Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Fortune Cookie Found in Crusty Land

I found this fortune over at Andrews, Cheryl's, Portia's and Soul's. They received cool little fortunes-regardless of how many times they did it.

I kept getting the same one-

My Fortune Cookie told me:
Sheep will begin to unsettle you.
Get a cookie from Miss Fortune

Each time I clicked Start. Each and every time regardless of if I changed my name or birthday in the field box. I did this 20X. (I counted nonetheless)

So,..BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA to you, Miss Fortune. I'm not a big fan of you. :)

Welcome To Crustybeef~


austere said...

Nah. Doesnt mean nothing.
I got weird ones, about shifting blame- which I dont do; as also a vaccum in between my auricles- which is biologically right or the heart wouldn't pump.

Sheep, eh?byaak to her.


hahah..thanks for making me feel better, Austere!! And I LOVED your post this morning..just beautiful!

SOUL: said...

i didn't see no fortune cookie????
how do i get one??
and this unsettling sheep thing? that has me worried.. you better keep a close eye on bigdogg!! LOL

i left you some replies, but the last one..or first, whichever.. was a general post....busy day.
talk to ya latah...
you doin the smoke n choke??

Portia said...

teehee...i didn't post it but mine said "It is time to bring the bacon in from the cold."


KYRIE said...

Don't eat lamb today thn :)
Might give u gas. Just kidding!!

Andrew said...

I love all these fortunes! I love Portia's bring the bacon in from the cold. Too funny. I got mine after clicking after a few times. Take care Crusty Gal!

SOUL: said...

hmmm... cold bacon? yuck
and sheep....

had any encounters with sheep today?

Cheryl said...

That is so funny. I got a different one every time. I guess you'll just have to watch out for the sheep!

captain corky said...

Do you count sheep when you can't sleep? I count Superheroes myself.

I'm with you though, the food is so much better than the fortune cookie at the end of the meal. Something about living in the moment?

No, I'm to shallow for that kind of thinking. ;)

SOUL: said...

where are you? is the coffee ready????


Soul: I thought you had a cookie bad..must be the lack of coffee in me. No smoke and choke as of yet..I try to only smoke when the boys aren't around or I have a reason too (like last weekend) But rest assured, this afternoon with my cold coffee in hand, I'll be s and c'ing!! Plus I don't want to be that "new mom" that's all stinky and smelly with smokey chokey smoke. My issues, I know.
My coffee's ready-how's yours? ST\till hot? TOASTING TO YOU!!

Bacon eh? Well, if you bring the bacon, I'll bring the lamb sweaters, soul the coffee, Andrew the Donuts, and Cheryl the squirrels!!

Andrew: right back at you!! Hope you're holding up okay. :)

Cheryl: It's wierd isn't it?..but I'm staying away from sheep today, and

SOUL!!-no encounters yet, unless you count whiny boys that sound like bleeting lambs!!

Kyrie!: Very very funny..I'm Smiling again thinking of your comment. Very very witty and funny..and you know what? You might just be right. No greek food for me for awhile. :)

Captain: I count how many pull ups and diapers I changed that day..
I LOVE FORTUNE COOKIES YUMMI!!can you pull out the fortune without cracking the cookie??

Soul: I'm Here, I'm at least.just been hanging with my boys today..behind on my blogging. :(


Portia said...

wow, talk about a Bar-B-Que! sounds good:)

SOUL: said...

i'm here for that smoke ! after that other comment tho..i just may take somethin a bit stronger? just jokin. i dont do that stuff. pass the lighter?


That would be awesome someday to have the blogger barbque athon..course than we'd probably all write about the same thing..which would be a blast!!

hahah, very funny, Soul! Hell, maybe it'll make you feel better..people with cataracts are perscribed that stuff..and chemo STRANGE!!
I'll pass the lighter to you so long as you return it hee-hee..what is it about us smokers and always "stealing" other lighters.
Cue my hand reaching through virtual reality giving you my tiny green lighter.
I'm heading out now for my smoke-the younger ones are now sleeping after walking home from taking Jackson to kindeegarteeennnn...



P.s. SOUL!>>my coffee is cold..I'm heading out-didya get that lighter??

SOUL: said...

yes i did, thank you! did you get it back..cuz i gave it back...i swear ! :))