Monday, October 08, 2007

Hemorrhagic Cyst

That's my results.
A 3cm Hemorrhagic Cyst.

They do dissolve.
They do take away to go away. They do cause a lot of pain, but not risky as long as the size of the cyst remains low, and it doesn't keep developing monthly after the body attempts to mend itself.

However according to the ultrasound I just had, it's redeveloped-but it's only at 3cm right now.
If the pain consists during my Pam cycle, a quick course of action will take place-Surgery.

However, if the pain isn't with Pam, than they'll monitor me, and retake more tests during these next 2month cycles.

My Ob doesn't want to do surgery unless it grows over 5cm, or the pain comes back. Then it'll either just be an emergency surgery or a scheduled one.

As long as it doesn't get big, I don't have to worry about the cyst rupturing causing internal bleeding. At this point (or their guess from last month) it's small enough to rupture, bleed out and dissolve without damage to me.

My Ob said going forward, to call, make an appt and come in if periods get painful. She said it's not worth waiting due to pride or trying to be strong to go through the painful cycle.
Why do you think they say Ovarian cancer is a silent disease? Because women ignore the tiniest things, like cramps getting worse (can be different reasons) but all in all, she said, anytime your body changes drastically with pain, to always call your doctor.

Had I gone in when all this first started, she'd have a better idea of how big the cyst was then, or to see how much growth it's done these past 3-4months of painful visits.

The pain was horrific, and do I want to have to endure that each month? No, but I don't want surgery, and until it grows, or causes a risk of internal bleeding our course of action with my female Ob will be to just wait it out.

Waiting sucks, but so far, no pain.
Granted, I have another few days before Pam will show us otherwise.
Yet, I have good hopes that all will be well. I have to be positive!

Welcome To Crustybeef~
I am cystastic!


simonsays said...

Oh man, JUST what you need, I'm sure. Well, maybe you will be able to escape surgery at all, I will certainly think good thoughts for you. Don't you just love this kind of we need any kind of help at all with trouble? Hang in there. :)

Cheryl said...

Cystastic! What a great word. I hope your visitor is gentle with you this month. You certainly deserve it. I'm sure you're thankful to know what it is, and what it's not, ya know?

SOUL: said...

cystastic! i will admit, i got a chuckle out of that word myself! (sorry- again at your expense, but you are just TOO funny sometimes.)
i am assuming cystastic is somewhere along the lines of extatic? i bet you were SO relieved to get this news.
i am happy for you! i have been there, and i know that the mind can only travel to the worst case scenario when you hear the words ovarian cyst. yikes!

anyhow.. coffee?
got any cheesecake? that sounds good right about now.

take care
will see ya soon...i can actually say that to you! woo hoo!


abbagirl74 said...

Ouch. Hope you feel better soon. Sorry about your Cubs.

KYRIE said...

That sucks Crusty.
I really don't know how helpful this is, but I hv heard taking Evening Primose Oil can help out a bit during such pains.

Take care girl. BTW I thought Pam was human!
Get well soon.

austere said...

Hugs. I think you should do fine. take care, crusty.

Portia said...

waiting does suck. i hope the next week is painless and your cystastics work themselves out!!


Tink said...

Oh no! I'm sorry about your cyst. And the waiting game totally sucks. From one "beef" to another- ((HUG))

SOUL: said...



Simon: that's right..I'm going to be positive, and not negative like so many people can be in my 'real life', and just go forward with an outlook as, it could be far worse..pain is managable..I've had three children, if I can get through all of that the first year 3X than I can manage a tiny 3cm cyst. :)

CheryL: can you come over and style my hair? I'm feeling lazy this morning! There's a caribou 4min from here!! :) I do too, I'm sure she'll be better...she has to be..but if not, like I said to Simon, I'll dealt with that when it happens.

Soul: you're always allowed to chuckle at my expense..cause laughter does ease burdens...I like to'll settle far far. :)
as far as dessert goes, I'll take a pecan heart coffee cake-yum!

abba: being a woman has it's plus's and this is definitely the minus side, but it could be's only biggie...and I feel good having all of your's very pleasant!!

Kyrie: HAHAH..that's funny, did you read my post about Pam's visit last month? I like to put twists on things, and my friends and I for years on years have always referred to this annoyance as a person. :) Thanks for your kind words!!!! How are you doing?and, thats a really great idea, I'll have to try it..things natural appeal to me

austie: I agree with you completely..things have to be matter what, they'll work out...I'm taking your hugs and running out the door with them!

Portia: How's your world? I'm sure once Pam's here things may get cramped but if only it's just cramped I'm kosher with that one!! :)

Tink: What up Beef? :) Thanks so much for your sweet words..female issues...yuck!! right?

Soul: smoke and choke I'm all for..are you ready? Good luck with your cyst little tiny birdie!


Anonymous said...

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