Saturday, August 11, 2007

Catching Up on Me part II

Thanks to Soul! she's inspired me to give some numerical bullet points about, well, ME!

When she first started her blog she listed a few things-30 roughly-that have to do with her.

"What a wonderful idea!" I think to myself. After all, unless you've been here from the beginning-UD, AD, DERNA, and you don't know much about me, do you really want to go BACK to the very BEGINNING?

Some of us do that, go back to the beginning. Read from start to present. Others go midway and pick out things that seem to explain that person they're reading about.

So basically I figured again due to the inspirational first post of SOUL!, that I would just list a few more bullet points so that those of you that are interested in learning more but without the time to return to the beginning, I'd catch you up on me:

1. I can't stand self promoters. What I mean is that those that boast about how much good they do for the world, how much everyone around them should give more and have less, and yet they live in an over sized unnecessarily huge home. Those things really annoy me. If you're going to do something such as giving,or donating, or volunteering, just do it. Don't talk about how good you do things, shut your yap and just do it.

2. I used to be a ballet dancer for almost 18years.

3. What I wouldn't give to publish a children's book.

4. I'd love to open up a coffee house serving breakfast only. Have that long counter like you see at Diners, so that those of us that no longer have our significant others, or those of us that like eating out alone, they wouldn't feel so alone sitting down at the counter in my breakfast pastry house.

5. I love minivans-they rock! I don't care what you say. Have you ever taken one to a sporting event or a concert and tailgating?

6. I do enjoy watching pro and college football, it's just not as much fun now that we have three boys. I can't make "bets" with Bigdogg for half time with three children running around. That sort of thing takes the fun out of football.

7. I don't ever want the biggest house, nor do I want the biggest car, but I'd love to be able to travel to Greece at least once in my life. I don't see the necessity of having too many material things-as someone once told me- "crusty, do you ever see a UHAUL attached to the back of a Hearse at a funeral?"

8. Time to Go, Sullivan is screaming and crying-wait, is FOOTBALL On today?

Welcome To Crustybeef~
How many of you want to read a Catching Up on Me part three?


Palm Springs Savant said...

I totally know what you mean about the self boasters. Makes me insane. BTW- I've really been enjoying your posts the past few days, I'm just catching up after a hectic work week. nice stuff


it's like nails on a chalk board, isn't it, Palm springs?
Thanks btw..I hope the posts aren't too boring..I mean I'm a SAHM, how exciting can that really be?
Hope you have a great weekend.

abbagirl74 said...

Count me in please on the Catching Up.

SOUL: said...

i'm trying to catch up with ya. it seems every time i get over here someone calls my name... it is MOM ya know.
btw... (it's also "Soulmange") ya misspelled it. but that's okay... cuz if ya correct it... i don't use that name anymore.. i go by Soul, and my page name is Soul Survivor. yep been through some changes here in mange land. :))

so anyhow. i am a stay at home mom too.. kinda hard to find stuff to write about sometimes isn't it. thats why i just throw out such random stuff so often. but it's sort of entertaining at times. so... whatever. right?

hey... if i never get to it... what happened with the oral surgery? i'm curious cuz i have an oral cyst that needs removed..but money is a factor, so i have been putting it off... forevah... so am wondering if that's what happened to hubby??? if so what did they do... how did he look, heal, feel...etc? cuz it hurts anyhow.... how long will it hurt when it's gone? etc. if you know .
ok..i'm gone.
have a good day

austere said...

Point number one makes a ton of sense. I want to see that book someday,please!

Portia said...

you should absolutely, positively work on the kids' book! i have no doubt you will create a magical world for their minds to travel through. and i want one!

looking forward to part 3...


Soul-I fixed it up for you. Sorry for the wrong title :(...Stupid codes and I did comment moderation when removing the code words and that was a pain in my ass to deal, this will be like this until the spammers show up..then I may have to return to the code words..thanks for the feedback..I really appreciate it.

austere-if I can just get up the courage to do it. Andrew over on 4th has me thinking of wanderlust.

Portia. magically boring is my fear. but perhaps mind is always racing for more idea's..but to put them down on paper,well, it seems a bit tough and scary.


Portia said...

i know, but you've got to start somewhere, and then you shape and mold, and don't say you're done until you aboslutely positively love it! i know these things are SO much easier said than done. my husband is always telling me i need to write a book, and while i would love to, it's just funny at this point.

KYRIE said...

Wow, a ballet dancer. You surprise me everyday Crusty!! It is cool to know one.
And whn u publish tht children's book, I will read it. I am always a kid at heart and I know ur writing will be wonderful!!
Ur coffee house idea sounds lovely especially for someone like me who always eats alone in cafes n such!!


Portia, I hope one day you'll have a posting about the bedtime story you told your little bears by the author< crusty:)

Kyrie: yeah, a former ballet dancer although you wouldn't know it now..shame, almost a waste of talent..
I'll be sure to send you a VIP invite to the coffeehouse!! :)
hope things are well for you!!!