Tuesday, August 14, 2007


I've never heard a dog snore as loud as I've heard my nephewdog Jorge- snoring right now.

His "daddy" my brother, dropped him off this morning about 6:00am. In a wonderful early morning thunderstorm, Jorge came bounding into our home as if to say, "I'm HERE, where's everyone else?" The thunder crackling in the sky above him, he made a beeline for our kitchen door.

Apparently Jorge isn't a big fan of thunderstorms.

And now that the storm has passed, Jorge has resurfaced from underneath my legs and found his place on our family room love seat.. curled up and snoring away.

I've never heard a dog snore as loud as I'm hearing bulldog Jorge snore, right now.

It's incredible!

Welcome To Crustybeef~
I have more stories about other things, but the problem is, when I go to write them down, something in my head says, 'nahhh, not today, save it for another day.' Thus, the boring entry of my nephewdog Jorge.


Cheryl said...

If only I carried a notebook around for when the post ideas struck, you'd be reading all kinds of interesting posts. Next week I'll be back to my normal life. No more beach pictures and lazy days. I like reading your blog, no matter what you write. And I'm so glad there's not a snoring dog here!


that darn orange spot is getting closer to you. :)
I'm surprised you can't hear him snoring clear down in GA-he's quite loud. His snores actually could drown out a thunderous storm.
Enjoy these last few days of beach, surf and lazy days...
Crusty~ :)

Portia said...

goood morning sunshine:) i like the light hearted anecdotes about Jorge! but i know what you mean. i have all kinds of "deep" thoughts that don't form well when i write, so i just relay stories instead. probably just as well, in my case;)


you tell all your stories beautifully! I enjoy reading all of your posts!!

funny, you called me sunshine-that's been my nickname from my dad since I was a little teeny tiny girl.
Happy tuesday-is it friday yet?


austere said...

Dogs snore? really?


If I could capture it somehow on video I would..he's a victorian bulldog. Up until nephewdogJorge, I'd never heard snores like this with the exception of my bigdog. :)