Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Interview Me

ABBAGIRL!!! has sent me some questions after I requested an Interview in her awesome blog. Thanks ABBAGIRL!!!

1. What difference do you want to make on the world in your life?

hmmm, good question Abbagirl..for me, perhaps it's more so making a difference within my own family and hoping my actions will rub off and people will begin to "pay it forward." To show my boys how to respect others, to show them the importance of giving, and helping, and sacrificing. While wishing that some day, my small seed of teachings will grown within my sons to something that will cause the world to see the difference through their actions. So, I guess the difference that I want to make on this world is through the actions of my sons.

2. How do you really feel about God?

I believe in God, I believe in his son, Jesus. I believe there is a Heaven, and I believe there is a hell. I believe God sent his Son to offer us a chance at forgiveness. I believe what I was taught to believe from my childhood- the teachings from my Lutheran Faith. I believe that from my faith, if we (People of Christian faith) ask for forgiveness, if we accept his son as the almighty, we will be given the Graces of Heaven-but we have to work hard for it. I believe it's not up to me to judge what others believe in, I need to worry about myself, accept my faith, be proud of my faith, not judge others faiths, learn from others beliefs, and accept one another. You respect me, you respect my family, I will give the same back, and then some.

3. When you leave this earth, what do you want people to remember about you?

I've often told Bigdogg that when I die I want a huge party thrown after the memorial service. (I'd like to be cremated-why spend all this money on a body that no longer hosts a soul?) I'd love people to remember me as the one that always tried to help everyone. The one that tried to overlook past hurts and move forward. To remember me as the girl that wasn't afraid to try and contort herself into a suitcase for laughs. To remember me as a good wife, loving mommy, and dedicated to my family. And I know what I'll do to help them remember me: as a former ballet/jazz/company dancer 17+ years, I'd leave them a CD of all my favorite music, the songs that make me cry-that I have yet to completely add over here, the songs that get my dancing graces to morph into the past, the songs that remind me of passion, lust, love, intensity, drama, faith...I'd leave them with that, so they will always be able to remember my love for them, by the music from their former sunshine dancers soul.

4. In your profile, you mention that we can Co-Exist. Is there anyone that does not hold true for?

Absolutely not. It holds true for everyone! So long as you respect each others beliefs without causing harm to them. When you begin to judge people based on the faiths that they chose, that isn't co-existing-that's diversity. Ironically, Jackson and I just had a mommychildchat on co-existing, last night. We were walking home from dropping off a fellow friend of his after a playdate and Jackson asked me if his G-ma CK believes in Easter. (CK is Bigdogg's mom) I was honest with him and told him no, she believes in Passover. And there are people that don't believe in Passover, and Easter..That everyone believes different things, and that's good. I said to him, "would you like to go to a house that has the same toys as yours? Or would you like to go to a home that has different toys?" Naturally he said, "different toys." I explained why it's good to have people be different, to be themselves. I said how boring it would be if we all were the same type of toy. And my dear son grasped it-which was heart warming. We talked for quite awhile about differences with people, and I gave the example like this: "Mommy's favorite color is yellow, and you (Jackson) like green. Just because we don't agree on what the best color is, just because I believe yellow is the best, and you believe green is the best, it doesn't mean that we can't love each other, and treat each other nice."

We didn't write the books on Faith-Just because my faith says you have to believe in Jesus, and seek forgiveness to gain access to heaven doesn't mean that another faiths have to follow that. All scripture, from all the different faiths were written by "men." It's not up to me to decide who goes to heaven, and who doesn't. I need to take care of myself. If people don't want to believe in that-the higher being-that's fine. There's nothing wrong with having different beliefs....whew...this'll be the last time you interview me, huh? :) In the end, none of us, any one of us, from Every single different faith know what happens when our hearts stop, and for that, we are all equals.

5. Do you believe in soulmates and why?

Yes, I do!! Bigdogg still has a torn plastic credit card sized printed poem in his wallet that I gave him over 7 1/2 years ago regarding soul mates. As a matter of fact, it was the first "gift" I ever gave him, it came in my first card to him. In relationships past, I would tend to proceed with caution with the brick wall up, when I first started seeing people-not until I felt a connection. With the random males that I previously dated, not one of them, NOT A SOUL, gave me as much of a connection as it did with him-Bigdogg. This fabulous buzz, this aura about him. A certain glow. It's truly magical. "I'm grateful to have found the one in whom my soul delights!!" (unknown) I met him, and my soul danced for the first time-others were just mind crushes-nothing more. A soulmate is someone that you can be yourself with them around, and not worry about being judged. A soulmate is someone that you can argue with, have that occasional juvenile argument, and then apologize later on the same day, and laughing about it. A soulmate is someone that can see the same shapes in the puffy white clouds on a beautiful day as you can. A soulmate lets you be who you are, and doesn't attempt to conform you. Bigdogg is the one person that I can be "me" around. He definitely is my soul mate. Sure, we weathered our storms in the past, but that only aided us in learning how to navigate our relationship at present. He is my beloved, and I am his-always and forever-he is my soul match-my soul mate.

