Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Timing of Toddlers

We all know how young children are. They have this innocent ability to just belt out any emotion, any word, any sound, at any given time. We've all either experienced that with our own children, or seen it happen to the wide eyed red faced parents that are sitting/standing/walking along with their innocent eyed child.

Here are two that I have experienced/heard through the mouth of another mommy:

1-My ACS's daughter-the one that I've written about previously.

You remember, the one that's been ostracized by her peers for being "different."

When this precious girl was just an innocent toddler, she attended my sister Derna's HS graduation. Sitting there on my lap up on the bleachers, we watched the ceremony begin. The moment of silence came too quickly for the graduates, being asked to silently reflect upon their time within their HS walls.

At that very moment, as my little cousin sat on my lap, she ripped out a sound straight from her fanny. This "sound" was so loud it could rumble the snores right out of my nephewdog Jorge. The vibration of this "said sound" caused those around us to look directly at me. After all, a sound that loud, a sound that rippling wet, couldn't have come from a toddlers fanny-so they assumed.

To this day there are a few family members that still think I was the cause of that sound.

One other moment of Toddler timing occurred with my other cousin and her young 3 year old daughter about a month or so ago:

2-Little Jean and her mommy were laying on her bed. Poor Jean had spent most of the morning in bed with a nasty little virus. For those of you with young children, you know first hand how hard it is to get a 3 year old child to stay resting in her bed while sick.

My cousin, "mommystrong," managed it wonderfully. Laying with Jean for hours, reading books, stroking her forehead, telling stories of imagination, the time past by quickly.

Not too long after that, Jean grew restless, wanting to get up and walk around her bedroom. After bounding out of bed she happened to glance out her open bedroom window, seeing her next door neighbor out and about, she stuck her face out the window:

"HIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!" She belts out the window to the neighbor, "HOW ARE YOU????????!!!!!!!!

Seems harmless right? Sure, anytime but that time it would have been adorable!!

However, what this precious Jean didn't realize, was at that very moment she decided to send her happy salutations, the neighbor was walking alongside her deceased husband who was now covered with a sheet on a stretcher. At that very moment that Jean was sending her happy greetings, the elderly neighbor was walking towards the coroners van to deliver her husband to the funeral home. Sadly to say her husband had passed away at home, losing the battle with Alzheimer's disease.

You can imagine how "mommystrong" felt, watching all of this unfold.
Jean didn't know any better-she's not supposed to. She's only 3.

Such is the same when my little cousin gassed out a song from her fanny while on my lap. How was she supposed to know what the "moment of silence" actually meant?

Try telling a young child to hold it in.

They're only young children. Innocent and unaware of the reality of this world.

Makes me think.......................

Welcome To Crustybeef~
What have you experienced through the timing of a toddler?


SOUL: said...

one of the greatest things my daughter ever did as a toddler.. just under two ... i'm guessing...
my sister and i went to lunch at a mexican place, and of course i had my young daughter in tow. we were sitting in a booth, and daughter was at the end in a highchair. well, two uniformed police men walk in and sit in the booth behind me.. to my daughters' left... she watches them the entire time, as they walk in, take off their hats, sit down, settle in...
then she begins to sing the theme song to the TV show COPS
bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do...
that's all she knew, and as far as she got before all of us in ear shot cracked up laughing.

it was just great

SOUL: said...

maybe she was three.. but somewhere in there


anon: great memory, eh? You shoulda ran when you had the chance!! :)

Soul: first off I LOVE That show, COPS and my bigdogg sells me out about it all the time..how priceless that memory...wouldn't it be classic if one day when she walks down the aisle, she walks towards her officer husband? That story would make for a great speech at her reception.

Portia said...

innocence and total honesty...the greatest lessons of my life have come from my children, and they've only just arrived!

that first story was hilarious! the next one slightly painful, but as you said, innocent enough. i can imagine it was mortifying for the mother though. :|


Portia: yes, Jean's mommy was mortified, but also understanding to the fact that Lil Jean was sick, and just being a happy friendly girl.
People still think I did it-the gas-pulhease! :)
In no time at all, you'll have many memories to chronical for your little bears!

Anonymous said...

lol....I totally remember that day. First time i met the family and i was nervouse that they wouldnt like me. I was saved by that loud rumble that broke the ice. Ever since i have been fortunate to have a great relationship with your family. The look on the liitle ones face after she ripped a bomb was priceless..


austere said...

THANKS for the laugh. Very much.


austere: anytime I can give someone warm and fuzzy giggles it makes my day!! Keep your eyes out for those timing toddlers. :)

SOUL: said...

at this point she says she won't get married, and she's adopting asian twins ! ( she's 13 now) i don't know where she comes up with this stuff.
but i sure do love her.


ha, I remember that 13 age-apparently I wanted 5 children, and would marry in europe, and would get married at about 20..
boy, did I need a wake up call..but her goal? Pretty darned smart. She can choose her gender. She wants asian twins, she won't have to birth them thus not going through the labor-I do have to say that is pretty smart.
Crusty~ :)
you're very lucky you have a daughter!!!! sigh.

SOUL: said...

that is exactly her reasoning... childbirth is too painful.. and she REFUSES to get stretch marks !!
and marriage? well.. we'll just see about that.
she cracks me up though.. sometimes she has the mind of a five year old... others a thirty-five year old
i'm soooo confused! :))


I think my bigdogg is like that as is I..a mind of a 32 and 34 year old, and then there are days where our minds feel like a 10year old. :)