Saturday, October 06, 2007

Colors Of My Life

Colors surround me.
In different ways through different views.
Perspectives of my own daily life.
Like When Sullivan finds multicolored markers and while I'm using the "loo" he goes crazy on the chair in our "breakable room." What we call the living room-mommy's memories in this room. We read in this room, we have conversations with guests in this room, we don't go crazy in this room.
Until Sullivan decided to draw rainbow train tracks on my living room chair.
He was making rainbow tracks. This last picture it's difficult to see, but he drew red, yellow, green, blue, and orange from one side of the armrest, along the back, and out back on the rightside of the chair.
OR, colors when your youngest child smiles at you so much he's glowing sunshine:

Or even colors that come from changing your own self.
I've needed a day for a long time, an hour to relax in a chair and have my hair cut.
I took it a step further, went for a fall look, the ever popular inverted bob, and waalah,
Brian's excited to have a "new woman" in the house, Ben's interested in the new look, and Jack and Sully think it's just soooooo shiny and soft!

Welcome To Crustybeef~
on the bright side, my little Sulli knows his colors, My Jackson is reading by himself now, and my Ben is getting into EVERYTHING! BUT, I have new hair, and it makes me feel better and different and vibrant and ready for anything!!
*Pic of Sulli's first day of school:

Lastly colors of change, when you look back on a picture of your oldest and although the picture was taken not too long ago, the change is colorfully drastic!
sigh, anyone want some coffee? It's 4:00pm and I need my fix!


SOUL: said...

FILL-ER UP!!! i'll take the orange mug please.

so sorry about the chair.... really. i can relate. artists, cats, silly putty. hmmm. well, at least you found a way to find the beauty in it, and also to write a very nice post/ about colors.

and such.

very nice.. and i am smilin... but hurry up and coffee me.
(please) :))

happy saturday.

tex said...

I have an old Denny's mug I hoisted...filler up please and we'll watch this beautiful display going on at Wrigley.....
Hair looks great BTW!

austere said...

SUPERB post. LOOk at that grin on his face, BEAUTIFUL!And that new cut is really really smart, I'm tempted to go cut off my long hair.Really nice.

And you have a designer chair too. We used to have a's and b's all topsy turvy, on the wall for a long time. Like a signature. grin.

Anonymous said...


The cut looks great! And so does the color! Well the colors and the furniture...comes with the territory doesnt it... With wasn't so much the's STICKERS!

Cheryl said...

Love your new cut and the color is great too. Shiny. So, will you keep the decorated chair as is?

My daughter never 'colored outside the lines'. Maybe that's why she acts out so much now?

Happy Sunday. The sun is shining bright here.

Palm Springs Savant said...

with a cute face like that, who cares about a few crayon marks around the house?

Great pics!

Cheryl said...

I had to search to find this've written so much! I think in the old days the owners didn't get tipped, but not now. Just what I think...

Portia said...

there is just no way to avoid those "moments" is there? i can remember taking crayons to the walls in my parents house when i was a toddler. as i recall, i did not know WHAT my mother's problem was when she saw the beautiful picture i drew just for her! she didn't seem to be smiling:) i LOVE the haircut! might inspire me to make a change...