Sunday, September 02, 2007

Guess What?? Part Deux

The drama of Sauntering Frank and his young Tartlet continued out of the Albanian Grandmaish Woman's mouth each time the Frank would leave.

Did you forget that I was there for a root canal? I didn't.

He walked in, Dr. Sauntering Frank, massaged my cheek a few times, put some berry tasting topical (numbing gel prior to the shot) on my Gum near tooth # 13 on the upper "deck" of my mouth, and then walked out.

(There were conversations in between, and at one point I could have sworn he was a bit too comfortable with me as his patient-I've had this in network Dentist for years now. But I'm not getting into his conversations in this posting because, this is all about my tooth.)

Soon, he came back in with the shot and, rub-rub-pinch-my-cheek, in goes the clear acrylic needle. The numbing agent felt.
The release of the chilly ice.
Racing towards my tissue like a pack of wolves.

No, it didn't work. No numbness. I have that problem apparently.

RUB-RUB-PINCH-MY-CHEEK in goes another needle. This time the feelings a tad reduced, perhaps now a pack of skunks running for their underground homes?

Still didn't work after 10minutes. Now total of 20minutes.

RUB-RUB-PINCH-MY-CHEEK in goes the third needle.
Finally! Relief.

Laying back after 3 shots, a few minutes go by,

"Crusty are you okay," says Dr. Frank, "you look really pale."

"Actually, I'm feeling dizzy," says I.

"Let's sit you back up for a few minutes," says Dr. S.Frank.
He pulls up the chair by the tap tapping of his foot, and my face is beat red, and flushed.
My insides, racing.
I could smell my pulse.
I could hear my heartbeat.
I could see my dizzy and flushed head, neck and arms.

Yuck! Must have been from the Novocaine-maybe it had epinephrine?

Back to normal, the drilling begins. Then the Xray to confirm.

"Uh, Crusty," says Dr. S Frank as he holds up my 3 framed banner (just like the one up at the top of my blog) xray pictures, "I think we're going to have to put you completely under, your root is on a right angle. It goes up, the canal, and then does a bit of a curve and turns into a right angle. You have extremely long roots. This procedure's going to take much longer due to the set up of your canals. We recommend sedation. Plus the infection is resting on the nerve, and is fairly deep, so I'll have to spend more time digging around and bleaching, so to speak, that infection right out."

I couldn't be sedated. I had to have the car home so that either Bigdogg or I could head to Jack's school for curriculum. Plus I had driven there, so that means I'd need someone to drive me home. I couldn't have Bigdogg pick me up, because he had the children and I had the minivan.
I couldn't reach anyone close enough to me.

I'd have to do it laying awake in the chair. But unfortunately it would need 2 more shots.

The appointment at 4:00pm thursday, should've been 45minutes max. I was there from 4:00pm-6:45pm.

Dr. S. Frank did warn me that I would be in pain, and pain I was. The Novocaine never got strong enough to give me that nostril tingling feeling, it had worn off by the time I had arrived home.
My dentist is a 5minute, if that, car ride.

I was NOT in a good mood.
My repaired empty tooth was causing my entire noggin to pulsate to the beat of my throbbing mouth.

Welcome To Crustybeef~
It's Sunday and It still hurts.
I was given a prescription for Darvocet which I take at at bedtime. *Last night I woke at 12:25am and ate a softened Madeline cookie/biscuit.* :)
Thus the absence of Me, the Crusty on your sites. I'll be catching up throughout the rest of this Labor weekend. So, don't you guys worry, I'll be lurking on your sites in just a few hours, or minutes, :) if you're lucky.


Cheryl said...

Hey Crusty,

I am worried. I know what it feels like to have that much novacaine wear off. I've never had a root canal, but it sounds barbaric. You trust this dentist? You must. Are the pain meds working? What a way to spend a holiday weekend. What's next for you and your teeth?

BTW, you had asked how I quit smoking. I loved to smoke. I've always had this good-girl image and was always ashamed of my smoking so I hid it from almost everyone. I'd excuse myself from clients in the middle of a haircut to take a few drags! I'd disappear from boyfriends for a smoke. It really was my waking and last thought before sleep. What finally got me to quit was wanting to get pregnant. My ex told me I'd have to quit first. I used the 'patch' and it really was a lifesaver. It was my crutch, my tool. It was really, really hard work and the thing I'm most proud of doing. I never thought the craving would ever stop, and it was mind over matter for close to a year, but I WON. I got control back. I never begrudge smokers because I know how hard quitting is. Plus, smokers are so discriminated against. There's hardly anywhere you can smoke anymore, and I think your character is put in question by non-smokers.

On that note, take a pill and have a smoke and enjoy some of this beautiful weather, OK?

KYRIE said...

