Monday, September 17, 2007

Generic Savings

This is a quick generic posting.
(Just a warning!!)
But, you will learn something from it, and ultimately it will end up saving you money if you aren't already privy to this information;

I LOVE 411.
I USE 411.
I'm too lazy to let my "fingers do the walking."
I've never had much luck with The same goes for!

It was costing me around $12.95+ a month-up until I heard about free 411 calls!!

Yup! FREE 411 calls!!!


You have to endure the marketing approach when you call-but the calls are free. Personally I'd rather listen to a 15 second message about how I've been selected for a "free" Disney vacation for 5. To press one to hear more information, or press 2 to get your number.

It's worth every second.

Welcome To Crustybeef~
Hope this helps.
Dial 1-800-fre-e411 (I'd give you the actual digits but my phone isn't near me and my little walker BenHAMEAN is..I'll leave that up to you.


SOUL: said...

well, who knew? beats payin over a buck to sprint to use it...i never use the phone book either.. i can't see it. hmmm. i'll try it. thanks

austere said...

No, we dont have this. Those sms messages to music shows and Indian Idol are bringing in a lot of revenue, though.


SOUL:Did you try it yet, SOul??? Like I said the worst part about it is the infomercials but for 15sec and it's free-not bad..

Austie: Very true-good promotion for you! :)


Portia said...

cool! there's also a toll-free number directory at 1-800-555-1212. sometimes it's handy

Tink said...

I just Google things.


I'm waiting for the day they can attach a computer to a person's body.

Anonymous said...

It's called an IPhone :)

SOUL: said...

crusty...i'm alive...kinda...still tryin ti catch up. actually, at this point, i'm trying to recover, from trying to catch up.
i think i'm dead.
how are you?
no, i hevent tried it yet. i havent n needed a number.
that was me fallin from the tree


Soul: I'll give you my last name and location-you can free 411 me!! :) hahahahahhah...actually, I'm not listed, so they won't be able to find me..

Austie: That's awesome! 411 is the lazymans version of phone books..and it's a silly expense.

Portia: What up, P? Are you cleaning the batmobile? weekends suck -d.s.l, woman!!! :) that service the 800 service, you still do pay..people don't know that, but you are charged for the call..any 555 exchange...(I used to work for a phone company!) :)

Tink: I totally agree with you,life would be least wireless is around now..that's helpful if you have a lappie..

anon: Uh, no, it's not really, cause Google is free, and an iphone is not.

Soul: I was worried..what happened? Is your dose jacked up from the roids? Do you need a massage fairy over in your "neck" of the woods? Or pond, or clouds?
That's you falling into a soft down safety netting that keeps you safe and cleans your house at the same time!! :) recovery time sucks!! :)