Friday, September 21, 2007

3+family= 1

As of 4pm today I will have only one child.
My darling saint of a sister is giving back to me, my sanity, and she's taking Jackolack and Sulli Bulli to spend the night at their house with her three children.
A cousins night it is!

Last Saturday I had a "tot party" over here with them. My niece and nephew spent the night.
Tonight? The sleepover is going to my sisters world..and it will be refreshing to be down to one..
for the entire night..

Welcome To Crustybeef~
Talk about major relief...


Portia said...

i hope you enjoy the relative peace + quiet.
oh, and tell her i said thanks, cause our house is yardsale central tonight anyway;) bring 'em on over saturday...

Portia said...

i was just reading unkle e's latest posting at and i thought you might find it, or at least the following quote from it interesting:
It's just one more symptom of "affluenza", the disease of excessive materialism that makes no-one happy, and is built upon inequality that keeps so many people in the world in poverty.
i just wanted to share it with you since you touch on it in other ways from time to time.
okeedokee..later gator

austere said...

thats a sigh of relief , Indian style, at the quiet time.

Sisters are the bestest.


portia: you won't see this til monday but, I LOVE YARD SALES!! I'm coming over on saturday...are you ready for the boys? :) You know, I really like that saying, and it rings true! Thanks for the info on this guy..I look forward to checking him out.
Have a great weekend!

Austie: Oh, and it's quiet here..720am...peace now, near my sisters house, maybe not so lucky..but I dealt with it last week so it's a good balance..taking turns taking the kids.

Palm Springs Savant said...

crusty- hope you enjoyed the crusty-time!


Pss: OH YEAH!! We did!! It was so nice!! nice we didn't want it to end!


SOUL: said...

can't live with em, can't live without em.... hmmm
oh that was men. kids...hmmm...ok TAKE MINE
(for a day or two)
she builds character! :))
texas -tween. ha (even tho she's 13 and not a "tween, i like the term anyhow.)
but soul-teen/soul-tween/ all good too.

ok, gone again