Wednesday, August 22, 2007


As you may know, and for those of you that don't yet, (having not read all the way back to my darker days when I started this blog..although don't waste your time, I wasn't that dramatic back than). I am in an interfaith marriage. My husband is Jewish, I Lutheran.

I come from a small town (where we're now living) where pretty much everyone knows my families name. Mix that with Athletic Football brothers, and you can imagine, people know my maiden name. I love it here. However, this town has more churches in it than you can imagine. We're known for the church on every corner. There is not one temple-not one.

My Bigdogg was born and raised in Miami, Florida. Raised in a Jewish household by his mom, he grew up in an ENTIRE different world than I. But we work. We mix. We battled our storms, and we've learned to navigate through our special world. We love talking to each other on the phone. We miss each other even if ones gone for a day. We love going to sleep at the same time. We manage the household equally. He will and does wash floors, laundry, bath the kids. I will mow the lawn, manage the finances on the money that he's working hard for, and repair toilets.

We balance.

I'm sure there are few out in this blogging world- and it's okay if you feel that way, you're entitled to your opinion-that think this isn't proper living arrangements. Especially if it comes down to faith.

We embrace our differences. I support him, he supports me. I learn and embrace his Jewish faith, as he does mine. There are times when I have to remind him when Passover is.

I research, I ask questions. I want my children to learn that even in differences people can Co-Exist. I know from both faith standpoints we're going against the "Spoken Word." But who's to say that's the truth? We don't know what G-d's thinking. (If that's your beliefs)

So, back to the questions. My father in law (Bigdogg's step dad) is from Israel. He speaks Hebrew fluently. His family still lives In Israel.

On our last visit to Florida, we had Saba (Grandpa) teaching the boys how to say good night in Hebrew:

"LILAH TOV!!" (sounds like: lye-lah tohv)

When Bigdogg was in Florida last weekend for his sisters engagement party we called him on his cell phone so our boys could say goodnight to him and everyone there. I had prepped the boys prior to the phone call saying, "Now we're going to call everyone so you can say goodnight to them. But you have to say goodnight in Hebrew."

Calling Bigdogg, he turns on the speaker option on his cell phone so that everyone could hear the boys wish their aunt a happy Mazel Tovs as well as to say their 'good nights' to everyone.

Sullivan arrives at bat to speak first:

"Sullivan, say Good night in Hebrew," I say to him.

(Silence on the other end of the phone, everyone has stopped to listen to my boys share their bedtime goodnights to everyone...)

Sulli turns his face to the phone, opens up his heart shaped lips and says,...

"Goodnight Hebrews!!"

I could have fallen off the bed and buried myself.

Welcome To Crustybeef~
I think I'd be best to just stick with "regular goodnights" from now on.


Portia said...

that is so priceless! one of those kids-say-the-darndest-things moments that are initially embarassing but will eventually be a fond memory for everyone...i hope. surely nobody was actually offended? i thought it was hilarious:)
and i think it's wonderful that you and your husband have the arrangement you do. i firmly believe that each of us has to do what we know to be best for ourselves, and would never judge someone based on their relationship...although there was a show on TV last night about incest...and that was a little hard to handle....but i digress. i also think there could be no better way to show your children that it IS possible to Coexist peacefully...something we need to spread the word about!!

Anonymous said...

Sullivan!!!!Sullivan!!!! he is so funny. we make it work..I love what we have....

SOUL: said...

that is the greatest thing i have heard in ages.
i am sooo glad i found you and all you share here. i have avoided young children and especially babies for a very long time. if you don't know why.. portia most likely does...she can tell you. but she didn't know that part. but anyways. yep. i haven't touched, or heard a baby or child other than my daughter in 11 years. hearing these stories remind me of the joy that children are. you help prepare me for my grandchildren maybe?
good GOD.. shut me up!!


Portia: I hope it won't screw them up though..teaching two very different religions may be tough..but I guess like you said, we can only do what's best for us.

He's the greatest, isn't he? Thanks for giving him to me.

Awwwwwwww, thank you thank you thank you! Likewise too! You've reminded me of my memories with my grandparents (NOT CALLING YOU A GRAMMA!! :)..) You've reminded me of the good times I used to have with my grandparents..all of them.
I'm glad that you have the force to read the stories from other people regarding children..I don't know what happened..and when you wanna talk about it,..feel free.I'm better at listening than talking) I hope that my interesting boring life at home will continue to bring a smile to your face..I believe that our lives have crossed paths for a reason..whatever that may be..but THANK YOU FOR YOU!!
you will make a remarkable gramma someday!! without a doubt..imagine the blogging you'll be doing then!!



P.s. if they were offended,they wouldn't tell lets hope they weren't. I doubt they would be..but, some people are just more sensitive about where they're from than others.. :)

tex said...

Yer lucky.....being in a inter-denomination marriage (me: catholic, warden: Baptist) There's been some strains, but largely cuz of the Warden's family. But I love the fact that We (her and I) can put that aside and show that differieng beliefs can be worked out.

SOUL: said...

crusty you're just a sweetheart !
let's go smoke !!!

austere said...

Thank you.
I must remember not to read your page at work.

Admire that approach to religion- its not easy at all.