Welcome To Crustybeef~
So, If you guys want an interview to me, send me your requests in this comments field, and I in turn will send you 5 questions and you will enjoy answering them back as a posting on your blog.
(*I forgot to C/P the rules from ABBAGIRLS posting, and my crusty cyst is driving me mad, so I went from memory. My sincere apologies for crusting over the rules!!


SOUL: said...

that's really cool.
but no way could i get that deep at this hour. i'm old remember?
i liked your answers though.
i like the soulmate one best i think.

want a smoke...i'm lightin up.. and you can smoke IN my house!

austere said...

A happy hosh rosannah to you, new things, new beginnings, much joy, now off to read all the posts I've missed travelling.


I'm coming to your house! I remember there was a time when I smoked in the house as well...ahhhhhh.

Austere: Why thank you very much for thinking of us over here! We're having a good start to the new year-but now I don't have any calendars. :)


Cheryl said...

I LOVED the in-depth look into your heart and mind. Well done, crusty! It just confirmed what I already knew about you.

CS said...

Interesting and very open answers. I agree that we can all co-exist if we try.

Joshua said...

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Some simply ignore me.
Some aknowledge that It's most important we all take notion that there's milions of us bloguing arownd the world and thus vital any kind of awareness such as I believe this my self-introduction card and insert apeal brings in.

May you be one of those open and friendly spirits.

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I think it's to UNITE MANKIND that we became bloggers! Don't see language as an obstacle but as a challenge (though you can use the translater BabelFish at the bottom of my page!) and think for a minute if I and the rest of the world are not expecting something like a broad cumplicity. Remenber that pictures talk also. Open your heart and come along!!!!!

Portia said...

wonderful post Crusty! your answers were so honest and full of truth, and i could tell you meant every word. thanks for having such a beautiful heart AND being so open about it!
this was so good i'm a little intimidated, but i think i want to give it a shot. if you have time, and ONLY IF you have time and feel up to it, please send me 5 questions. please don't let it worry you if you don't feel like it, ok.
awesome! really. truly.

Anonymous said...

amazing answers, very heart felt..i teared up on the soulmate part. still have it in my wallet.i look at in form time to time...reminds me of the overall basis of our love..


SOUL: said...

hi ya feelin today? hope you are feelin ok.
dawg bettah be takin care of ya.
did you find the mcfairy yet? i told ya where..sept 7th i think.
anyhow... i'm shovin a sammich in my face... will be smokin soon!!! c'mon!

tex said...

Hit me with some questions!!
Loved yer answers BTW.

SOUL: said...

hi crusteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

abbagirl74 said...

Well, well... Very good. Impressive. I knew it would be. Great answers. It does say so much about you as a person. Loved this post!


Cheryl: I'm watching Marylands football game right now, thinking of you guys...:) thanks for the wonderful're a good mother that's for sure..

cs: WHY Thank you, Cs, and welcome to Crustyland..careful, you just may get sucked in...:) Thanks for coming by, I look forward to catching up with your world.

Joshua: I'm not a judger..I'll stop over for a peek if you're as detailed in your stories as you are from your comment up above, I'm sure the writings will be great.

Portia: I'm presently thinking of some questions, and I'll be sending them to you via your comments field..and feel free to think over them for the weekend..and then we'll have an IT'S MONDAY!! P's Back posting in Groove land!!

anonbdd:cous cous anyone? :)anf L'dodi....

Soul: I feel like ass, actually...HA! Too bad you didn't ask me that question yesterday it would have suited your day too!! :)
smoke? 744pm thursday nite...NOW...ready..steady.....GOooooooo

Tex: YOU gotta get a blog man...:) I'll send them to you via oldschool email.. :) heee.

Soul: CHOOCHOOSOUL!!!!!!!!!tiny birdieeeeeeeeeeeee

Abbagirl: Thank you for the questions...I really appreciate it-bet you're good at helping the "kid" with his homework!!! :)
How many more days?????


SOUL: said...

i got 833 pm thursday night on my clock... whaddaya doin?
gimmee a light and lets get this yim thang figured out for ya... email me..and i'll call ya.. oh crap... check your email.. right now...then call me... just don't call after like 10pm. k .. i'm a old lady.. i need my beauty rest LOL

still feelin like ass eh?

that's too bad.. but i feel pretty much like ass myself. prolly not as assy as you though. oh hell.. let's just take a pill!
call me.. i'm sendin ya my number.

SOUL: said...

i'm shuttin down... but call me and i'll get back on and try to figure this out. k i sent my number.

austere said...

how are we doing?

SOUL: said...

get up! it's smoke and choke time.
did you get my email?
you gotta get up earlier.
still feel like ass?
ha. i hope not.
oh... you have your hospital thing tonight huh?
i hope that goes ok. do call me. k

SOUL: said...

you said you were gonna post somethin... where is it????


Soul: I was probably sleeping on my bed with candy wrappers resting near my head.. :)

AUstie: HI there lady! I love your pictures..So peaceful and serene!!

Soul: By now I can't remember if I was feeling like ass..darn it..that's a good sign though!! YEA!

Soul: I Posted something, I posted something..About boobs and stuff, and mores in the mix..:)
Smoke break..sunday nite 911pm-are you in laptop strangulation HTML? :)

Peaceful evening to all!