Friday, September 14, 2007


So, tonight was my next pelvic ultrasound test that they had to do while Pam's visiting-it's necessary.

Since my 20's Pam has visited on and off every 4-5weeks for 7days.

These past months since May-since around the time I stopped taking the Zoloft for my depression, she's been showing up every 6-7weeks for her usual 7 days.

So, 7 days has been consistent-for years now. I think since I first met her when I was 16, she stuck around for 7..

Ah yes, lucky number 7...

Meanwhile, back to the test...

It was set up for tonight with 32oz of water in me to arrive at the hospital at 9:45pm.
It had to be done in the window of time that Pam was going to be here.
We were covered until Sunday, there was time left..

Or, so we thought...

Story of my life!
Around 3pmish, I noticed that her suitcase was missing. I checked around the house to see if she was still around and things seemed quiet. She had a few items of clothes scattered about the house, but it was clear that she was on her way out of here.
I had no clue what her flight time was, as I said, she wasn't due to leave until Sunday.
When, you ask? Not sure, but Sunday?
Yes, a given.

Nope! She's gone as of 6:45pm...tonight-friday night.
No point in going to do the test when my gynie gal needed Pam to be here. I mean I could go and have the test, but then gynie gal would request a test next month when Pam's back, and that means 2 tests instead of 1. Which means more $$ spent towards medical...which is truly an irritating thing.

I mean, are you SERIOUS CLARK??
The past 16+ years she's been here for 7days...and now?
NOW she decides to leave early?
Stupid b.i.t.c................

It reminds me of the car that makes a noise until you take it into the garage to be looked at.
So if you want her to leave your home? Just schedule an appointment for maintenance work on your "folly phalanges,"and she'll high tail it outta there.

Story of my Life~
Now, pardon me, there's a bottle of wine that needs toasting to!


SOUL: said...

well.... that sounds like good news to me? i take it you're feelin better? good riddance to the beotch!
reschedule next month..good idea.
woo hoo let's smoke...

austere said...

silly pam. first she overstrays and THEN she leaves without a word.

zoloft doesnt do this, you know.

anyway, next month.

SOUL: said...

i'm up.. and i am on yahoo.. and i am smokin and chokin.. and i am waitin on YOU.. AGAIN. and it just occured to me.. you toasted TO a bottle of wine? i thought ya toasted WITH a bottle of wine? or has it just been too long?

how are ya this fine fine morning?


Soul: it's not good that I couldn't get to the "bottom" of this (taken from soul land..) but what's one more month, right? And at least I don't have to stay up

Austie: I just wonder since Zoloft is so "new" in the pharmaceutical eyes that in 15+years they'll find a link with cessation of the zoli and menstration...maybe not..but if so, you heard it first in crustyland!!

Soul: Hee-hee..What I did do, is toasted to the wine bottle with a full glass of wine...I probably should have been more detailed..
gone fishin, huh?
I wanna go!!
Full day on my plate today-busy busy!!


SOUL: said...

ahhhh... i see.
come on down here...let's fish!

KYRIE said...

Hey crusty,
How ya been doin :)

That Pam reminds me of all my crappy friends along the years (:
You always been there for her. But whn u needed her, how conveniently
she disappeared.
I am really angry with this Pam.

I am sticking my tongue out at Pam right now! There.

SOUL: said...

i have fished, i have cruised, i have blogged, i have ate, and i have slept...
but i still have not YIM msg'd with YOU!
i did however, just realize that when i did see your long message earlier... i only saw part of it.. i just now saw ALL of it. HOW FUNNY that was.
sorry i missed ya this morning.
hopefully will catch ya later
seein as i can't catch a fish!

Cheryl said...

What luck. At least you didn't have to drink all that water and have the test done for nothing. So, another month. Will you go through the same pain again? Hope not.

How's your Saturday?

SOUL: said...


SOUL: said...

alright... you are slippin on the slacker scale! or would that be rising?

hmmm.... regardless... i woke up at 5... again. wth.

how was yer tot party?

did yo see the football game? i missed the end.. of course... who won?

get up!
lets smoke!

SOUL: said...

crusty is MIA



Kyrie: People can be so cruel...and Pam takes the cake-I think that your Uncle Bas deserves a few Pams in his life..hahah..Hope you're well!!I'll see you in a few!

Soul: Smoke and choke??

Cheryl: Oh my gosh I was so dreading that too! Especially so late on a FRIDAY nite! I mean, I have TV shows, stories to write, yims to chat over, webkinz to play with--whoops!_ :)
I need a haircut! And I hope I won't deal with the pain level the same next month, but if I do the plan is to watch my next 2 cycles..and go from there..the wait and see approach.
as far as Saturday? tune in for a future posting of my past weekend..
:) How's the homecoming dress shopathon going? How fun must that be!!

SOul: OHHhhhhhhhhh SOoooooouuuulllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllWHere are YUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU?

Soul: Shit, I'm slacking? Eekss..please NO!!! THe totparty was a hit but ran really late into the night, and I'm so I got stuck with my webkinz..WHOOPS!:)and I didn't even get a chance to watch the game! Bigdogg did up in the bed, but I was playing with the tots.

Dolphins suck..poor bigdogg-GO BEARS GO CUBS!!Canes are improving, and I do know that the Semi's as usual, SEMICANE anyone?? Badaboom :)

Soul: HAHAH, you said, MIA...I used to live in MIA> friends would say, "Crustys gone MIA.."

Smoke and choke?

SOUL: said...

YES>>NOW.. i'm smokin , and chokin...and gettin a headache from soulkids early mornin music...ugh. but hey.. i remember being young and lovin..and needing my loud music....but oh how i hate it now
i just forgot what i was gonna say.
guess i'll see ya later, when it's QUIET here.