Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Pickled BEEF!

Pickled Beef is a blogger over in florida-tink- land.

I just came from her place, (I've been visiting her for awhile now) and let me just tell you, her post today, about her father...WOW!
I strongly suggest that you guys stop over and read it.
She's earned the right to stand near my other Favorite WOWfactor writers-my blogging buddies, under CHOICE BLOGGERS!!

Welcome To Crustybeef~
Tell her that I sent you-And let me know what you think!!
The title of the remarkable posting is Purge..and to read about her dad, you'll have to click here, or click the word HERE over in Tink land!! Whatever is easiest for you-I'm just providing the options.


captain corky said...

I'm making my rounds today Custy. How are you? I'm doing really good. ;)

I love Tink's stuff too, she's a great writer.

Portia said...

good morning crusty! it's been a loooooooooong time i know:(

i loved tink's blog...you so sweet:)

Tink said...

*Hugs Crusty* You're a good egg, you know that?


capt: Welcome back! How was your short vayKAY? AND Corky J how's his first cold...poor wittle guy!!
Dolphins SUCK!

Portia: Wasn't it an amazing post? I love her approach to things..and I love how she refers to her loved one-HOOP! (reminds me of one crazy summer!!)

Tink: Ahhh, thank you! IT's all due to capt. corky..he led me to you..and eggs are good-unless you keep them out! :) You are a really good writer!!!