Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Tuesday Tickle

Today, this morning, while Sullivan was at his preschool, Jack and I worked on his homework as I also worked on a towel cake that I'm making for my sister in laws Bridal shower that is in Miami Florida. Unfortunately I can't attend due to my Bigdogg and Jack having prior plans that are good for their special daddy to firstborn time, so..she'll get my towel cake instead.

Anyway, long tangent, today as I sat assembling the towel cake, while working on Jack's homework with him, he looked at me after we were discussing his "poem" that he is required to be able to recite alone, he looked up at me with these crestfallen eyes. His face forlorn, a deep deep sigh, his precious mouth opening up to speak, "awwwwwwwwwwwwwWWWWww, I'll never get to see my face. Only everyone else will get to see my face cause I'll have to look in the mirror to see it. I can only see my body parts and other peoples faces, but, <> I'll never get to see my own face when I want to cause I'll have to go find a mirror somewhere."

Welcome To Crustybeef~
hmm, yes, that does suck. I guess.


SOUL: said...

how sweet.
i never thought of it like that before.
out of the mouths of babes.

course personallly.. i don't think i'm missin much.
hope you are havin a great night/day.

(btw.. call me retahded... but what is a "towel cake"?

(not a baker here.


austere said...

Your son is a compelete riot.
Gimme a moment to get my breath back.
And a genius, yes.
Already a brighter day.

Towel cake? whatsthatplease.

simonsays said...

Yes, what is a towel cake? And being a new "Crusty Fan", how old is Jack?

captain corky said...

I like the way your son thinks! I agree with him, it sucks that he doesn't get to see his face. ;)

SOUL: said...

just comin by for a smoke.. cystiologist today... was that the word.. goin on my senile memory here.
have a good day.
will smoke with ya latah.
ps.. i answered all your comments last night.
have a great day


SOulie! GOod luck today with your toofiecyst..I hope you have a cystastic day especially when it concerns your health!! :)
A towel cake is nothing more than a bunch of different towels rolled up and placed ontop of each other to look like a cake. You can use ribbon, beads, faux flowers to make it all cake like.
I'll post a pic of it for you.
THinking of you!
Good luck!!

Austie: thanks so much for saying that! He is though, a piece of work...a class act I would say. He has this fabulous way of thinking outside of the box..I love that about him..he's very aware of things around him..he's a precious son-towel cake? peek up at my reply to soul to get a better idea..but I will post pics of it later on.

SimonSays: HEY! Welcome to my Crustyland. You're blog is something else, I do have to say I really enjoy visiting your words..:) Jackson is 5 years old..turning 6 next month..it goes by fast, that's for sure. :) I hope to see you around again.

Capt Corky: Hey there..glad to see you stopping over..how do you find the time with your little guy, Max..you are a superhero. :) He does crack me up the way he thinks (jackson) First the face and then next, well,..I can only imagine his next realization over body parts someday. UGH:)

Soul: Smokey and Chokey before you cystieremoval...It will be good,...you'll feel so much better afterwards, too!! :)


Portia said...

aw:) he is super adorable! i love what they say! always such a fresh perspective. so many people don't realize how smart babies and children are. just because they're still learning their way around this crazy planet doesn't mean they aren't prefectly intelligent little beings! :):)

SOUL: said...

thanks for the pic..and the smokes..and the visits..and everything!!!
hope you are havin a god night