Friday, September 21, 2007

BORING random All Over the Place details

Another busy day in Crustyland. Doing things for my children-sigh...

I am grateful, don't get me wrong. I'm lucky to have this budding little network of parents that has most recently started growing since Jack started Kindergarten.
Not sure if you understand what I mean?

Here, lets put it in schedule format:
(*keep in mind, I'm not kvetching about it, I'm mainly pointing out the facts in CRUSTYLAND!)

Wednesday afternoon:
Picked up Jackson from school and walked him to his friends house-another boy named Jackson. Sullivan and Jackson had been invited over to Little Thomas, Jack, and Selma's house for an afternoon playdate. I needed to run some errands, and Kina (mom of those three) was an angel to take my older two.
Granted, for the past 4 wednesdays from 8:45am-noon (excluding last wed) I've watched her son, Little Thomas, so she could go play room mom in her daughters classroom. When she offered to take my older two, I thought, "You know, why not? I've watched hers, why not give myself a break as well. Now an errand with one is far easier than an errand with three."

So, I dumped Sulli Bulli and Jackolack at her house for 2hours and ran around doing a rather frustrating errand. (to be discussed later)

Thursday: Sulli Bulli was a BEAR.5 yesterday. It didn't matter what I did, it didn't matter how I said it, he was just in a very bad mood. I knew he wouldn't last until quarter of 1-when we walk Jackson to school-so I did the only thing I could think of, and that was calling a few different moms within our walking neighborhood to see if anyone of them would be able to grab Jackson as they walked their own little kindergartners to school. I got lucky by 12:30 and finally found a mom that was home to answer her phone, and willing to help a fellow worn out mommy.

Jackson met up with Cathy and her children, Gavin and Peyton, down the street from my house, and off they walked to school.


Yeah, sure, if ONLY it was that easy.

Sullivan by now had been put in his bed for a rather early afternoon nap.

Ben was just starting to wake up.
Yes, Ben.
He'd been up a few times the previous night, and had woken up very early thursday morning, therefore his usual "routine" (if you can call something a routine by your third child) was all discombobulated.

Ben and I spent the afternoon together until it was time to walk to pick Jackson up.
I went in to grab Sulli Bulli out of his bed, and low and behold-the dookie man had stopped by.

A 5minute change and we're off to pick up Jackson from school.

After meeting Jackson outside the schools door #2, we headed south to his classmates house for an afternoon playdate.
Cathy had invited all of us over, but I had no energy. I still hadn't showered. I was still in my morning ChicagoBluesFest tshirt that I had purchased in 1994-there are very few holes in that shirt. -

I didn't feel like conversation. I just wanted to be alone.

I told Cathy that I'd have to take a "pass" on the entire invite as my two younger children weren't up to par today, but Jackson was still able to come over if she'd still have him. I walked through the rules with Jackson, and also told Cathy that if they decided to go anywhere (ie: the schools playground which is directly behind their backyard) to have him call me first. I turned my head to the side and quietly whispered to her, "I'm starting the rules of responsibility with him. It has to start sooner than later, the art of checking in with the parents."

She nodded and said, "Oh yes, let me tell you, we're dealing with some of that here." Clutching her UPS delivered box that has JCREW stamped all over it. (GRRRRRRRRrreeeeeeeeeattt, materialism..have I mentioned I'm not a big fan of that sort of lifestyle? I like simple.)

I left Cathy's house with confidence knowing that I had covered my tracks with Jackson. And made certain that Cathy was aware somewhat of my parenting style. She may let her children run all over the street-fine, that's her children, that's her style (If that's her style). I on the other hand am not ready to be that type of parent. I want Jackson to have an adult watching him when he crosses the street. I want him to be able to process the, "Oh, I should call my mom and check first," when something comes up with his friends and a quick, "COME ON, Jackson, MY mom said it's okay-lets go to the park."

No Way Jose! He's my first, and as much as I won't stifle his ability to grow, I still have to keep him safe.

So, whew, LONG tangent...Jackson was off, browsing through Gavins toys as other children began to arrive at Cathy's afternoon playdate.

Side note: If you've never experienced the playdate sniff it goes something like this when it involves boys:
They walk in, ask where the toys are, head straight for that direction, their radars tuned to the sound of Bionicles, Star Wars, GiJoe's (?) Transformers, Lego Cities, Video Games, Webkinz..they approach the toys, their heads cocked, as if they're assessing damage from a vehicle accident. They walk towards the toys approaching from behind, just like you'd see two dogs approaching each other, their ears flopped up, ready to begin the sniffing of the bums and their counterparts.

