Monday, October 01, 2007

An email from THE UD

UD was gone on vacation last week.
He picked a great time to head out.
The weather was calm and warm.
The roads getting their yearly check up construction repave-every highway it seems.

While I was back home entertaining Bigdogg's mother and grandma for 5 days, UD (my uncle) was traveling by motor vehicle with his wife, my Aunt Suzie.

While he was gone, his daughter caught a nasty bug. His daughter was ill, poor gal. She has three children ages 4, 2 and newborn 4months, and has her hands full. Just a cold at first, it turned into bronchial drama's later on. She's sleep deprived, nursing deprived, and sick. That's a horrible combination for a woman.

I was hoping to help her, but I was so consumed with my visitors, I wasn't even able to get out and help myself-except for one Starbucks run-but even that turned into a burning mission.

So, I had to chuckle when I read my UD's email about all that he accomplished while on his vacation:


The Lethal Lady and I returned from a week of visiting:

1) Cahokia Mounds (Collinsville, Il)
2) Onondaga Caves (Leasburg, Mo)
3) Ft. Leonard Wood Museums (Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo)
4) Harley-Davidson factory (Kansas City, Mo)
5) Jim the Wonder Dog memorial (Marshall, Mo)
6) Kansas City Royals game (Kansas City, Mo)
7) Museum of Dogs (Town & Country, Mo)
8) World War I museum (Kansas City, Mo)
9) Fantastic Caverns (Springfield, Mo)
10) Truman's home (Independence, Mo)
11) Kansas City Zoo (Kansas City, Mo)
12) Al's fraternity dinner (Des Moines, Ia)

Somehow she survived being with me and I endured being with her 24/7 for nine days.


and I?
I survived being with my mil and gma-il all week as well.
We didn't visit caves, nor did we dine in fraternity halls, but we had ribs, and Red Lobster-Jackson's choice, not mine.

We walked around our little downtown the morning of last Friday, the day they were due to leave.
We stopped and had lunch at EGG HARBOR Cafe, and I just have to say that their egg salad sandwich was delicious. It had bacon, tomato's, and the taste of the buttered toasted bread was something out of this world.

I'm back as UD is, and ready to settle back into my normal routine.

We all survived.

Welcome To Crustybeef~
It's MONNNNnnnndaaaaaaaaay!!!


abbagirl74 said...

Sounds like a great week, despite of the sick relative. Here's to another!

Portia said...

lots of I HOPES:
the week was good
the weekend was better
you are having a marvylous monday!
your cousin feels better soon!


David Kim said...

I hope you had fun. Next time, bring me back an egg sandwich!

Cheryl said...

Welcome back Crusty. We missed you. Glad the visit was a good one. I'm sure you're ready to get back to your routines.

I ate at Red Lobster today with my mother. I didn't really like it. Too dark and a little smelly. She was in heaven with her soup and salad. I was good and had broiled flounder and broccoli. Then I had some chocolate to round it out.

SOUL: said...


so glad you survived the week!
let's smoke!
got coffee?
got food?
the sandwich sounds yummy too.

smoke, choke, and gorge me!

Anonymous said...

oh sounded all good..esp the egg salad sandwich...yum yum...what i wouldnt give for those little things....HA

SOUL: said...

where are you?
smoke n choke?
i been up for hours waitin for you to get up. :))

Portia said...

hiya Crusty!! what's up??
hope your week is going alright :)

Anonymous said...

I am galsd that you had some fun with the p's. thanks for being such a great host and wife.


Hey abba: It was fun-I just felt bad that I couldn't go help out my cousin. :(

Portia: I've missed you gals!!

David Kim: WElcome again!! And I've got a nice egg sandwich on it's way for you..hope it's still fresh!! :)

Soul: UUUUUUGHhhhhh..I've fallen...actually, yesterday and today have been so swamped with kids sorta came out of no where. I've had zero time to sit..go figure..and one smoke so far..
wanna go have one now?
Let's smoke and choke!!

Jyankee: Hmmm..well, I'd send you one, but I doubt it'd be as fresh as those awesome taco's soul sent you. ISn't she the bestest? :)
intentional grammar error!!)

Cheryl: YOu have some guts..I won't go made me so sick...we didn't make it home..we had to stop near home at a Britney Spears stop..ugh...
did you like the biscuits though? YUmmie!

Portia: I'm here..just busy. :(

Soul: I'm here...crusty..but I'd like to know if you and Portia would like to go smoke with me right now???

BDD: I LOVE what you said!! :) giggle.


KYRIE said...

I am glad that CRUSTYYY is back! Yeaaahhh!
Good night crusty.

austere said...

crusty- know this is late, but just loved that "lethal lady" bit.