Sunday, September 09, 2007

Giving Others Gifts on Their Birthday, Loss, and BLOCK heads

Hey all, I'm around, just haven't had much time to get to my PC for a posting.

Yeah, I'd like to think I can get a break, but posting is my opportunity for a break. To get lost in the typing sounds of the keyboard, the words being written in my head speaking to the keyboard to get with it, and spell well.

Friday night was my mom's 55Th birthday.
She threw herself a birthday party.
She cooked a meal on her birthday.
She told a story on her birthday.
She baked herself a cake on her birthday.
She gave out gifts on her birthday.

We didn't argue with her, after all, this was what she wanted to do, and this is exactly the type of person she is, absolutely caring of everyone else. She puts everyone first.

She gave all her grandchildren presents, as well as her grown children and their respective "counter parts."
I love my mombee.

Saturday we had a block party for our little street. A block party, for those of you that don't know, is when the street is closed to any traffic, and all the neighbors come out, and BBQ, drink, play games, and get to know one another. We live on the north side of the block, and the party was hosted down the street on the south side-The street as my friend and same side neighbor refers to as the "Rich side of the street." She calls it this because of all the new million dollar+ homes that have replaced the traditional style ranches, and split levels. Those older homes sold to developers that tear them down to build the castles of unnecessary materialism.

It was fun, surprisingly. Each home, each family willing to participate, put in $15. We had the street closed by the barricades, a bounce house set in the street for the young children. An Arts and scrapbook table for the creative kids, Board games, Chalk, music, and quite a few people having their share of alcohol.

Meeting neighbors that haven't ever given us the time of day while in their mad rush Rush speedy delivery to Lacrosse practice, hockey practice, swim meets- lifestyle. Funny though, after they were told, from a lifer and fellow street neighbor of this town, my connection-my maiden connect- with this tiny town, suddenly they're ready to hang out, drink with me, and become my best friend-damn blockheads.

It was fun!! Up until I spilled Queso cheese dip on my white blouse.

Some people were more responsive than others. Take for example the judge that recently moved from his 1.5million dollar home on the south side of our street into a rather expansive mansion somewhere else, he walked around with such an air about him, that I wanted to start yelling, "OBJECTION!!!!!!"

The other neighbor, Erin, who obviously came into money from her family, and is using that money to display her love for large, brick, bay windowed, 5 bedroom homes with an inlaw area, a play room, a den, and more bathrooms than I can remember, for herself, her husband, and her two children. Sure, different strokes for different strokes, but I don't see the point of buying all that space for 4 people. It's a waste. It seems selfish, and whoops, I'm judging, aren't I? EEKS...

Personally speaking, and it's strictly my thoughts on this, but I'd much rather live simply, than to advertise my wealth based on the size of my home. Hmm, I wonder if she has her husband stuff his pants too-quite obviously bigger is better for them.

This particular neighbor clearly wears the pants in her family. Barking orders in a shrill whiny voice to her husband-"where's the bags? I want to play bags. You have to move them into the street so we can play." Her husband was perfectly happy, sitting with his beer, talking with Bigdogg and our fellow friend and same side of the street neighbor, Mark.
Duane's wife clearly killed the mood with her bagging demands.

She works for her fathers private investigator firm-and she was more than happy to talk about proprietary information regarding their clients. Like a former Chicago Bears player that had fathered a child. Like a couples therapist that was having an affair with his patient, and then black mailing her, threatening to tell her husband. Stories of out of state investigations that somehow involve picking up trash at a residence in the town of Barrington, Il, and finding serious porn in the bags.

Blockheads, some of them.
But, again, I enjoyed myself, partially thanks to about three MGD's. I had that "eyes are moving slower than my head" buzz and decided to stop at my third beer.

Saturday was also College football day: Bigdogg's beloved Miami Hurricanes were spanked by Oklahoma. A pity with the history of their new coach, Randy Shannon. This man has overcome adversity and then some!! Raised in a very poor part of Florida, riddled with drugs, gangs, murder, theft...he overcame it all, with tragedy attached to his family name.

Michigan lost-my brother is probably pissed, especially after last weeks upset with a division two college.

