Monday, September 10, 2007

A Scheduled Outage at 11pm-that's 9:00pm here!

I've got one hour until the scheduled outage.
But that's alright, because I am feeling just lousy...

My friend Pam showed up late last night so I am just exhausted being up all night with her.
She brought with her a rather large suitcase that I always have to carry in when she's around.
She always sticks around for at least 7 days, and annoys me with her food cravings and nasty habits.

She makes me cranky, short tempered with the boys, and naturally when she's over visiting that impacts Bigdoggs and my, um, shall I say, "quiet time."

She's not reliable at all.
(I don't know why I continue this relationship)

She says she'll be here at a certain time, and sure enough, she doesn't show up. Something ALWAYS comes up. She'll have me on pins and needles worrying when she doesn't show up on time.

She plants herself firmly in one place and will continually nudge me-painful nudges, mind you-for at least the first few days. I know she's here, why the need to bother me even more with gut bubble punches or ruptures? Sometimes she'll nudge me clear in my back, near my kidneys.
If she messes with my belly button, she's toast-and I'll get rid of her quickly.

She makes me feel overly conscious with her physical insults and I can never put on my favorite jeans when she's here.

She ruins everything, Pam does.

This visit has been worse than the usual ones. But I'll be the better person, stop complaining, and instead of discouraging her habits, I'll do my best to look to the bright side of things. To find my closest friends good side...

Welcome To Crustybeef~
Damn it Pam-you've disrupted my household once again. I'm not too happy, but I'm too damn nice to stand up to you. What good would it do anyways? You'll still come back...


abbagirl74 said...

lol... I just got it. Funny, funny girl!

SOUL: said...

ok... i just have to ask... i have hear dthe lovely visitor called to by many names... but never "pam"... acronym? standing for what? never heard it, so you must inform my feeble dehydrated mind.
and yes i am still awake. perhaps i should have skiped the coffee, and went straight for the shot?
hell, i dont know
looks like a rather crappy monday all over blogland.
one last smoke?
take a t3.. you'll forget all about your misery. lol

Palm Springs Savant said...

Well wish i could help with that one....but its one guest that even I can't run out of your house. hope your week is tolerable :-)

austere said...


austere said...

but seven days? *raised eyebrow*
too long a visit.

captain corky said...

Funny, my wife has friend named Pam that stays with us too.

Cheryl said...

You are so witty. It took me a while to get it, I'll admit. Good luck this week!


abba: Tee-Hee!! She's such a PITA, Pam is! Does she make you as cranky as she makes me??

Soul: Years ago back in HS my friends and I were talking the normal talk and I came up with the name PAM which is short for: Periods and menstration (we've witnessed many people call it both, so I figured, lets just call it what it is-PAM) IT stuck, and has since carried on with my closest friends from college age and present-:) The T3 was taken, unfortunately it didn't take..if it's a cyst, like you said, no worries on it, most likely it'll shrink, but I'm going to follow up with my doc today (hopefully) to determine what's up with it. Its been extremely painful.

PSS: Thanks!!-I'm sure there are quite a few males that would prefer to drive her out of homes, however, at least when she's around you know that there aren't any presents arriving in 9months...

austie: Giggle giggle, smiley face right back at you-and yes, usually she's here for at least! 7days-it's been that way my entire "pam life"

Captain Corky; Your wife has a friend named Pam too?? NO way! I thought my chitown girls were the only one that referred to her as such-how'd she come up with the name? Maybe we once chatted-hahahah..

Cheryl: hee-tee hee, I can be witty when I'm at my worst pain level- it helps to keep my mind off her-guys name their cars, and we, well, name our annoyances. :)


SOUL: said...

aha. al-fred, thanks for the education. pam is often simply called "IT" around here. i think i picked that up from the book... are you there God, it's me margarette. i read when i was like 13 or 14... like you... it stuck. occasional it's the visitor, or aunt flo. call me juvenile... but for some reason.. all the other proper terms, sort of embarrass me.
prude? perhaps.
retahded? maybe.
tiahd...most definately. better get some sleep.
am glad you are going to the doc...lemmee know how it goes ok?
take care.

Portia said...

i about had a conniption fit last time my friend showed up late- don't they realize how TERRIBLY RUDE that is?? i was beside myself when she finally arrived :o


Soul: Ha, I read that book too-what's funnier about that story was I was given that book from my friend that lived behind our house, and I was scared my mom wouldn't like what they talked about, so I snuck it around-my mom knew I was reading it...such a moron I was..tell your daughter, take it from me, even if we think our mom didn't know what we were up to because she didn't say anything to us, doesn't mean that she wasn't aware of's ALWAYS know..and she'll be given the gift of always knowing someday..she will..

Portia: What A BITCH! See what I mean? She's just the most disrespectful thing fact I wish I could ban her from my blog because she doesn't deserve to see her name in red (ewww) over here.
I can imagine the shock when she didn't bother to even give you a heads up that she wasn't coming-HOW RUDE!!
Bitch, man, she's just a bitch!


austere said...