Monday, August 13, 2007

Uh-oh When You See It Like This....

After being asked to do something she agreed.
Spending time.
Spending childrens time.
Spending family time to complete a project for someone else.

Time spent to help someone out.
Time spent to do something good.
Save time for other people.
Press SEND!

4 days after being Sent.
"Forgot some things" says the other voice.
"Okay I have the "things" added now," she says.

She that has no backbone.
She that runs from the conflict.

The request to double check is made.
Made after the button is Pressed.

Returned completely changed!
The project completely is changed!
Changed by the other one.
Changed by the other voice.

She that has no back bone spent that time.
She that runs from conflict used family time.
Why'd the others have to change it?

They weren't asked to change it.
Assumptions on all ends.

Of course!
Feelings from the softened soul are hurt.
She doesn't show it.
She says it's perfect.
She says no problem.
She says "wow it looks great!"

But inside she hurts.
Her own insecurities part to blame.
But inside she hurts.

She knows when to pick her battles and this isn't the time.
But inside she hurts.

Welcome To crustybeef~
I warned you, didn't I? My rambling prose!!
When you see the writing in this type of format, you know something's on my mind.


austere said...

I LIKE this format, crusty.
One day she will tell them.
What they so need to hear.
One day. Nicely, of course.


hopefully "she" will austere..
but she runs from conflict.
And I have this fear that I always will.

Portia said...

i love how you express yourself in poems. very unique and quite beautiful.

i do the same thing, by the way, but then i'm mad at myself.

i hope you have a marvelous monday:)

Portia said...

just caught up on the rest of what i missed over the weekend. you've been busy!

ADORABLE picture of Sullivan and his cheeks!!

Anonymous said...


Great heartfelt entry.. I am very upset that they changed what you did. having seen your finishe product first hand, I can safely say that NOTHING needed changing. The all mighty, smartest man alive is always in the mix. very annoying. Just be confident in the fact that you are a very intelligent woman who needs to believe in herself and not let the almighty get to her. It is hard I know because i have been trying for the last ten years.


Thank you! I wish I wouldn't allow it to affect me so much, but I can't help it..I was "made" that way.

Anon: you have always been and will always be my rock..thank you for all your support-I love you dearly.


SOUL: said...

i knew i saw a writer in you before you showed it to me !!!
very good.
happy monday..if there is such a thing
baby is adorable!

captain corky said...

"She knows when to pick her battles and this isn't the time.
But inside she hurts."

I can realate to this very much. I really like this one Crusty.


Soul- thanks so much!! the problem is, the only time the "writer appears" is when she's emotionally distraught. And how wants to live like that-besides Jim Morrison of course.
Capt: picking battles is so difficult, especially if you're stubborn like me..but it makes for a great read, right?
Hi BabyCorkyJR!!


SOUL: said...

crusty, that's about when my writer (poet) appears too. when i think too much about it, it comes out garbage.

hope you aren't distraught today!
loved your new word you left on my blog today! (i would have to go track it down to remember it, but you know what i mean... right?)


Hey there soul..Rumor has it that your alter ego is batman..:)
It's really early and I'll have to pop over to check out the new word comment..but I Think I know what you mean..Hope you had a good nonhectic drive to dallas..UYCK!