Saturday, August 11, 2007

HogWash? Maybe...

Exactly 5months from today I will be 33.
My lucky number as a matter of fact.

Here's what my horoscope said today:

Capricorn (12/22-1/19)
It's time for you to acknowledge that you cannot change how people make decisions -- and that if you want the people you love to be happy, all you can do is encourage them and remind them that they are entitled to be happy. Ultimately, it is up to them to improve their situations. You can't do the hard work for them. Even though you love someone and are positive that you know how to help them, you're seeing things through your own filter, and you may be doing a bit of projecting.

Generally I dismiss what they have to say, it's random, I know..but it does pertain to me. There are those that are fixers and there are those that are not. I'm an obsessive fighter/fixer. I'd rather fight to my death to make something better than run from it or dismiss it.

Even though horoscopes should be accepted with a grain of thought, still, pretty interesting that this would fall on my world today. After all, I am trying to help someone out close to my heart.

I'm off to go stroll the hospital corridors looking for someone to "fix." Maybe bring a smile to someones ill face. Just call me, PATCH CRUSTY!!

And as far as tonight? The Bigdogg, whippersnappers, and I are heading to a town called West Chicago this evening around 7pm. Heading to West Chicago to bid farewell to a dear friend of mine and her hubby and daughter-they leave next week. They're moving to Arizona. came by too fast. You think you have all the time in the world before goodbyes, before death, and like that damn orange spot, before you know it, the time has arrived.

Welcome to Crustybeef~
Carpe Diem!!


mosiacmind said...

I just wanted to say hello and hope that you and your family enjoy the dinner with your friends.

captain corky said...

Saying goodbye sucks so I'm saying hello instead.

Hello Crusty. ;)

SOUL: said...

carpe diem... damn, if i wasn't trying to remember that a while back. i wracked my feeble brain for hours, before i gave up and simply wrote seize the day. where were you when i needed you then? :))

by the way... my first thought, reading the first couple lines of this post... very poetic sounding. perhaps you could work on that?

anyhow..catcha latah

austere said...

And its just so nice to have you around, helping patch up them pieces, know that?

Portia said...

if it speaks to you, then listen. that's what i figure.

i like the "grain of thought."

hope dinner was good:)
ciao for now


Mosiac: Welcome back! I hope you're feeling much better..Dinner was good, thank you!!


Soul: Thus proves the reason why we stumbled across each other in our blogging world. to solve our answers. :O) how was that fishing tournament?

austere: I guess it all depends..because in the end, my hair ends up tangled and twisted while everyone else's are straight-if that makes any sense-

Portia: hmm, you're absolutely the field of dreams minus that beautiful home, and land and cornfield..yumm, corn!
Dinner was good, but the departing was bittersweet.

Thank you for saying Hi!! I really enjoy reading all of your comments!!

SOUL: said...

did you ever see the post on the tourney results? it was quite the fiasco.. to say the least..
but we won 70 bucks.. :))

SOUL: said...

oh.. ya... perhaps that is why
fancy meeting you here eh?


soul, Yes I did and what a fiasco it seemed like..but you told it very well.
The pleasure of meeting you in this blogging world is all mine.
It's thursday!!yea~