Monday, September 03, 2007


We all have different errors that are displayed in our written English language.

According to two people, the FC and the air traffic controller, I screw up on just two:


Welcome To Crustybeef~
Thanks for the feedback!!
I love feedback, and I'm not offended by feedback so long as it's done tactfully and gracefully.
Now, pardon me, I need to go learn the differences in a written format. :)


Anonymous said...


SOUL: said...

oh really?

pass the lighter... i'm here . i need coffee too...or a nap.

my brain is sunburned.

tweeeeeeeeeet (as i fall from the tree)

Anonymous said...

That was a hard one for me to learn as well. I had a horrible drama where I corrected another blogger and now I just don't do it anymore even if people say it is ok. It's just not worth it. Most people aren't blogging to become better writers in terms of grammar usage. They just want a release and a way to connect with others.

We lose a lot by conversing in written form. We don't have visual cues or vocal tones to guide us.

I truly hope you weren't offended. I'm sure they meant well. If you are interested in learning better grammar then I would recommend the classic: Strunk & White's "Elements of Style". Believe it or not, it's actuallly entertaining.

I also keep "The Gregg Reference Manual" by William Sabin at my desk.


mjd said...

Hi Crusty,
Thanks for sticking up for me on Corky's Log. It looks like we are neighbors as I am in Lake County, Indiana.

austere said...



anon: ^^^^^^^^ right back attcha!!

Soul: I am having a rough start to my tuesday/monday back to work's things in soull-and? Don't worry, I can catch pretty good.-thump (That's you falling safetly into crusty's cupped hands. :)

Proxima: You are absolutely right!! I do it for a release, and not to improve on my past english retoric classes back in Grammar school...but I will look into that book-thanks for the tips!!! offended? Not so much, course it all depends on how it was "expressed.." :)

MJD: Hey there, it was my pleasure!! How's my neighbor today on this fine tuesday feels like a monday day? I hope Corky reached his 1000comment comment-a-thon goal last night. Don't you love Indiana? It's so beautiful there!!

see? It's confusing, sometimes, isn't it?


Cheryl said...

I get mixed up on when to use 'it's' and 'its'. Also when to capitalize Mom and Dad. I'm good on the words 'a lot'.