Wednesday, October 17, 2007

4 Days Not Clear

4 days with this cold virus so far.

Trade off? 4 days without the smoke and choke-sigh...
Do I miss it? Nope.
Do I still like the smell of it? If my nose wasn't so clogged than perhaps I'd be able to sniffle in the aroma only tobacco can bring.

But this cold is still here.
Still with fever.
Still this intense pain in my chest. That feeling that you want someone to pounce on you to break up the cloud of crap that's settling in your lungs.

That's how I feel.
Four days of this cold means perhaps it's time to call my doctor.

The hardest part about this cold is the painful feeling in my chest. Not wheezing, more like rumbling low in short breaths.

4 days of no smoke and this cold is still not cleared of my system.

Just another waiting game, I guess.

Welcome TO Crustybeef~
Short and brief today
today worse than yesterday
yesterday one day longer than day 3!


Cheryl said...

The yin and yang. Gosh you're sick. It really might be time to call the doctor, especially since you still have a fever. Three kids and a sick mom is not a good combination. How's everyone else holding up? The yang? Four days with no smokes? Amazing.

Anonymous said...

Hey did I read correctly that you smoke? With your kids around? You gotta quit, if not so you have less colds, for your children.

Mary said...

I'm not going to lecture re smoking. You already know all the reasons not to. I am encouraging you to see a doctor. The fever is holding on too long. It's time to let a professional step in, diagnosis, and treat.


Cheryl: it's fun being sick mommy-ha! Who am I kidding! The worst part about sick mommy is the feeling I get after the virus has left...everywhere I look I "See germs" screaming at me saying "hahahah..we're coming back." I embark on this intense version of fall and spring cleaning which well, Who knows.

anon: Thanks for the advice! Actually, I don't smoke around my children, I don't smoke inside the house etc...I up until recently 4days ago decided to turn in the towel regarding the's too much of a hassle plus I don't like how my fingers smell. :) You are absolutely right regarding colds and so forth, however, that's one thing I'm fortunate with..I usually get a cold per season 4X a year? Not bad.

Mary: Unfortunately other moms in my neighborhood have the same thing, have been to the doctor and each doc has said the same thing: viral...nothing to do about that but let it run it's course and get lots of rest...I could go, and I may depending on the pain in my chest, but, the coughdrops and vicks seem to be helping...not to mention my lemon honey tea. 4 days moment by moment without a cigarette. Support is all I need, the rest is up to me.


Portia said...

:( Yikes. I hope you still have help with the kids...and that you find some relief soon! I'll be thinking of you, wishing you some healing today.


YOu snuck in help with the kids today.well, I shouldn't say no help..Sulli's at preschool until 1040am..Ben is taking an unscheduled am nap having woke around 6am today, and a neighbor friend of mine took her kids and my Jack with her to a park near our house so I could rest...I'm doing laundry and cleaning the house. I get real itchy when I'm I said to Cheryl, when I'm sick, I get anxious that all the germs are just laying around on everything...makes me itchy. :)

Happy Wednesday...


I meant, Portia, you snuck in there! :) sorry, My brain is on a vapor coughdrop high. :)hahahah

SOUL: said...

who is anon? friend or foe? hmmm. gotta love the lecture eh?

anyhow..was glad to see you are goin to the dr.
i also am goin to the doc at 230 tomorrow. to get my stitches out. :))
maybe then, i can smile without pain. other than smiling.. and eating... it doesnt hurt too bad anymore.

hoping YOU get better SOON/

austere said...

hullow? rest!


Soul: hahah...I have no idea who anon is...someone that enjoys giving advice behind the closed curtain so to speak. Maybe it's my confessional Priest? :) hahaha
Good luck today at 2:30! We'll be channeling each other.

austie: I am requesting some of that tea that you spoke of in an earlier post..yum!