And DA-birthday party in about an hour for my cousin's little guy. He recently turned two, and to honor his life span, we'll be meeting up at a glorious park near their home for a few hours before racing home for the 3:00pm kick off of, DA BEARS!!

Makes me want to break out in my 5Th grade version of the SUPER BOWL SHUFFLE. Yeah, the year the bears won the Superbowl, I was in 5Th grade..I still remember being pissed at having to go to school the next day.

Super Bowl Shuffle - The funniest videos are a click away

Welcome To Crustybeef~
I'll be back tomorrow, or perhaps later today.
You just never know with me.


austere said...

Hey crusty! I can see where your caring and happy genes come from.
Block party divide was great fun to read about, north versus south,eh.

New money, old money, class, brash, fun it is.


Hey there Austere!!
It was fun, regardless of our mom's party was much more fun, though!! :)
awwwwwww, my caring and happy genes...thanks, that's so sweet!

tex said...

Wish Mama B a happy B-day from that little terror that used to live next door!
Great posting today. I hate snotty neighbors.
Too bad ya didn't have any CH's instead of that ratty MGD.


tex, funny, UD(he's a brewers fan!!) and I were JUST talking about you today...sit on THAT and sip it!! :)

Andrew said...

DA BEARS! LOL I haven't thought about the Super Bowl Shuffle in years. Didn't "The Fridge" do it as well? The block party sounded nice Crusty.

SOUL: said...

crusty... i'm gettin rather lonely doin all this smokin and chokin by myself.

you are gonna have to make a choice here. it's them... or me.

i'm just kiddin.
glad you're havin a good, fun filled weekend.
i want some queso !!!! i want lots and lots of queso !!
and guacamole.
and ummm... all kindsa stuff. i'm freakin stahvin !!!
can i eat any of that? noooo. can i eat any-THING? noooo. oh soup. sure. call the soup-nazi. i can have soup. yum. til tuesday.
just kill me.

ps... you bettah tell me the dawg likes the seminoles. tell me he does...or there will be trubble between the soulman and the bigdogg. the hurricanes aren't quite as bad as the gators... but they are close. so just tell me he likes the seminoles.

anyhow... have a great day
and gimmee food..grrr

Tink said...

I'd be afraid to have a block party with my neighbors. The evening Hoop and I started moving our stuff in, the neighboors at our corner started getting in a street brawl with the people across from them. I just stood there, staring, wondering where the hell we'd moved to. It's been pretty quiet after that though. Save for our ladder being stolen, our outside water being turned on in the middle of the night, and random bags of trash appearing on our driveway. *Sigh* Where do you live again? YOUR neighborhood sounds lovely. Maybe we should move. ;)

Baleboosteh said...

Hey Crusty, sounds like your Mums Birthday was rather interesting!

Happy Birthday to your Mum!


Tex: will do..we have much to chat about you and I over CHIII's...will have to be soon..I have some guests coming in from out of town..

Did it pull you back into the "Where was I when the bears won" thought process? I hope it brought a chuckle to your face. Glad to see you're out and about-I know it's not easy to do so.

Soul: After my cousin's 2son's 2 birthday party, I came home wiped out..thought I was ill, as a matter of fact-and slept on the couch drifting in and out of turnovers and poor calls of the bears game..turns out, it was nothing more than a "womanly thing" That is still kicking my ass..wonder why it's getting worse each month? Thoughts??
See your comments for the semi/gator/U comment...mwah haha!!

Tink!-what up? Between Soul and You, both you gals write some funny shit, I have to say. People turn on your outside faucet at night? Wtheck? I'd love to switch with you for a while, show them some crusty drama- what was the last thing they did to mess with you? We can switch for awhile..but I moved to the western burbs of Chicago for educational purposes for my kids..thanks for stopping over. Hope you and Hoop (Reminds me of One Crazy Summer) had a good weekend.

Baleboosteh: IT was a very nice, very warm, thoughtful, and fun party..she enjoyed it so much she asked her grandchildren (my sisters children) to spend the night-and on her birthday nonetheless..
How's things with you?


