Monday, September 03, 2007

Laboring of Love

Today is Labor day-Monday, September 2ND.

This past Saturday, September 1st was my Grandpa's birthday.

Yesterday, Sunday, September 2ND, we had a rather impromptu BBQ.

Only 34 people showed up. :)

What I love?

We all labored yesterday. We all brought or prepared meals for someone else.
We all enjoyed spending time together. We all had wished we didn't have to leave.
We Labored with Love, the gathering of friends and family. Different sides of family, different groups of friends, and it all worked!

Laughter. Drinks.

It was so nice. I was sad when it ended last light later into the evening. I think my house was sad too-like me, she likes a lot of activity. Gives her things to take her mind off-like my tooth. Have you noticed I haven't complained about it once? I was so preoccupied with getting this last minute BBQ together, I didn't have time to think about it hurting, and I didn't take any either..
I got the best kind of medicine instead:

Soulful conversations with family and friends.
Beautiful day.
BEAUTIFUL Day it was! The weather was balmy and crisp, the tree's of our yard shadowed the different tables that were arranged.

Grandpa B worked the BBQ:
We had 11lbs of Meat,
32 sweet Italian sausages, and 34 hot dogs.
Greek chicken salad.
Cold Meat Pasta salad-THANK YOU!!! YUM!
Garlic Parmesan flat bread with a crab meat spread.
Pepperoni, cheese and crackers.
Veggie trays.YUM!! Thanks!
Veggie Chopped Salad! YUMM,thanks!
Strawberry butter crumbled jello delight.-thank YOU!! it was so good!
Fresh Tomato's and Green Pepper from a garden. Oh my the sweetness of the little didn't even need it sprinkled with salt, it was delicious.
Baked Kielbasa bacon wrapped yummers.
Delicious Baked beans.
Beer Bread
Chips and Salsa

Our famous family drink that was invented by Bigdoggs side of the family-which we debuted yesterday with our network up here-and it was a smashing hit.

I'm not listing my entire menu to make you jealous, and there's so much more too, but what my main intent was, is for those that have bbq's to go to today, and for some reason you woke up in a bad mood and now you don't want to go, does that give you a reason to go?

Welcome To CrustyBeef~
Chocolate Cake
Lava Brownie Bits
Angel Food Cake
Madeline Cookies
Apple Walnut Tart
Fresh Strawberries
Vanilla Ice Cream
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Pound Cake
I suck at that Baggo Bags Game, by the way. My apologies to my team member.


SOUL: said...

mornin crustay... i need coffee!
sounds like a great time! i wish i could have taken you up on the invite.
and the FOOD....lord, amazing sounding food!!!! you know, i love food. almost as much as fishing!
hope you are havin a great day...all of it..since it kinda just started.
hope that tooth is gettin better!!!!


I love food too...too much I think.
Happy fishin today??
I'm heading out to have my first smoke (Now, 8:20am monday) With bigdogg hopefully, you wanna join us? Bring Soulman along, they can do that football/game talk that they do.. :)

Cheryl said...

I LOVED reading your happy, happy, thankful post. You sure have a lot of friends and they all live close by?

I'd love to be going to a bbq today. Reading your post kind of inspires me. If you want something to happen, you have to make it happen. I'm going to throw a party. I love to entertain, and the people I know don't really do it. I have a big holiday party every year, and everyone loves to come. I have to put my thinking cap on and make a plan.

I'm having a happy morning and I'm about to write about it.


Cheryl: That's so good!! I hope you can have a great funfilled Day off!!
Isn't today just grand? The weather is perfect, a great end to summers eve, that's for sure!

I'm coming over right now, is your post done, yet?

My family/friends live close and far..some as far as 50minutes away..but it all worked!


SOUL: said...

hiya crusty n bigdogg... we are on z way to your virtual patio. i do hope it is covered and has a fan???
we both fished today. i slayed them !! just slayed em. :)))))))
poor soulman went out on some lake with a friend though...drove like 45 miles to get there... and caught 1 fish... a blue gill.
me? i drove like five minutes... and got THREE bass, and three ugly cat fish.
hmmmm..... this passed two days has been some most awesome fishing for me. you and the dog need to come fish !!!!
k.. i'm toast... again.
catcha latah.

Anonymous said...

How good was that BBQ yesterday? I didn't need to eat until 5 PM today. That's 26 hours. Now I know how a camel feels, except they didn't have the fun of the 33 people each of us had there.

And there's still some eats in the fridge from the festivities!


tex said...

God, I gotta fire up some Brats now!!!!

Anonymous said...

September is a funny month. I always joke it's like christmas without getting any gifts in return. My husband, Mom, Best Friend, and Grandfather (now deceased) all have September birthdays. You know that means. A lot of people were getting "cabin fever" by the time January rolled around. :>

Sounds like it was lovely!


UD: I'm still revealing in the great times we all had. Thanks again for those delicious tomato's and pretzel strawberry salad..YUM!!
We all have to do it again-and not wait until Easter!!

Proxima: huh, so that's what my grandparents were doing..yeah, cabin fever, that's true!!! :)Let's see, my mom, sister, Grandpa's, Great Grandpa, Cousin, all have September than I guess I was the result of um,hmmm, I don't know...nothing exciting happens in march or april.


Tex: How are those Brats?

austere said...

Now you've made me hungry first thing int he morgen and its janmasthami today, a festical day, so some kind of fast with special foods.
The veg part of the list above I can devour.


austere: My bigdogg has a fasting holiday coming up as well...isn't it funny that you could technically go all day without wanting something to eat-with the exception of when you're not allowed to eat?

Anonymous said...


you put the best parties together. so much fun!!!!!!! Had a great time...


anon: I'm glad you enjoyed it!! I couldn't have pulled it off with my love, my bigdogg..he was a HUGE HUGE HELP!!!!!

Portia said...

sounds awesome! that's it. we are having an interstate BBQ for SURE. soul and i were trying to figure out where it should be (the middle of course, wherever that is!) so now there's just the when...maybe we should plan for spring 2008:)