Friday, September 14, 2007


"Mommy, MOMmIEEE, what's that spell?"

"Jackson, not now..."

"Mommy, what does that say?"

"Jackson, now is not the time..."

"Mommy, What is that word...?"

"Jackson, I said, not now-please!"

"Mommy, look!!... look BEHIND you, BEHIND YOU, what's that word say?"


Usually I'm all about assisting my sponges.
Usually I'm more than willing to stop and spend some "learning" time with my little guys.
But not when I'm driving..

"Jackson, I have to pay attention to the road and the other drivers around me." "I can't turn around and look at what that sign said, when I'm driving, that's very dangerous." "It could cause an accident, someone could get hurt, or if I'm driving and not paying attention, I may not know what the speed limit is, and then I could get a speeding ticket from a police man, and that's not good."

Jackson: "But MOMMY, (cue the dramatic tone and pause from my son) the reason I ask YOU how to spell things is I'm in kindergarten now, and I'm learning how to spell, and the teacher told us to ask our mommies and daddies what words mean when we see them around us. I see lots of words around us when we're driving, so you told me to do what the teacher said, and that's what I'm doing. I'm asking you what the words mean, because I'm supposed to do what my teacher tells me to do. You told me that." (I don't think he took one breath the entire time!)

Fair enough.

Welcome To Crustybeef~
I love these little quirks that occur over here in crustyland.


SOUL: said...

well? what did "the word" spell? did you get a ticket? did you cause a wreck? did you tell him to STFU? just kidding.

are you still cleaning? wanna come finish my dishes? wanna come pick up my kid? wanna smoke? wanna go out to lunch?

wanna yim?

i'm tired. and my eyes hurt. and i want to know.. right now.. how in the hell.. i GOT allergies after forty ! how????? how does that happen to a person? ERG!
alright. i have to go drag my stoopid little dog into the house before she has a heat stroke. she has been running from me for the last hour every time i try to get her. if she gets sick soulkid will blame ME.

hmmm. i think i'm kinda hungry. whaddaya got?


I have left over haystacks from last nights supper..umm,..lets see, brownie bites from Costco, Baked Beans-hee-hee, sorry soulman!!, Pistachios and caramel toast...whatcha want out of them?

I'm going out for a smoke..come with please. I will call...for'll be surprised...I may jack with my voice to mess with you a that Chucky doll or something...reminds me of my parenting ways..I'll have to tell you about the garden lady someday..I'm so mean.. :)

a quick smoke, and then I have to leave and walk to get Jack from school..and then off to Walfart for diapers, laundry need anything??

Portia said...

teehee...what to do with that double edged sword? i love the lil ones so much! yours are so lucky to have you. even when mine are driving me crazy they are still so darn cute! baby bear was misbehavin (!?! i know..just once;) the other day, you know, just testing his limits. i had to look away to keep from showing him the huge grin on my face, cause he was cracking me up too!

abbagirl74 said...

aw, how sweet. what a sweet baby you have.

SOUL: said...

wth is a haystack? and where's the soup you offered up at portias? what else ya got? i'm even hungrier NOW!

oh alright i'll just smoke...
you haven't called yet... unless you were the one from NY times that i hung up on???? LOL

SOUL: said...


austere said...

He is a completely smart child.
Wait till he reaches college.

Palm Springs Savant said...

omg- just read in your reply above you mentione Brownie Bites from Costco. Those ARE SO GOOD

Tink said...

When my Mom was barely two she rode in the backseat with her two slightly older brothers while my Grandmother drove around looking for a house. At one point my uncle started yelling for my Grandma to look behind her, and like you, she told him she was busy. This went on for ten minutes. Finally, my Grandmother got sick of the banter and turned around briefly to yell at her son. That's when she noticed the passenger door was open...

...and my two year old Mother was hanging off of it.

True story.


Portia: isn't that the best?? when we have to basically bite our cheeks to keep from laughing..just wait, it gets better! And you're a good mom and you'll enjoy it deeply!!

abba: I'm very blessed...I love to see the changes in the little guys, it must be amazing for you to have seen your son just fast does it grow? I'd love to read more about your experiences as mommy..

austie: I have 12.5 years left..and it'll go 2 more boys..definitely hope for some scholarships..

PSS: They are, aren't they? The crispy edges, the soft fudgy inside-to me it's the best homemade type store bought brownie..and the size, fits perfectly in your hand, like a locket that rests on your chest..hahah:)

TINK: OH my God!! That's crazy...what did your grandma do when your mom was hanging out the car...I can't imagine how I'd react to that. Sometimes it pays to actually LISTEN to our children..that's crazy!!