Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Following up with my dear tweet chirp Souls comment the other day on my posting, SpElLiNg, she asked what a haystack was..

As you guys know, (or may be learning about me) I like to put fun twists on things. Mainly because I'm a mom of young boys, and anything that sounds exciting to my little guys, they're much more likely to delve into, or engage themselves with the"said object." (Does that make sense?)

Take for example, the Haystacks for supper:

1. Add your cooked Brown rice to the bottom of their eating bowl (I use Brown Rice because ever since LOST BOYS, "they're maggots MICHEALLLLL.." has freaked me out over white rice..yeah, not for healthy reasons, strictly because of those damn maggots)

2. ADD browned ground turkey, or ground beef mixed with taco (dry) seasoning on top of the rice

3. ADD shredded taco or Mexican cheese (preferably the kind that isn't finely grated)
4. ADD a dollop of Western Dressing on top of the cheese (sour cream works good with it too!)

5. Shredded lettuce comes next

6. Smashed up Doritos to make the stack come together goes on the top of this lovely heap
So, now you're thinking to yourself, "why the hell is she calling it a HAYSTACK?"
Because I provide tasteful funnies within my household. Because if I told them they were having smashed up tacos,with-GASP!-rice, they'd complain and whine:

"but mommmmmmmmmmmyyy, I don't like taco meat, it's too spicy."
"but mommyyyy, it's too messy to eat..."

So, you see, if I change things around, they're all for it. They LOVED the haystacks.
Ate them up in their bowl, and even asked for more.

Maybe it was the activity that I gave them of actually SMASHING up the taco flavored Doritos that tickled their picky palates.
Or perhaps the taco seasoning wasn't as spicy with the Western Dressing giving off some sugary sweetness.

Does it really matter why?
Probably not. They ate their meal, they loved their meal, and since then they've asked for Haystacks every night.

Go figure!!
Welcome To Crustybeef~
Wait until you learn about the Garden Lady/Witch and her Muse..

????? I'm ready, are you????


SOUL: said...

i wanna haystack ! sounds yummy !
i wish i would have been HALF as creative as you while my soulkid was younger. goo-lawd... i STILL find myself preparing TWO meals at times, because she is sooooo picky, and eats so few things. she eats like a two year old.. chicken nuggets, pizza, shrimp, oh geesh. it gives me a headache just thinkin about it.
she does like tacos tho... MEAT ONLY. can you believe that? ugh.
sometimes i swear she pulls that stuff just to aggravate me.

anyhwaaaaaays.... i love her. she'll learn how to eat someday.

speaking of the little darling... there goes the stereo now. music does NOT sooth the savage soul.. (thanks jos for that one eh?)
i need to go into hibernation now... i cannot handle this. the tv was bad enough... now the stereo too??? nuh uh!
i'm goin to my room, and closin the door.
i may post somethin new soon. well.. it'll take a while to write... soooo we shall see.
i hope you and yours are good today.

Cheryl said...

I wish I had haystacks to come home to. I'm hungry!


is she still playing her music??ugh..I DO NOT look forward to that with my boys..and their appetites for crap..
Did you like my smoke and choke pics?

Cheryl: I bet Em could make you a yummy omelette-whatever happened with that? :)

YOU both can come over for haystacks..although tonight was breakfast for supper-LOVE these easy nights!!

SOUL: said...

i love thse smoke and choke pics crustee...and FOOD too???
holy crap... THREE of FOUR of my favorite things in the world on ONE crustee post!!!
no... the music didnt stop till the sleepy pills took me away last night. and guess what? it's blastin out of her room AGAIN right now... in the middle of my smoke and choke, when silence is ALL i want to hear.
someone help me.
come smoke with me! coffee's on.
i just bought a carton of cigs yesterday, so the quittin is gonna have to wait a bit. lately i'm hittin two packs a day- at least. so it wont last long.
have a happy day


Soul: Yeah, I must have had you on the brain or something..today? ANother hectic one..I new post soon enough about it...
I remember NEEDING my morning music in the shower, while I primped for HS (Grade school/JR my parents never let me wear makeup and I couldn't play the radio cause it would wake the rest of my family-I had to wait until HS..makes no sense, but I did what they asked me to do.) But if I was to disturb while in JR, then what changed from then to HS? hmm, perhaps more responsibility? Perhaps my other siblings were older..yeah, that's probably it!!

yikes, my first coffee mug is already cold..and it's all my laundrys fault.

Anonymous said...

Ha,ha,ha. "The Lost Boys" is one of my all time favorite movies! I was not 18 when it came out so I had to talk an adult (my dad's then girlfriend) to take me to go see it. I had a crush on "the two Coreys", but in that movie. I only like Kiefer Sutherland when he's a bad boy, he sucks when he plays good. I never got into "24" either. :)

Thanks for the memory lane trip!


PRoxima: I remember having to "wait" as well until it came out on-GASP!-VHS to see it-at a friends house..OH MY GAWD I was very interested in Kiefer too-something about the darkness of teenage vampires, he was hot, dangerous and the type of guy that my parents would warn me about-reckless to lifes rules..he sparked a fun interest. I remember thinking, "Oh, Star's so lucky, she gets to hang with them, and sleep in a cave..how cool!" I'm glad you enjoyed that memory lane walk...I bet you enjoyed the movie Goonies too, eh?