Sunday, October 14, 2007

Only In The Sab-bath

I may be struck by lightening for that, but it seems the pattern of Penile Postings occur on Sundays.

Don't ask me why.

"Mommy, when I climb into the bath tub and my penis runs into the water and bubbles from the bath, it tells me that I have to go pee. But I say hold it, and my brain holds my penis so the pee doesn't come out."

If only my son, if only.

Welcome To Crustybeef~
Yes, Jackson will despise the penile stories someday. Especially when in the company of my future daughter in law as I pull out the printed versions of the "Crustybeef penile episodes." Yes, he'll be seriously annoyed. What am I supposed to do though? I'm the mommy and it's not like I have Barbie and Cabbage Patch kids stories to share later on in life. He just has a way with how he thinks when it comes to his thing, his word selections, I wonder if that's where it truly starts??

Hope you had a good Sabbath as well. Today, or Yesterday!!


SOUL: said...

your entire dawg fam cracks me up.
brings back memories of my nephews...but of course, i can't share them...cuz you will be meeting them. bwa ha ha.. they'd kill me.
some things are better left unsaid eh?
how many days?
got coffee?
ps.. dallas got their ass kicked.
but it's cool , it was by the PATS.. my daddys team.

Baleboosteh said...

Lol! Cute story, certainly one for his 21st Birthday!

austere said...

Do you miss not having a daughter?

simonsays said...

Ya gotta love em, and yes, it's fun to hold these stories over their heads, if nothing else....:)

Have a good Monday! If there is such a thing....

SOUL: said...

it's smoke time!


Soul: I can't believe that OHIO State is ranked 1 in college football...poor poor bigdogg...:)
The Pat's eh? Whatcha think of the Packers? Or Brett Favre? Think he should turn in his helmet?

Baleboosteh: Hee-hee...the kids have the funniest way of wording things doing they? I'm sure yours have said some funny things..having girls can be just as much fun. :) ..hope you're good!

Austie: Yes, I do..but I know that I will be blessed with a granddaugher someday, and that will be far more fun because I'm not left to raise her..lets hope. :)

Simon: Hi there again! Monday? YUCK! Mondays and I aren't friends.Believe me, I will be reminding them of these stories..ammunition someday. :)

Soul: Can I settle for some coffee today? I'm still under the spell of this drastic weather change. :(


Portia said...

they only provide you with this sort of ammunition for a brief time, so be sure you write it all down now;)
i hope you're having a good monday so far........:):)

SOUL: said...

pats, yep. i've always liked em.. they're yankees... bostonians... i'm a yankee too- Connecticut... soo even though they beat dallas it's cool.

brett favre.. hmmm. i dunno. he used to be cute. havent watched him play in a while.

coffee? or ya wantin some tea?


oh for sure ..I'll print up these little posts to remind myself of the cutsieness of them when they're on my last nerve. :)

Soul: DEVIN HESTER!!! :)I like the bears and Saints.. :)