Monday, September 24, 2007

GMa, Nana, and Me

I'm here to say thanks for all the comments, and wonderful, WONDERFUL emails-I enjoyed them all!!

I'm really tired, so I'll be catching up with you guys later-in your world, your comments, and my replies...but for now I need to go unwind with Bigdogg.

Gramma and Nana are upstairs sleeping. They got in fine.
A full day of running, active hyper boys..

CoNversation with Mil and Gma-il in our mommovile car driving to target at 4:30pm:

Me: "So, Bigdogg has always talked about this same story about being bitten by a goose when he was a kid. What happened?"

Mil: "He was bit by a duck when trying to feed it bread, a tiny little bite on his finger..I swear I don't know what house he grew up in.."

Mil: "As a former nurse, I heard this story about a young boy being bitten on his-(and she proceeds to spell it out and lower her voice)-P-e-N-i-s."

Jackson: "Mommy, Gma Ck, what does that spell? GramCK what does that spell, PENIS?"


Have I mentioned that Jackson is learning phonics in school?

Welcome TO Crustybeef~
I'll chat with you later..
I'm open for smokes and chokes now!


Anonymous said...

CRUSTAY as Soul says...yes..i guess that spelling trick didn't work after all did it!!!!!

SOUL: said...

THAT is just great!
just be glad your guy is a bit older than mine..she was three when she began reading and spelling (small words of course)..

my sises boys.. we had to reduce ourselves to sort of but not really form of pig latin so we could "talk" in front of them... but they of course were too smart for their own good, and figured it out pretty quick.

kids are just too smart anymore. geesh parents can't even have a conversation anymore.
can't have nuthin!

i suppose you will be meeting two of my three wonderful nephews. they are such a big part of me. oldys kids really do feel like my own. i spent a huge part of their childhood with them. i LOVE them, and cannot wait to see them!
and YOU. my crustay sistah! can you beleive it?
i better NOT freakin freeze to death! i would go now.. but have to go around my sises schedule. damn jobs. :((
hope you have a great day with your crusty family today.

SOUL: said...

i'm here to smoke! whaddup?


Jay-yankee gal: Nope...this is what happens I guess with school and learning to read...he might as well be locking his bedroom door now. :)

Soul: Your daughter was spelling at 3? that's awesome!! Course, in these cases, it isn't...
Keep me posted for the arrival..
I hope it isn't too cold. IT may be rainy though-and gloomy clouds-it always is after October=but since you love food, that will keep you warm.
Lou Malnatis pizza or Gino's east-
get your taste buds ready!



Soul: You crept in there sneaky gal!
I'm up-lets go!!..
Ben's up too..grrrrrrrrr...
the bigdogg is sitting here with the tv set to ESPN... :)

Cheryl said...

Sounds like you're off to a running start. What's on the agenda for today?


cheryl: I want a hazlenut donut!! :) Good morning!! How are you today? For the list of things to do? hmm,..retake my emissions, um, get coffee, um, drink coffee..all day..and hang with the family at home.

Portia said...

:D that's a riot! i love those kidsaythedarndesthings stories. i hope you all are enjoying your time with family...catcha later gator:)

SOUL: said...

are you up early again? i am.. have been. what is up with that? 430 today. erg. and no dog to blame it on this time.
i never heard of a hazlenut donut. hmmmm. sounds good.

crusty burger? spinach pizza?
and lots of smoke n chokes !!!!!
woo hoo!

captain corky said...

I hope you're getting some rest and not choking too hard. Back from vacation, but I think I need another one. ;)

David Kim said...

Ouch that would hurt!