Oh dear. What a painful experience!
I never had a root canal too and dental appointments have never been in my books.
3 shots!! What a nightmare in crustyland!
I do hope you will get well soon. Do something you enjoy and hopefully u could find a bit of relief.
Ur dentist seems a bit wacko :)

Crusty, thank you for the sweet and supportive comments you left on my blog today!

SOUL: said...

crustaaaay !!!
you poor thing. i have been in that same chair before. i have a high tolerance to just about any drug and novacaine is one of them. i was in for a sonar... that could be the wrong term... but it was part of the deep scale cleaning. anyhow.. i have mentioned i have bad teeth anyhow... so there i was, for a darn cleaning just deep into the gums etc... and i had to have novacaine... not once... not twice... not even three shots... but like 4 or 5. there were two teeth on one side way in the back that had nerves exposed or something. i was surprised i walked out of that place. it was horrible. so yes i feel for ya. big time. i don't think i coulda gone through that. you are much tougher than i .
and darvocet??? oh hell no.. after that i would need, and demand... ummm... heroine? not really, but something pretty darn strong.

ok... anyhow. you gonna find a new dentist or what...this guy is kinda wacky. cute perhaps... but wacky too. i kept waitin for you to say bigdogg beat him up !

anyhow.. what else? hmmm. guess that's it for now.

my brain is sunburned. but i got fishies. lots of fishies. they arent up yet but will be latah.

i could use a cuppa coffee about now. got any?

Baleboosteh said...

Awww Crusty, I hope you are ok! I hate going to the dentist at the best of times, but that sounds like pure hell!!

Take care :)

SOUL: said...

where's crusteeeee....?
oh are you at the BBQ?
drinkin brisket ??? :((
hope you feel ok.

austere said...

Sounds horrible. THREE shots? Please DONT do this again. You're not supposed to get flush faced and racing heart.
My sympathies on going under, the crooked root and all. I know nothing we write here can even come close to the pain, holdon, that's all.

Would like to hear how you managed, kids, car,the operation, and all.

captain corky said...

My tooth is still throbbing as I read what you went through Crusty. Take an extra pill and wash it down with a shot of vodka. That'll do the trick. ;)


Cheryl: Matter of fact I did just that-today, monday..not yesterday too busy to think of pain. :) See, I had stopped while nursing and pregnant 3 times but each time I'd finish nursing, the first dinner outing out with friends, blamo! Outside with a friend puffing along on her smoke with her...Damn it..I have to quit too, because my own grandpa died of Lung Cancer...Crap..but I don't know how.

Kyrie: You're more than welcome..I feel for you..and I feel as though you need the silent support spoken right about now..something says that to me in virtual world..not psychic..just a thoughtful feeling.
The dentist has issues on a personal level, and as unprofessional as that is, lets be honest here, my life besides my bigdogg is pretty much all the same-mundane (Hi Cheryl!!) so to hear these things heck, I don't watch soap opera's so here's my crustyland version in real time! :)
Feel better, K?

Soul: Here you go, here's some Aloe Vera lotion for ya...good thing you wear sunglasses and a hat, right? Nawww, I'm not leaving Sauntering Frank..can't..Was just laughing about him with UD yesterday..too crazy. His dentist calls him for political chit chat..mine knocks up his assistant...
coffee and smoke ready to go. 8:11am on monday!

Baleboostah!! Hi there Honey!! How's things out there? I'll pop over shortly. You're getting ready for beautiful weather soon, huh? Ours is starting to end. Thanks for the's sucks, but it'll pass, right? Or as you say, "Just another day.." :)

austere: Yeah, you know I'll have to get another post up about it. IT was actually funny. Luckily though, I didn't have to go under...
thanks for your offering of nice it bad to have those shots again? I mean, even though it happened that one I'm nervous..but, better to be safe than sorry, right? so, THank you very much!!
I'm doing great right now. I smell Bigdoggs famous eggs..yum!

Captain: I knew I could count on you...yeah, we had our famous drinks yesterday, minus the pill. we were looking for you but we didn't see you and the baby and Allyson in the midst of our family and friends..missed out on some delicious Kielbasa and shrimp.

I'm up,..we had a last minute BBQ...I'm UP..I'm UP!~


SOUL: said...

i'm up... in a sort of horizontal way. ugh. is it possible to fish TOO much? i think i need a couple days off.
what sound does a dead bird make?


I'm up vertically..
hey, at least we're balanced. :)
a dead bird?
hmm, well, if a tree falls and you're not in the forest does it make a sound?


Portia said...

UGH Crusty! horrid, horrid, horrid dentist story...I am SO VERY sorry you had to go through this. I know I would have been in tears and I don't think I would have stayed. I hope it helps in a big way in the long run! (Since the short term is obviously not what they were concerned with here.)

p.s..i hate the socializing and conversations that go on in front of medical patients! the dentists are probably the worst for it, but i was so amazed when i was giving birth that everyone in the room carried on with their daily drama while I WAS IN FREAKING LABOR! geeze louise.