Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I MEAN,...

I mean, having my teeth cleaned every THREE months now. Even though the insurance only covers twice a year. Course, paying $55 twice a year to be more preventative, is most likely saving me root canal money.


Okay, that's how I'm approaching this. I'm positive. I'm not a negative person.
Or am I?
I don't know, but I do know that I only need to have 4crowns and two fillings, and one more root canal.

The hygienistbitch and Sauntering Frank are having a boy. She wasn't that bitchy today.
Joanne, the other hygienist, the Italian young muscular mom from the south side cleaned my teeth today. She's so rough! Both of them the hygienistbitch, and Southsidemom have man hands.

Course, I am judging..and that's everything I can't stand.

But, Southsidemom is from the south side, speaks Italian slang, and hygienistbitch is truly a cranky rude controlling 23 year old that thinks she got it all figured out.

Hmm, seems to me it's a GOOD thing, I didn't have a daughter judging from that sentence above.

Welcome To Crustybeef~
the one good thing of not being able to see your own face without finding a mirror? Is not having to look at the inside of your mouth-ugh. Depressing to me.


Cheryl said...

Every 3 months. I was wondering, cause I thought twice a year was the norm. My hygienist is so gentle. I wonder about the place you go shouldn't have to be bitchy.

SOUL: said...

you're so funny. and i must agree with the mirror thing. i think thats why i brush my teeth in the shower... i don't have to look at my teeth! :))

i think you're just jealous that your dentist hunny has a new hunny. haha. just kiddin.

ready to smoke? finally.
is the coffee ready?
pass the lighter!

btw... how does the dawg feel about the extra dates with frank? haha

you do have a long list of work to be done.. i am sure hoping you get it all goin soon.
ok smoke.

austere said...

You sat in a dentist chair and you survived. That's it! Winnah, gal!

SOUL: said...

let's smoke and choke.
is it still cold? if so..come ovah.. if not, we'll smoke on your virtual patio!

Portia said...

at least it's over now! ...for another 3 months anyway;) you would be a WONDERFUL mother to a daughter, crusty! i hate being judged too, but i also know that we ALL do it. it's human. :)