Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I've had my guardian angel alongside me today.

I have a doctors appt tomorrow at 2:30pm should this thing still be hanging around my throat and chest.

I have friends/neighbors that are willing to help without me even having to ask.

Now that is refreshing.
Sometimes asking for help is just as exhausting as needing the help.
You feel guilty by the pause on the other side of the telephone.

You feel as though you're putting people out by asking for help.

I've recently learned how to just "ask" for help when I need it. I may not always get a "yes, I'm on my way," but the fact that I've learned to ask for help is a milestone in my life.
Having children made me stronger.


Having a growing network of neighborhood moms that understand one another does play a tremendous factor into this. Especially today.

The family that we made a meal for due to mom having surgery has extended their helpful hand towards me.

Kathy called last evening asking me if she could please take Jackson for the morning, so that I may rest.

Kathy called two hours after picking up Jackson today and said, "I'd like to keep him for lunch, and then if it's okay, I'd like to drop him off at school with Gavin." "It'll help you out, and I know how difficult it is. You have been so helpful to me during my surgery, and taking my kids off my hands, I'd be honored if you'd let me keep Jackson for the morning. It'll give you some time to rest, do whatever you need to do, not have to interrupt naps with the little ones, they can go down earlier...."

What I enjoy about Kathy is how down to earth she is. You can talk about anything, and she'll just listen. She offers help without you having to ask of it. She doesn't tell you how to live your life, nor does she tell you how to parent. She doesn't tell you that you're doing it the wrong way just because one parent may enjoy Organic milk over Vitamin D. She's very accepting of people. She's very kind and has quite a funny sense of humor. She's stern with her children, but in the same, she allows them room to breath. Room to explore their environment. She can capture any audience with her soft spoken story telling and she's just a precious delight to be around.

Funny how help can come in different forms.

Here I am with such a huge family, and I'm getting tremendous amounts of help, while sick, by my neighborhood gal pals.

Go figure.

They don't care that I'm sick. They're not concerned that they may catch it. They're not worried about their children getting ill. Their main concern is 'what can we do to help out Crustybeef until she's feeling better.' They figure with the cold virus already running around, it's only a matter of time before it creeps into their household. They're not "germ-a-Phobos." They know how it feels to be home sick with children. They are the giving type. As I'd like to hope that Bigdogg and I are.

There are quite a few people out in this world that are the complete opposite of this. They judge. They point fingers. They refuse to help out. They are selfish people.They think your ideas are wrong. They think how you're raising your children are wrong. They pass judgement and wreak of arrogance. They're so consumed with themselves that they fail to see that the people in their lives need them too. They're never happy with anything that you do or say-remember, they're right and you're always wrong. They don't know how to agree with you, they don't know how to see your own thoughtfulness. They're so wrapped up in their own tiny dramas that they can't see out of their snowglobe they call Life.


Wasteful shame.

It's nice to have this.

This network of help.

Welcome To Crustybeef~
Yes, it's very nice to have people in my life so willing to help out. To seek ME out offering help. And it'll be nice to offer them help back, when they need it.
Like I said, sometimes having to ask for help is just as exhausting as needing it.


Anonymous said...


They are even luckier to have such a caring and wonderful freind like you. You are a great mom and they all know that. You are so easily liked, it is no surpirse that you have made good friends with these ladies from your hood.

Portia said...

I am so glad to hear you have a network of help too! You certainly do deserve it, and I know how hard it can be to ask, so I'm really really really glad someone has offered to help you out this week. Really:) I hope you are able to take them up on it guilt-free and focus on healing yourself for a little bit. Or at least take a nap;)

Cheryl said...

Like my mom always says, it's nice to be nice. You're a great friend and neighbor and always give. It's no wonder you attract friends like that. The world would be so much better if people just treated others like they'd want to be treated.

I hope you're feeling better.

KYRIE said...

Oh dear. Get well soon I hope dear friend. You really gotten a BAD virus.
Try to drink pletty of fluid, get yourself some chicken soup, and get plenty of rest!

btw. You really are a good friend, I totally agree with other commenters. You always been there for everyone. Now rest up :) You need strength to slay the flu virus!

SOUL: said...

ola my crusty sistah....

i'm sorry you are still feeling so sick. bronchitis maybe? good thing you are able to not smoke. you are a stronger woman than i. glad you are going to the dr. once that junk gets in the lungs it can wreak havok. i just went thru that..smokin my head off..and still cough every now and then.... take care of yourself. and i am very happy to hear that your neighbors and friends are helping you out. i KNOW that horrid feelin and fear of asking... or worse... getting the courage to ask- only to be refused.

the older i get, the more i really believe in Karma. maybe not in my time... but in due time... it always comes back around. good or bad.

take care of yourself..and get some rest while you can. k?
you gotta be all fixed up for when i get up there... remember? :))

coffee.. hot tea?... blanky? :))

ps.. i love the snowglobe comment. so true.

austere said...

You're so generous and giving of yourself and laughter, it has got to come back, multiplied several times over, has it not?

Wish I could make you a nice pot of nice Indian tea with ginger and basil and green tea.

I hope the appt went well?

SOUL: said...

pssst---got coffee?

SOUL: said...

just reading about that tea let me smell it- how odd.


austie: Oh that sounds soo good right now! The thought is what counts! Take your rest and hope the move is going well!

Soul: I have honey tea straight from the bear's belly.

Soul again: Yes, I did too, I can smell the scents of that tea..Austie..we all want some!p.s. You called it with the bronch...I'm calling you Dr. Soul from now like the parental job application? :)


anon: You are my addiction :)

Portia: it's been well, in a wierd way, I'd have to say, it's been nice considering I've been sick..but it's been nice to have people making an effort for me.

Cheryl: Oh how I agree with you..granted if the world was based on how people treated people..there are still the spoiled apple types so that may make life a bit rough for soulful people such as yourself. Your mom is right about that...and I don't think there's anything wrong with being nice, and not enjoying conflict. Who likes conflict?

Kyrie: Again, you are the sweet one! You're battling the crazy Unckie's and the nasty neighbors and here you are being so sweet with all the mean people in your world. I wish your uncle could see what I see in you...he's wasting a relationship treating you the way he does. How's the paperwork? UGH!