Yeah, it's a funny scene to see. This has been my experience with boys each and everytime. Girls, I'm sure are different, had I had a girl, I'd be able to tell you about their process, but that just wasn't meant to be.

But boys, they're funny. There can be 5 boys in one room, and they can all be doing something completely different, not saying a word to each other, and still, later on express how much fun they had "PLAYING" with their friends. eh?

Another Tangent..I'm short on time now too...

So, we had dropped Jackson off at Gavin's house just after school let out at 3:30pm. We walked back to get him just after 5:15. Everything went well!! Cathy had raving reviews regarding Jackson. (it always warms me up to hear the, "ohhh, he is so well behaved, he is so considerate of everyone, he's so polite,.." commentary..)

We walked back home and started the process of dinner..can you guess what we had?

YUP!! HAYSTACKS!! Even the Bigdogg requested them. I was set to make real Taco's but they all wanted those stacks.
Dinner was challenging as again the younger two boys were cranked up. Cranky little monsters that I just wanted to send to bed.

My neighbor Gina picked me up with her daughter "V" at 6:25pm to go to,..GASP!!!!!-a MARY KAY lotion party. OH MY GAWD! ME!! I felt SOOOOO out of my element. But I like Gina, and I figured I'd go to support the mom that is selling the products. The application party was at another fellow moms home-the consultants home, and I have to say, another one of those with "arrogant suburban syndrome" (that's a twist on another version of "ass.") These stay at home moms with their over sized homes, I just don't see the necessity of it all. I've talked about it before, but I don't see the point of advertising your wealth. Wealth, or money, should be private-kept simple. Their choice, their world, their life.

Course having a Juke Box in your family room does sound cool, doesn't it? :)

Oh well, their world, I just was in it for a few hours.

It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Although I was very nervous. And when I get excited, nervous, anxious, drunk, passionate, I get blotchy. And I had those wonderful blotchy red marks all over my neck, and my chest. My pulse I felt was ready to explode out of my neck for some reason and I couldn't remember the names of the women that I were introduced too.
Plus their comments were driving me crazy:

"ohh, you're just a BAAAAAaaabbbbbbbbbyyyyyyyy, could have one more're still a babbbbbbbbbyyyyyyyyy."
"Look, Crusty circled that she wants to learn more on helping her with aging skin. HAHA-you don't need that, if anything, worry about pimples, you're still a babbbbbbbbbbbyyyyyyy."

Drove me nuts. It's not my fault that they're in their late 30's or early 40's and I'm at the age of 32. If they're annoyed by my age, go take it up with my parents. I didn't have a choice of when I was brought into this world..geesh.

Can it, ladies!! or I won't buy SHIT from you.
Which, by the way, I didn't. I didn't buy a thing.

So, back home at just after 8:00pm, I watched some of the CANES football game with the bigdogg, and then turned in for the night.

Here we are present:

I woke up to two children being up. Which means zero quiet time for me. (No, going to that application party does not count. I wasn't buying a single thing of make up, I wasn't alone, I wasn't doing something that I really wanted to be doing, and I didn't have a single cigarette-remember, they have ASS syndrome those people.)

I quickly showered (which is a rare thing: One for me to shower in the early morning, and two for it to be quick. I enjoy hot steamy long showers)
Bigdogg was helpful enough after I grumped into the kitchen growling about how I don't have quiet time, and how I wish I could roll out of bed and consistently have my quiet time, my QT-drinking coffee and posting my randomness over here.-I told him how frustrated he'd be if he rolled out of bed and there stood his boss at the foot of his bed, making all these demands before he even had a chance to rid his body of his nightly pee. Needless to say, Bigdogg helped get their breakfast ready while I sulked around complaining of my lack of am time. He was a big help this morning-thanks BIGDOGG!!

At 9:15am, we're supposed to be meeting in front of Jack's school to walk with some other mommies and their kindergartners for a morning park excursion. Jackson doesn't have school today due to an in-service half day, so this afternoon you will find me taking him to ANOTHER classmates b-day party at their home in a subdivision about 5 minutes away driving distance.

