Sunday, October 07, 2007

Sunday Thoughts

I'm sitting here at 7:42am on Sunday morning, listening to the song "HERO" on my play list.Sipping my hot coffee and finishing off my first managers special donut.


Annoyingly when I went in there this morning, at about 7:10am, the place was packed. Included in the mixture of Sunday morning pleasant-ville townspeople were a police officer, an older man with two sleepy eyed boys in their button footie pjs wearing those crock shoes that I see every child wearing..NO THANK YOU! Those shoes are horrible on kids feet-in my opinion, everyone has a right to our own.
So including a schlew of people, and the denim clad blond haired jewelry wearing woman that appeared to have been surgeon-ly painted. Her smile was frozen to her denim swatches of her bingle bangle bracelets. It was quick funny to see. Like looking at the Chucky doll's mouth-HA!

The donut clerk screwed up my order and I didn't realize it until I returned home. All I asked for were, and I quote,:

"May I please have 1/2doz of orange and black manager specials please?"
HER: "Mannnnghers special?"
ME: "Yes please, thank you!" And 6 glazed munchkins as well to complete the order, thank you."

Now, I was raised to be polite, to be nice, to have manners. I was raised to be respectful to adults. Now that I'm a 'growed up' I have to maintain those same skills from childhood and carry them onto my children. This is my parenting style. And the beauty about parenthood is we all operate differently. There are similarities with our differing businesses, but we have our own unique style. The trick is, to know how to let all these different peoples styles roll off your back.

On Wednesday we had a little boy over. He's in Jackson's school. There's something a bit off by the boy. He's very hyper, has robotic mannerisms perhaps habitually created for attention? He is the only child. His mom is an attny and works quite a bit. Dad is in the IT business, but works from home and cares for their only son daily. His dad does carpentry on the side and built his son a treehouse by hand, fully equipped with a huge ladder, a trap gate, a bucket with rope to be lowered and raised from the tree up, as WELL as a robe and pulley extending from the tree trunk up in the treehouse to his bedroom window. I mean, you can tell they dote on their boy.


Yet, his nails are always long and dirty. Bigdogg says cause dad's taking care of the boy. My Aunt Common sense says it's probably because the boy throws such a fit that the parents don't want to deal with it. This particular boy's peer language is more mature and mocking, then the rest of the boys in their adorable little "JG" group. (We call it JG because there are so many boys with the same two names-each family has a link to us by a name-all of us! They're a good group of families, living on the next block over. They're still not at our old friends levels, old neighbors, old roommates, best friends, but, it's a comfortable setting for us because they all have children. None of them judge. They're simple like that. They chose to live simply. Not to advertise their wealth. And there are quite a few successful people in this group. We enjoy the fact that they like the simpler things in life. But, back to this boy.

Wednesday Playdate:
Picked up the boys from school and brought them over here to play for 2hours while I had my other 2 little guys here. I had a feeling in my gut going into it this wasn't going to go well.
Someone was crying at every moment about something. And throw in a girl from across the street, Jack's 8 year old beauty, even she was crying. CRAZY!!

Well the boy wasn't bad, but he just had a very lackadaisical approach to life. When Jackson would ask him a question, like, "hey, do you want to go outside and play swords?" The boy would respond with, "whatever.." but in more of a lazy, mocking way.

The playdate ends and dad comes over to pick up his son.


Now, even that is new to me. I mean, I don't know many Mr. Mom's, so it's weird for me to engage conversation with him, I mean, the moms and I will be standing around talking mom talk, and this dad keeps right along with us. It seems weird. I give them ALL the credit in the world, stay at home's challenging for parents regardless. Even if the ratio of dads at home to moms at home highly differs.

So, dad comes in, and I show him downstairs to where my son and his son were playing. I meanwhile am outside talking with a Cub scout son and dad asking if I'd like to buy popcorn. (See? pleasant-ville!) I'm watching Sulli run around on his tricycle, and ben's hanging out in the stroller staring and chatting. Then I hear all this screaming, and giggling, and heightened laughter, I peeked in with Sulli and the dad and my son and his son were playing hide and go seek. And this dad was tickling Jackson. Lifting him up in the air, grabbing at his feet when Jack goes to crawl away. He's very involved. But,See? It's normal, right? I mean, he IS the one at home. It's just weird to see dad being the sensitive one, the playful one all the time.

