Sunday, October 14, 2007

He's Back...

Strangest thing....

Sullivan, yesterday which was Saturday, while sick with a cold bug, said he was going to be a big boy now and give me his blank. Very random, and very surprised I was. I mean, the little guy was sick anyway. He laid down for a nap and when he woke for the first hour he thought Jackson was sleeping too. When he found out Jackson had gone to a birthday party, he was so upset. So, we're talking about this little fancy character right now.

He gave me his blankie. His precious Blank. He slept all night without it-as it hung up above him, looking down and protecting him up on his wall. He did wake in the night and said he was scared, and climbed into bed. That's fine. He's allowed to. So long as this doesn't become a habit. Any habit no matter how your household is run can become so embedded in little boys heads...I'm screwing myself.

But with Sullivan and his Blank, he was ready. He brought it up. He's that strong of a character..he may express disdain over things that bother him much more vocally than his brother Jack, but he definitely can't be called weak.

When he's ready, he's ready. Period. No going back..Or so I think. When he was laying in his bed last night, his hands folded at his chest, his fingers tapping simultaneously with each other on his chest. He clearly was thinking of replacing the habit. And I told him that he could suck his thumb, even though the blanket was on their blank of fame wall, but he didn't.
Just like that.
After he found out that Jack had gone to a birthday party, when his own tears stopped rolling down his face, he planted his thick top heavy adorable feet, and simply said, "I want my blank up on the wall, I'm a big boy now. Just like Jackson is. I'll get a Leapstahhh too now."

Umm, about that, The Leapster, was our agreement with Jackson back when he gave up his blanket. But as you can see, he had more invested in his blanket, 5.5years is a lot of vested time..the trade off had to profit him. Thus the agreed Leapster with mommy and daddy setting the limits and sticking to them.

But Sullivan apparently feels that he's owed the same return. Take about 300%gain for him! The dude's only 3 years old-he'll try to push you..I told him we will give him something from Leap frog because that's the one little thing he loves playing with at his preschool..and those things are only $20...a good gain for him-strictly educational, but still with the same time limit of play like his big brother Jackson.

I think it's only due to the fact that yesterday morning, Bugs Bunny was back on, playing on the TV..He's redeamed himself..way to go Bugsy!

Welcome To Crustybeef~
He hasn't even stood up on his bed and touched his blank..and the dude still has a cold.

My strong stubborn sweet little Sulli...sigh..............


abbagirl74 said...

How absolutely sweet.

Palm Springs Savant said...

you are a good mommy!
btw- love today's song (Baby Its cold outside) good one!

SOUL: said...

awwww. how sweet. little advice? i know it's not invited... nevermind.
i will tell ya though.. soulkid.. had a pacifier.. many times, one in each hand...even in each hand and one in her mouth!!!! she was FOUR... on her fourth birthday... she went to the trash can and dropped them in. poor kid STILL mentions that damn thing!!! talk about an addictive personality!
sure , everyone needs their vice... but that pacifier addiction is costing us like 4 grand in orthodontics hardware! argh.
he's a good boy.
he done good.
wanna smoke?
got any coffee?
i could use some coffee.


abba: Thank you! I have you in my head remembering that all of this will go by fast...thanks for helping me out with that the other day!! :)

PSS: It IS chilly today..A great day for chili, and baked potato and burning leaves..and a chocolate cake shake from Portillos! :)

SOUL: I hope far so good..and we spent $7.50 for a toy for him at Walfart the halloween costumes were purchased as well...I'm tired!!! :)

I'll have coffee, my throat hurts too much..I caught the boys colds. Damn it.


SOUL: said...

wal-fart.. thats as good as wally hell.
hope ya get to feelin bettah..all of ya. then. hand it ovah.

austere said...

Just love the way you've painted the way they've begun to express personalities, quirks and all...

just three and five and half, you said?


Soul: I'm passing the coffee..after I've had a mouth full of gargled hot water and salt...walfart pissed off the bigdogg yesterday..poor guy.

Austie: Why thank you little lady! THey all have their precious characteristics...
Jack almost 6, Sulli 3, and Ben turned one in July.


Portia said...

aw:) what a brave little man! i hope he kicks that cold out, pronto.


Portia:'s so hard when they get feel so helpless as a mommy...medicine nowdays I am fearful there's only so much to ease their discomfort..sigh...parenthood. :)