It's 8:28am, I haven't read anything yet this morning, my hair is still knotted and tangled slowly drying, I'm in Bigdoggs old KILLIAN's Soccer Championship shirt that he picked up while in high school.
Jackson and Sullivan are fighting. Jackson still needs breakfast, and I'm THIS CLOSE to calling off the morning park outing..for my sanity. I just don't have the energy. I'm conversationed out today.

Hmm, I guess there was some "slight" kvetching here..oh well.

Welcome To Crustybeef~
Sorry for the random boring details. I do appreciate my life, but I have every right to complain about it, right? No matter how stupid the complaints may sound, right? I know my life isn't that bad, I know it could be far worse, but still, do I have that right, that right to kvetch?

You know what? My Sulli Bulli and Jackson just started fighting-oh well, no am park visit for them. That's one thing off the list. Now if Only I could have a smoke break with someone, I'd be content. :)

****ADDED AT 9:54am: Jackson went with Cathy and Gavin and Payton, with the rest of the moms to the park. I did not go. I laid down Ben for his am nap, and advised Sullivan that the reason we're not going is due to all of his fighting and yelling he'd been doing all morning. He's sitting here right now, playing with Jacksons toys and enjoying life. I'm finally getting some QT..
So, thank you for your thoughts of hopeful peace in my land today-the relief has started to set in.***


austere said...

I'd come over for a smoke and coffee, if I could.. but they wont give a visa for this, and smoke I dont.
Silly women those to make you blotchy.

SOUL: said...

blotchy crusty sistah.... i am here to smoke with you.... right now!!!!
only an hour late. soooo since you found a GREAT excuse to blame the park cancellation on the kids... you just might be home eh?
so... let's smoke and choke!!!

you have a wonderful way of complaining by the way. i'm sorry to find humor once again in your pain.. but like i say.. it's not the pain... it's the way you express it.

HUGS my crustay!


austie: awwww, you're so sweet!
Yeah, I think a request for a Visa to visit Crustyland may land you in a padded room. :)

Soul: Hahah..yeah, I have a funny way of doing that..the kvetching..but it helps me too, cause than I re-read it (I always re-read my post) and I get a kick outta it..makes me feel better..)

I just added an update...obviously, no, I didn't go.
You liked that by the way? The smoke break blurb? I was thinking of you and the rest of my smoking friends/family..
Tweet Batsoul!


Anonymous said...

sounds like a crazy morning in crusty land.. Hope the day gets better and less hectic.

Andrew said...

Whew! Girl! I am tired just reading that. A parent's day is never done, is it? I'd got you smoking cherry hinted cigarillos! lol Take care Crusty gal. Thanks for your comments today. I appreciated it!

KYRIE said...

I can't stand materialistic people either, Crusty :)
U have every right to complain, hope the day will settle down for ya. Have some hot coffee my friend.

Portia said...

whew. i'd say you certainly have the right to get that stuff off your chest!
it's no joke that MOMS have the most underappreciated job out there. frankly, sometimes you need not just to be recognized with words but with time to yourSELF!!
i am just finding this out. sounds as though you know.
this was a great post, by the way, SUPERMOM:):):)

Cheryl said...

tired.reading.all that. Whew. I only have one, and that's a lot. I used to wake up at 4 AM just to have time to myself. You are a busy lady. And, you're allowed to kvetch. We're all friends here. I'm alone every Friday night. Woo hoo. I made tuna salad to take to the relatives' tomorrow. Seven can's worth. I just love the break fast meal. My favorite foods. Now I'm the rambler.


anon: As you know over here, things are never calm right? :)

Andrew: cherry hinted-hmm, I bet I'd like they have the brown colored paper? It's been crazy but that's's not crazy now!

Kyrie: drives me mad, materialism...UGH! The coffee suggestion was well, perfect! On route to my sisters I found a drive thru starbucks and bought myself my favorite: White chocolate mocha..tempted to get the pumpkin spice for the seasons change.. :)

Portia: You are so right..without a doubt. We do have the best rewards too, as you're finding out. We just have to keep the guilt from running our minds!! Supermom!'re so cute! ME, supermom? I wish..

That's the dish we're making. How do you make your tuna salad? Mayo, whip? celery? IT was an exhausting day, but the afternoon turned out well, the evening was glorious..and it's quiet in the house..the kids will be home after lunch today, and they are going to be bushwacked (tired) but, that's okay..



P.S. Cheryl, May you have a fast fasting today!

SOUL: said...

you sure are posting a lot.


that's a good thing!

pass the lighter!