unbelievables.. :))
Going for a smoke, never got out on the comment post up above..
so come join's 8:54pm central Time USA Sunday night..

Lilah Tov Good night, Sleep WELL,
Peaceful Mornings,