Moving onto Friday:

All the moms apart of our growing group get together every Friday morning at the park. Naturally this boys father had to work, so we all offered to take him with us to the park. 7moms and our little ducklings head to the park. This boy throwing a Nerf football around and walking in and out of peoples lawns, the balls going in the street,..reckless behavior is what I feel instinctively. We get to the park and the majority of the boys go off to the open area next to the park to play football. My Jackson and the girls remained back playing hide and sneak.

I'm sitting there pushing Ben in the swings, as Sulli runs around on the jungle gym thingie, and I notice the boys are getting too close to the street. Throwing the ball into the trees, on the outer parkway of the park-directly next to a busy street in the am due to the elementary school being down the street, and the jr high being three houses away, so clearly, the boys were in a safety violation. I asked a fellow mom if she wouldn't mind watching Ben as I went over to the boys to ask them nicely to move.

I arrive on the pack of wolves like a trainer with meat in my hands. Ready to attempt the art of diversion.

"Hey guys, you need to go over there, near the basketball courts. Then you'll have much more room, in that wide open field. QUICK!! Get on this line, (I point to a "pretend" line in the grass)
All the little wolves go running off howling, racing for the open grass ahead of them. Wild and full of caveman habits, their hair flopping up near their ears. Their tongues hanging out of their mouths.

All but one little wolf.
This same boy. It was his football. He had been calling the shots during the entire game. He stood there, looking at me, backing up against the tree trunk clutching the foamy football.

I said to him, "Come on, -NAME!- you're their quarterback, they need you, go on, get out there,..ready?"

him: "NO! And You can't Make Me!"
I: "pardon me?"
him: "I said, NO, I'm not going and you can't do anything to me."
I: "Well, you're loss, they're out playing and you're here by yourself-you're missing out."
him: "What are you going to do about it?"
I: lowering my head, my eyeballs raising with my eyebrows, turning to walk away, my arms wrapped around each other, I said, "I think I may go call your father.."

And I walked away.
No, I didn't tell the father, nor did I call him. Later on the boy got karma back by another boy while listening to a firemen demonstration (A firetruck saw all of us at the park, stopped, passed out hats, pencils, fliers for their open house in a few weeks, showed the children things on their trucks, did a STOPDROPANDROLL Demonstration...see? Pleasant-ville!


While the random children, of other parents not with our friday group, were trying on the firemens gloves and helmet an older boy turned towards the sassie boy from our group, and for whatever reason just socked him in the jaw while wearing a firemens glove. It was quick, not to many people saw it, just me and two other moms that were in our group.

So, Karma found him long before I found his dad. No sense in making it worse.

Friday Evening found me at The Grocery Store which I will have to continue this later. My kids have now officially stuck their fingers through all 5 managers special orange donuts.

Welcome To Crustybeef~
Have you been paying attention? MY pet peeve is that people don't listen to me! The store clerk should know better, shame on her, I said 1/2 orange and black managers specials. She put in 6 orange managers special. Having been in sales for years, the one thing you have to do is be a good listener..Pet Peeve! That boy not listening? Well, That's something I will have to further investigate. But the dad did ask Bigdogg if Jack could spend the night on Friday night. We said no. More on Friday nights last minute thing-ugh-later. The main reason that sent me to the grocery store.

SEE? ORANGE Donut with mini finger prints in it next to MY favorite cup of coffee. This was what donut Mommy got to eat. Just like "burnt toast," we take the leftovers.

OH, and EVERYONE thank Pattycakes for me! She's the one that found me my new hairdresser. I guess we're even now, Pattycakes. After all, I found her her husband, and she found me a hairdresser! Fabulous trade! He's their old neighbor until Pattycakes, her husband and daughter had to up and move to Scottsdale AZ...shits! But, as a blast down memory lane, here's to you! I LOVE your Happy New Years Hat!! You and Dnutz and Jenn Had a rough night that night. Lucky for you, I was sober! :) Miss you, momma!


Palm Springs Savant said...

I can totally relate. It drives me insane when people don't listen. I even have that at home when I'll say something, and I'll get the "mmm-hmmm" back, knowing full well that not a word of what I said really registered. Aarrrggghhhh

ps- the donus made me hungry

tex said...

Ah....can't wait to join you at the little get-togethers...if I can get MArk and amy out there....keep me posted.
Go D-Backs!

Cheryl said...

I'm sitting here in the early morn with a newspaper by my side, along with a textbook I want to glance through, but reading your post was better than anything else I could have chosen to do. Thanks, Crusty. I hope today finds you with the perfect cup of coffee and sweet to go with it.

Portia said...

great post! it does all come around doesn't it? that little boy reminds me of one that was at my house not too long ago... you are wonderful at all these delicate situations like handling other kids when their parents aren't around.