Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Oh Craps, Giggles and Warm Fuzzies

RINGGgggggggggg RINGGGgggggggggggggg

"hello?" (that's me, after I've answered the phone.)

"I just wanted to call and tell you that I'm addicted to you." (that's what Bigdogg said to me yesterday when he called to say hi, yesterday morning)


"Mmmmmmmmooooooommmmmmmmmmmieeeeee-My Penis Gets REALLY BIG when it sticks UP!!! Come here, look!!!!!!!!!"

(That was Jackson last night getting ready for bed upstairs in his room)


"If I'm really bad, my friends will slam the door, and kick me out, and I won't be able to go back in until I say, sorry!! I'll be kicked out of school."

(That's what Sullivan said yesterday when we were talking about his-FIRST DAY OF PRESCHOOL-which started today!!)


1. Bigdogg: GIGGLES!!
How cool is it that my husband can call me while on break at a convention for work, and tell me that he's addicted to me. And that he's shaking from withdrawals! I love that man. He's the best-and we laugh in our marriage too! You need laughter, because someday when we're in our 80's, trying to have sex will be like trying to climb Mt Everest.
He makes me laugh and smile and giggle, and the warm fuzzies are never ending.

2. Jackson: OH CRAP!
Yes, he's getting older. Yes, it's time for us (meaning his parents) to sit down and have a very generic chat regarding body parts. Do I find it hilarious? Yes, but that's only because he's a guy, and little does he know that for the majority of his life-he will have to fight with that "tool" regarding things unknown to me, being a woman. Little does he know, that he'll be comparing size just like the teenage girls compare their stuffed bras. I could go on with what else commenced in the conversation, but, he'll read this someday, and I'd hate to embarrass him more. Lets just say it has to do with the same word you yell when you're out, golfing!!...

3. Sullivan: OH CRAP!!
Needless to say, we need to (we, meaning Sulli's parents, meaning, Bigdogg and I) improve our skills on behavioral modification. No, we'd never tell him that if he misbehaves he'll be kicked out of school. Unfortunately that came from a budding soon to be 6year old. We have to work on everyone around us that seems to put Sullivan under the category of "labels." He's a tender sweet boy, that is extremely independent, extremely bullheaded, stubborn, and strong.

As parents we have to tweak those wonderful traits that he has. Some of the most successful people I know, carry those traits. The trick is for every called out negative behavior, I have to be certain to follow up with 5 positives. It's easy to forget to do that though. When they're sitting near you, watching TV quietly, it's easy to forget to reward the good. The moment he does act out, we're quick to use the, "THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE," lingo....

I don't want him growing up thinking he's going to fail at things. He had it in his head before even going to school today, that he was going to get kicked out-THANKS JACKSON!!

That he was going to fail.
It crushed me.
But like the bell, food, salivate of Pavlov's theory...all will work out.
He enjoyed his first day of school today.
He missed his mommy.
AND!! He's ready to return tomorrow morning at 8:30am.

Welcome To Crustybeef~
Sullivan's venture out into preschool land was brought on by the visit from my mil and gma-il last week..
My Mil felt it was necessary to have Sullivan in a stimulating environment with his own peers. She believes that children are far better off in school than at home.
I wasn't going to fight her suggestion and thought process. She offered to "fund" the cost of Sullys preschool, and I accepted.
He is attending the program at my old HS, go figure!! Full with cap and gown in May of 2008, he'll have a graduation, just like his mom once did. When I walked through the indoor Gym clear back in May of 1993 on graduation day.

PLUS!! Because it's run by the students of the childhood development advanced classes, it's very inexpensive.
$125 per quarter.


SOUL: said...

life sounds good in crustyland!!!!
i'm on YIM..drinkin coffee and smokin in my HOUSE...
come ovah!!!!
hurry..times a wastin!
we have plans to makE!!!

dznutz said...

your boys are a riot!!! my cousin pulled the same thing as jackson when he was little and i was babysitting...i was still young and naive and thought he had a pencil stuffed in there and went to grab it!! :) OMG!!! :)

tex said...


abbagirl74 said...

I had my kid tell me about his penis growing in the middle of rush hour traffic while I was trying to change lanes. Let's just say I got off on the next exit.

Cheryl said...

So you're OK with Sullivan being in pre-school? I hope he loves it. Very cool that he got into that program in your old HS. We had that where we went to school and I took the child development class. He's lucky to be in it. You're lucky to have a husband who admits to being addicted to you.

SOUL: said...

wussup crustay?
you KNOW what i'm doin at 5 a.,m
so come ovah
coffee's hot.
smokes are ready
and it is QUIET .. for once.
join me?
smoke n choke...
c ya

Portia said...

aww, crusty, your family is awesome! how do you feel about the preschool thing? it's got to make a big difference in your day. those stories were each adorable:)

SOUL: said...


Tink said...

LMAO. Out of the mouths of babes...

tex said...

Kill that damn Cub music...it's giving me a migrane.

austere said...

preschool? I went to one in a cycle rickshaw, and every morning we'd sit and howl, in a chorus, one- two- weep. :))

Who worries about behavioural modif then? He won't remember the stuff. I don't either.