SOUL: said...

i feel for ya.
my thoughts tho....
hmmmm.... well, it could be anything...or nuthing. if i have heard your age.. sorry but i forgot it.. senile ya know.
but i will say... i went years without cramps..or feeling more than crabby... ok , bitchy. then whammo! maybe about my late thirties-ish... i started getting such bad cramps they went into my freakin back and legs even!!! i thought i had some serious medical problem... but nothing is "wrong"... just age??? don't know really.
i could suggest a doc. but that could only rack up a bunch of bills...for them to tell ya to take motrin.
sooooo.... unlesss you notice more drastic changes... just take motrin, and live with it.
that's my medical expert-ism...on that.

any other questions??/
hope you feel bettah
you still smokin?
i'm still "safe" for the time being.... but that could change at any moment! lol

captain corky said...

Sorry about Da Bears, but at least their defense played pretty good.

I'm inviting myself to your Mom's birthday next year. She really goes to town. I love that.

It sounds like the bag lady could definitely use a smack, but a three beer buzz sounds about perfect. Sounds like a good weekend Crusty. ;)

Anonymous said...

she is an absolute amazing woman and she should be placed on a pedastal for all she puts up with. By far one of the most sefless acts i have ever seen..amazing. puts so much inot perspective.


Portia said...

i love block parties! i remember having them every year when i was very very very first memories young. glad you guys had a good time!

Cheryl said...

I love block parties. A great way to get to know the neighbors and spend time with the ones you know. It's been too many years since we've had one here.

Thanks for all the times you visit me. I'd definitely be hanging out with you at the BBQ. I'd help with the hair too.


David Kim said...

Your mom sounds very nice giving gifts to everyone on her birthday.

That block party sounded like fun.

Cheryl said...

PS.. do you know if people bid on the items on your blog? Do you make a decent amount of money from the ads? Just curious, hope you don't think I'm too nosy.

SOUL: said...

lets smoke
it's the only thing i enjoy today
well, that and all the comments i got today.. :)
oh, and this diet green jello that i'm eating. beats nuthin...but i'll taste diet flavor for days. blah

what did you have for dinnah??


Soul: I think I might have an abnormal cyst-it's been quite painful today-I know "we" get cysts "each month" But this one is in the LLQ (lower left quadrant) and hurts to touch, to breath in, and to push that area-damn it, I ate nothing for jello sounds delicious..can I come over and we can be misery loves company?

Cheryl: the ad's for ebay work well-the trick is to be general about the ads that you select. I obviously due to my family background chose to advertise jewish ones, but it is a teeny's not large even close to large like Andrews..but I'm hoping someday to have a check like his...wonder how he does it.
You're never nosey...
ever..I welcome all questions..:)

David Kim: She did enjoy it..she's an incredible woman..block parties-it was my first one, and I did enjoy it, up until the spilt queso and the mosquito's-YUCK!Good to see you again. I meant to tell you, I rather enjoyed your rum comment to Proxima the other day-very witty!!

Portia: I think that us bloggers should close off a street and meet up-I'll host it! And well have a blogging block party... :)

Captain: You're welcome to come next year-consider this your invite:BUT!!:
a-you have to bring Allyson and your little guy
b-you can't complain about BFIllinois while you make the drive into our suburb 25miles of downtown chicago
c- you smoke a cigarette with Bigdogg.
d-You let Allyson and I go out and get a three beer buzz! :)

BDD: You have the heart of gold!!
She is incredible though, huh? Makes us sit back and think about our own lives and what we do to's so important as you witness and represent to give-I'd rather give everyday than to take for a half of day, wouldn't you? :)


P.S. SOUL: I'm 32 going on 33 Jan favorite NUMBER!!! and I'm heading out for a smoke right now..7:50pm.

Captain: Could be worse, that poor former U of Miami player with the Bills that got jacked and paralyzed and is on a respirator from a play yesterday..scary!!


SOUL: said...

well, it's 1035 guess i missed this one too.

a cyst is a possibility... but not always something to panic about...i have had them a few times, always went away on their own... but not til after i panicked and knew i was gonna die, hypochondriac much? me? umm yes.
perhaps go see the dr.??? or just see if any symptoms reamin after your buddy is gone. ???
just remember i'm not a doc.. but i prolly could be. :))

i dont have lime jello left.. i have 2 orange ones left tho..cone on over.