Saturday, August 18, 2007

When Times Are Tough

We all have our hidden love for something the world provides by trees, sky, birds, grass-squirrels, doggies, bunnies, hidden earthly love are sunrises and sunsets. All the sounds that embrace us as whole, bringing our souls together.

So yes, sunrise and sunsets are my utmost favorite-along with the sounds that come with dawn and dusk.

I'll chat with you about that in the next post, but having had an unusual Saturday morning my body meeting with the rise of the earths most precious Am aura, I replied to my best friend in email a rather peaceful wishing.

She's been laid off. Her and her husband and her stepson live in a home in AZ. She's extremely stressed out, so I sent her an email thinking of her:

"I love you and miss you and will pray for you all will work out-thankfully the love between you two, the emotional bound, will serve as a life preserver and will help by keeping you both entwined and afloat."

Suddenly my hidden earthly secrets include peaceful open waters along with my sunrise and sunset love.

Welcome To Crustybeef~
I've been up since 3:45am
and I am peaceful
and at 6:11am I am going to go back outside, enjoy my smoke and my hazelnut cream coffee shaken and bubbly one sweetner than coffee frothy foamy passion.


SOUL: said...

it's just too early for me to be profound about this... so all i will say... you're lucky to have friends like that, and of course them you too!

grrrr... my hubby just deserted me (to go get ready for work) and as usual left the tv on some dumb show i have no desire to listen to. i almost always have that thing off or on mute if no one is watchin it. ugh. i wish i wasn't too lazy to get up to turn it down. the clicker is waaaay over there.
ugh... i must tho. lest i go insane...too early for sports!


come on, it's not THAT early!! :)
hahahah...well, judging from your post time, perhaps we are an hour behind..or not..I don't remember when I posted this posting..too many p's..

austere said...


Your friend is lucky to have you around.


austere: actually, I'm lucky to have her! she's a great person, I just wish I could see her-haven't seen her since Jan. 2005 :( damn distance.